Zoella Beauty Winter Cosmos Collection 2018

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Ready for a beauty collection by Zoella Beauty that is out of this world gorgeous? Well, just take a look at this prettiest Cosmos, Galactic inspired Collection that has landed for winter 2018. Whether you want to give the gift of beautifully pampered skin this festive season, or treat yourself to something from a sparkly, shimmery galaxy, then this is the collection for you. 

I was very, very kindly sent some bits from the new beauty collection from Zoe and her team and I just feel the luckiest girl! I was also sent some bits from the Zoella Lifestyle Winter 2018 Collection and you can read about that right here.

Zoella Cosmos Body Mist

Zoella Cosmos Body Mist

I’m a huge fan of every single Zoella Beauty scent and love how each one has truly represented the season it has been released in. This one, called ‘Cosmic’ is in the dreamiest bottle ever! I just adore the glass ombre bottle with pink centre and little white stars. It certainly feels extra magical.

The scent is also out of this world, featuring crisp, uplifting notes of mint blended with delicious red fruits to create a very special limited edition fragrance. It truly is so unique and differs greatly to the other fragrances Zoella Beauty has released. This is something that could be worn all season long for an uplighting, subtle scent to take you through the wintertime. So if you’re not a fan of the classic vanilla/cinnamon warm spice scents that typically come out at Christmas, this is made for you! Shop right here. It was £12 but now just £3! 

Zoella Moisturing Solid Bath Oil Melts

Zoella Moisturing Solid Bath Oil Melts

I adore nothing more than taking long baths with salts, oils and skin softening melts. So I was so very excited to receive a set of the Zoella Moisturing Solid Bath Oil Melts. Nourish your skin with these moisturising bath melts where each cutest little white star is enriched with conditioning shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and silky smooth. This, coupled with some epsom bath salts would be heavenly throughout the season. Shop right here. It was £8 but now just 99p!

Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection

Isn’t the packaging of this Zoella Mini Supernova Bath Collection just THE prettiest?! Silver and pink is the dreamiest combination and the products for this are equally dreamy and otherworldly. It contains a foaming body wash and lightly whipped body cream, enriched with skin-soothing vanilla and peppermint, that are the perfect pair for a mini pamper session. I can only find the gift set on Amazon here. But I also highly recommend the ‘Wish Upon a Star Gift Set’ where you’ll find the whipped body cream alongside many other beautiful items for this collection for just £15 from £40! What a dream of a discount! Shop right here to get it. 

And that’s all my stardust items from the Zoella Beauty Cosmos Winter Collection. I’m so incredibly thankful and count my lucky stars to the whole Zoella team for letting me try out these truly beautiful items from a stunning collection. And of course, I’m so super proud of Zoe for everything she achieves today and will continue to achieve. There’s no doubt she’s a superstar! It’s really rather wonderful to think of the possibilities that blogging can bring. That exciting moment of publishing your very blog post to the point, like Zoe, where you are on a journey to a hugely successful career from living out your hobby. As I always say, the Zoella story is the ultimate dream. And it’s so exciting that a girl who started blogging not knowing where this could go, now has this complete empire of beauty and lifestyle pieces.

Have any of you tried the Zoella Beauty range and what are your thoughts on it? Has it inspired you to take your blogging to the next level? The range of Zoella Beauty products is available at Superdrug.


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