What’s In My Beach Bag?

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003006004So you all know by now I’m a beach girl, by birth! I have always, always lived by the sea so when summer comes around I have my beach bag ready and raring to go and with the lovely weather we have had recently I have lived in my beach bag so I thought why not share it with you all? To be honest, it’s not overly different from my day-to-day bag but it is bulging with beach necessities so I thought it would just be, I hope, semi interesting!

Okay so in a nutshell let’s get the basics out of the way. I always have in my bag the following: my mobile phone, wallet, key purse (car and other keys etc, otherwise I’m always rummaging for them at the bottom of my bag! Tell me I’m not alone?!), coin purse, tissues, anti-bacterial gel, brush and my make up bag.

Now onto the beach-y things! So straight away you will notice the lack of swimming attire and this is because I don’t sunbathe…or swim in the sea…well the latter is rare. I always, always wear loose clothing and always paddle in the sea but my skin reaps the benefits greatly (forthcoming post on this). If the weather is reeeeally hot I will take a swimming costume with me but sods law this latest visit was just a few days ago where it seems mother nature has decided to make the UK gloomy and cold again!

First up let’s talk about the actual bag which was from Primark last year and something I greatly love. It’s very roomy, is a very sweet design with a huge oversized bow (and you know I love me a nice bow!) and has a handy zip meaning it’s a practical day-to-day bag too. In addition to the above I add: Sunglasses (from my favourite crafty girl Cutie Dynamite on Etsy), water (lots and lots of water), jelly shoes (because I never wear nice shoes on the beach because let’s face it, they never return the same!) and lots of SPF (one Soltan SPF 50 for my body from Boots and the other is a great find from Paula’s Choice which is the best SPF 50 I have found for the face and can be purchased here). I also take a magazine (sorry not a book fan *don’t hate me, don’t hate me*) and a journal and pens because I’m daydreamer and I’m a creator and the reason I go to the beach is to sit and reflect and plan and plan and plan. I could doodle away forever and I feel deeply inspired by the sea and the surrounding beauty.

Aside from the above I take my hat, of course, and my hat of choice is this crochet number from New Look. It’s perfect for my red hair as sometimes white looks a bit harsh and I feel like it goes with so many things. Finally, I take a little picnic bag and towel which are both from Primark. They have ice creams on and I just couldn’t leave them! So incredibly cute! I always try and take a picnic to the beach because let’s face it, food can be a little overpriced down by the sea!

And I think that’s it because if I add anymore you will be bored to tears! I’ll elaborate on the sun cream and make up bag perhaps in a separate post but until then, could you share any recent what’s in my bag posts with me, perhaps one from your blog? I’d really love to see! And thank you, thank you THANK you for your votes in the Cosmo Blog Awards which means so much! You can still vote here on page 7 and I’m constantly overwhelmed by your support ♥.


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  1. Law whalebone

    Everything in your bag is so pretty! Can i live in your beach bag please x

  2. Chloe

    A very cool post 🙂 handy for me for when i go on my holi-bags 🙂 i love the smell of suntan lotion just reminds me of being on holiday & bringing back memories 🙂 plus i love to write & draw too 🙂 i always take some sort of notebook with me 🙂 which brings me onto asking you where you got your notebook from ? 🙂 i love the design of the front cover & the scallop edges 🙂


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