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In the spirit of seeking ‘everyday whimsy and a heart full of wanderlust’ I’m now bringing this dose of magic to your inbox called ‘Whimsy Wednesday’. 

There’s so much going on in the world at any given time, and I truly feel creating a whimsical world to enter into can be such a special thing.

So, this email is full of all things enchanting, whimsical and for anyone with a heart full of wanderlust. It’s also full of all the exclusive things I don’t share anywhere else!

And what’s inside an example dose of ‘Whimsy Wednesday’? Well here I’ll give you an exclusive peak and what was shared this week. 

Rose Porridge

I just adore cooking, crafting and the act of creation in all forms. Each newsletter will see an exclusive creative activity with whimsy at the core that I will never share anywhere else. This week I shared a Rose Porridge recipe, because what says whimsy more than adding Rose to porridge?

Scandinavian Dream Pop

I absolutely adore Scandinavia. I discussed my Scandi roots in my email this week, and as a result, I created a Scandi Dream Pop Playlist on Spotify that you can listen that will take you to complete whimsy wanderlust bliss. 

This playlist some of my absolute favourites from Frida Sundemo, to Anna of the North, Lykke Li and a ton of other surprises from this stunning place in the world making the dreamiest sounds. 

Whimsy Wishlist

I also share my love for another Scandi fave: Peiliee Shop that creates darling handmade creations from Sweden. There will always be a list of things of a similar nature each newsletter, as well as things that genuinely make my heart sing. 


Thank you in abundance for everyone who joins me in the ‘Whimsy Wanderlust’ club and I really hope you love seeking everyday whimsy as much as I do. To view the whole newsletter that was sent this week you can view it exclusively here

Click here to sign up to ‘Whimsy Wednesday’

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