I've created something magical for you....

Every one of my services has been lovingly designed to help you to embody the enchantment of life and the miracles all around you through bringing forth your creative treasures to the world, or simply learning and embody their magic.

The Art Of Blogging E-Course

The Art Of Blogging is my first E-Course based on over 12 years of blogging for soulful entrepreneurs and the devoted Creatrix blogger to be that I have lovingly curated into a journey for you to go back to Ancient Greece to meet your Blogging Muse so that you can unlock the Art Of Blogging from today!

The Art Of Pinterest

Master the art of Pinterest in this unique E-Course experience for the Creatrix and soulful entrepreneur and learn how to embrace YOUR creative brilliance for abundant content creation that illuminates your unique gifts and amplifies everything you do online.

Sacred Simplicity Workshop

Sacred Simplicity is truly a workshop guided by my life experience and heart living with multiple chronic illnesses to bring you out from the depths of complexity, overwhelm and busyness and into a life and business of serenity, simplicity and ease.

Creatrix Co-Conspirator Bespoke Mentoring

I am lovingly here as your Creatrix Co-Conspirator to guide your unique pearls of creativity through bespoke one-to-one mentorship as your Creatrix Conspirator with a specialist interest in blogging, Pinterest, starting your own handmade business, or to manage your swirling creativity and break it down into a life of Sacred Simplicity and ease. 

Enchanting Content Creation

Georgie xoxo is an online portal created 13 years ago so that you can open your heart and imagination to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, wonderment and creativity in everything you do so that you can embody the Art Of Enchantment in your everyday life. I enthusiastically accept collaborations through sponsorships and gifted opportunities for my enchanted community.

The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts

The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts is a self-study online learning school for highly creative souls with a passion for art and music history, who also possess a deeply enchanted heart. Unlike anything out there in the arts learning space, The Academy seeks to educate, inspire and enchant students of all levels in the creative arts who desire to learn about some of the greatest creatives in history whilst also embodying their own inner creative heart and spirit to master a deep reverence for life and the magic and miracles all around them.

Are you ready to create magic together?

It’s my ultimate hope that my services will enable you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, which can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

If there is something you’d like to know more details about or simply suggest more enchanting ways we can work together, I’d love to hear from you!

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