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Brunch is served! And you can satisfy all your cravings with this sweetest new ‘Brunch Date Collection’ release from Zoella and ColourPop. The biggest thank you ever to Zoe and her beautiful team for gifting me with the whole collection. I am beyond the moon excited to share it all with you!

Zoella PR Collection

Zoella X Colourpop PR Collection
zoella x colourpop stickers pr collection
zoella x colourpop lip bundles

I literally couldn’t believe it when this cutest package arrived at my studio. In the Zoella PR Collection, you will find the ever so kitsch ‘Brunch Date Make Up Bag’ that is perfect for travel! It also comes with one of everything from the collection plus some adorable stickers. So let’s tuck into this scrumptious new release. 

Brunch Date Pressed Power Shadow Palette

zoella x colourpop brunch date eyeshadow palette
zoella x colourpop brunch date palette
brunch date palette zoella

The first product I couldn’t wait to play with was the  ‘Brunch Date’ eyeshadow palette. This pretty rosy set of neutrals is such a dream for every day, and colours I just adore to wear to compliment my red hair. But I am also just living for that pop of blue! I’ve been wanting to up my colour game make up wise this year and this shade, on the lower lash line with a golden shade on the lid, is what my make up dreams are all about right now.

The names are also truly good enough to eat! If I had to pick my 5 toppings on my ultimate eye look it would be ‘Pancakes Please’, a gorgeous golden bronze, ‘Skinny Latte’ (the lil heart!), a pretty peachy coral, ‘Maple Syrup’ a beautiful peachy orange, ‘Champagne Toast’ a beige with subtle, warm undertones and metallic sheen and ‘Brunch Club’ just because this is SUCH a fun shade I cannot wait to play about with!

Soul Mate Pressed Powder Blush

soul mate powder blusher zoella x colourpop

The ‘Soul Mate’ blusher is 100% my soul mate because a pretty just flushed pink shade is perfect for me. This is the perfect side dish (if we’re sticking to that brunch theme!) to the palette with all those lush rosy tones. It really brightens the complexion and is also really buildable. 

Swipe Right Pressed Powder Highlighter

zoella swipe right highlighter zoella x colourpop

This prettiest pinky highlighter with gold reflects is perfect for my super pale complexion. I think again this compliments all the palette and blush shades perfectly and is perfect for everyday. I find sometimes highlighters look a little too much on me but this really gives me a healthy glow!

What Happens at Brunch Lip Bundle: @ Me Ultra Matte Lip & Oh Snap Lippie Pencil

What Happens at Brunch Lip Bundle: @ Me Ultra Matte Lip & Oh Snap Lippie Pencil

I’ve heard so much for years about the quality of ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lips and I’m so excited to finally try them! This shade ‘@ Me , a pretty nude pink, is perfect for everyday and compliments bold bright looks or intense smoky looks beautifully. I know I already want to pair this with ‘Brunch Club’ from the Brunch Date palette. The lip liner ‘Oh Snap’ is also fabulous for giving long lasting coverage. Highly recommended together in this ‘What Happens at Brunch’ Lip Bundle.

Give Us The Goss Lip Bundle: Self Love Club Ultra Matte Lip & Bossy Lippie Pencil

Give Us The Goss Lip Bundle: Self Love Club Ultra Matte Lip & Bossy Lippie Pencil

When you’re at brunch with your besties the last thing you want to worry about is your lip colour wearing off after tucking into your favourite brunch picks, and this bold true red ‘Self Love Club’ has such fantastic longevity thanks to this wonderful formula. The lip pencil again makes this shade work extra hard and it’s a red that suits all skin tones. Perfect to purchase in the ‘Give Us The Goss’ Lip Bundle

My Day Ones Lip Bundle: Little One Ultra Matte Lip & Lip Pencil

My Day Ones Lip Bundle: Little One Ultra Matte Lip & Lip Pencil

This pretty nude ‘Little One’ (cutest name!) is my favourite lip shade from the collection! With my red hair these sort of shades are always my fave. I’m really excited to pair this with all the stunning bronze shades from the palette and I can tell this is going to be staple for brunch and beyond! The lippie pencil, with the same name, is also beyond versatile for so many other lip products I have. To get the best deal you can purchase ‘The Days Ones Lip Bundle.’ PS I just can’t get over the cute packaging these lip bundles come in!

Crème Gel Liner: Sincerely Yours & XOXO

zoella brunch date collection creme gel liner sincerely yours and xoxo
Crème Gel Liner: Sincerely Yours & XOXO

I’m all about creamy eyeliners because they are so gentle to your eyes and so easy to use. The creme gel liners that are part of the Zoella X ColourPop Brunch collection are ‘Sincerely Yours’ a pretty pearlised chocolate brown and then ‘XOXO’ a product name that was literally named for me that is a pearlised black. Both compliment all the stunning shades in this collection perfectly!

In both shades, the colour glides on super smoothly and also makes the perfect application for in the waterline. The formula is also gorgeously creamy and easy to blend but dries down for long-lasting wear. 

Group Hug Kit: OG Supernova Shadow & Bellini Supernova Shadow

Group Hug Kit: OG Supernova Shadow & Bellini Supernova Shadow

One of my favourite stand out parts of this gorgeous collection has to be these Supernova Shadows. I haven’t used an eye make up product like this for such a long time but I’m just so flawed by how these high-impact ultra-glittery shadows are extremely long-wearing, can be used as a base, alone, or as a topper and are so handy for on-the go beauty and travel.

Each shadow has a metallic base that is so pretty for everyday or a glam night look. The two shades are ‘OG’, a pretty golden champagne sprinkled with silver glitter and ‘Bellini’ an oh-so Zoe stunning metallic rose gold shade. 


zoella x colourpop brunch date collection review

I’m so completely in love with this most delectable collection! Zoe, the Zoella team and the ColourPop have created something so utterly scrumptious in every single way! The whole concept of brunch as the inspiration for a collection alone lends itself to such cute packaging (I LIVE for the cute cartons!) and the shades are fun but also so wearable making it a dream for everyone. I was so excited to post about it but I really want to save the swatches for the experts but I’m so ready to post some looks soon!

And this whole collaboration just goes to show how amazing this online world is for bringing such incredible opportunities. Never forget that your ideas matter so much, and I absolutely promise you that you can do creative, good work in this world and earn a good living doing it. Let Zoe, and so many others just like her inspire you to start that blog, to upload that Youtube video. Just go for it. But it’s so important to keep dreaming, to keep creating, and keep leading with your heart.

I really hope you loved the sweetness of this collection and my review and favourite picks. Have any of you tried the Zoella X ColourPop Brunch Date collection yet? What are your thoughts on it? The range is currently available online at ColourPop and they ship all over the world.


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