Zoella Beauty Fruits Collection [AD-Gifted]

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This post contains gifted items from Zoella Beauty which have been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

Have you had your 5 a day today? Well, thanks to the gorgeous Zoella team I’m so beyond thankful to have the opportunity to try the simply delicious new collection from Zoella Beauty called ‘Zoella Beauty Fruits Collection’

This collection is packed full of fruity inspiration down from the rainbow of fruity scents to the adorable kitsch packaging. What scent will quench your thirst the most?

Zoella Fruits Banana Foam Body Wash

I’m starting this round-up of fruity goodness with THIS dreamboat of a product called ‘Banana Foam’ that smells a little like an exotic paradise. This scrumptious body wash lathers up with a delicious banana-scent that is enriched with banana extract to help moisturise the skin with an energising scent that cleanses, moisturises and refreshes the skin all in one.

Zoella Fruits Berry Jam Body Scrub

Zoella Fruits Berry Jam Body Scrub

The adorably named ‘Berry Jam’ is a deliciously scented mixed berry body scrub, enriched with polishing granules and kiwi seeds to naturally help buff and soften the skin. With extracts of Strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, it’s enriched with all the antioxidants of those super berries for an exfoliating, smoothing, softening skin treatment that smells luscious beyond belief. 

Zoella Fruits Peach Body Sorbet

This Peach Body Sorbet is SO divine! Quite possibly one of my favourite Zoella products ever. The light, gel like formula to this mouth-watering, peach body sorbet means it instantly absorbs and quenches thirsty skin. Enriched with peach extract, helps to condition and moisturise the skin leaving it as soft as peach and oh-so-refreshing. If you’re looking for a moisturiser to head into spring and summer this is just stunning. 

Zoella Fruits Medley Body Mist

The ‘Fruit Medley’ body mist is the perfect fruit cocktail blend of fruits to create a deliciously, fresh scented fruit cocktail spritz to put a spring in your step wherever you go. This scent really is so mouth-watering. The delicate scent, with a particular nod to berries, is so delicious for a light springtime scent. It’s definitely one of my favourite Zoella beauty scents so far! 

Zoella Fruits Pick Your Own Rollerballs

Zoella Fruits Pick Your Own Rollerballs

My final pick of the bunch is the Zoella Fruits Pick Your Own Rollerballs that are perfect for on-the-go or travel. You can either pick just one fruit flavour or layer all three for a burst of fruity fragrance. This set includes: Berry Medley, Watermelon, and Apricot and Peach. 

I’m so super proud of Zoe for everything she achieves today and will continue to achieve and this latest collection is bursting with colour, playful packaging, juicy scents and a whole load of fun! Beautifully paired with so many of your bathtime staples and so easily priced too.

Have any of you tried the Zoella Beauty range and what are your thoughts on it? Has it inspired you to take your blogging to the next level? The range of Zoella Beauty products is available at Superdrug and also at Feel Unique


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