Your Enchanted Life Starts Here: Introducing The Enchanting Conversations Podcast by Georgie xoxo

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Dear enchanted one,

Welcome to ‘Enchanting Conversations’ a podcast by Georgie, a creatrix of the arts and modern-day enchantress where I’m on a mission to help you to discover a world of enchantment where you can experience a life with more awe, reverence and wonder than you can possibly imagine.

Brimming with mythology, inspiration, stories, dreams, the arts and seasonal enchantments, these weekly conversations are for wondrous souls who seek an illuminating portal for enchanted living.

Once upon a time, when I started my blog and Etsy business 12 years ago whilst studying art and music history and managing several chronic illnesses, I have always felt the pull to inspire others to infuse their life with enchantment because I intimately know how profoundly healing it is to be serenely moved by the everyday enchantment of life.

Three years ago, when I was no longer able to continue making my handmade hair accessories at Beauxoxo due to the intensity of managing these chronic health conditions, I decided to sell my business.

Fast forward to today, I’ve since made it my mission to create offerings that can open your heart and imagination to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, wonderment and creativity in everything you do so that you can embody the Art Of Enchantment in your everyday life.

These offerings have taken the form of my enchanted living blog, Georgie xoxo, my courses for creative soulful entrepreneurs, and the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts, where I guide my students to the re-enchantment of our world through the arts.

Each Wednesday, I seek to bring you wonder-filled solo and guest conversations so that you will be able to connect and relate to the enchantment that is all around you. From the beauty, rapture and awe of Nature and the seasons, to the divine essence of the arts.

No matter the theme for each of our conversations, I hope that they can inspire you to create your own wonder-filled heaven on Earth.

So that you don’t miss the latest episode, please make sure you subscribe and follow for free through your favourite podcast service so that you’ll be notified when the new conversation is live.

For more information about the Enchanting Conversations podcast, or to leave your own meaningful shares inspired by these conversations, please head to through the show notes below.

Thank you so deeply for being here with me.

Until our first conversation, with love and infinite blessings,

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I’m Georgie, founder of the enchanted living blog ‘Georgie xoxo’, ‘The Art Of Blogging’ and ‘Art Of Pinterest’ E-Courses and creator of an art and history online school called ‘Academy Of The Enchanted Arts.’  



I invite you to direct your heart, curiosity, creativity and wisdom to the re-enchantment of our world through art and music history education through the lens of enchantment so that you can deepen your reverence for your own life and all the magic and miracles around you.

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