Ways To Help Ukraine and Ukrainian Artists and Etsy Sellers You Can Support

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Dear enchanted ones,

Like you right now I’m sure, I have been watching the unfolding news from Ukraine and every single corner of our globe that is affected by war, colonisation and occupation with the heaviest of hearts.

As a result, this post is dedicated to ways that you can help the people of Ukraine alongside supporting the work of Ukrainian artisans and Etsy sellers who you can support directly.

Most compassionate soul, I just want you to be reminded that no matter how hopeless and helpless you might feel right now, I believe that both you and I can also use this same heaviness to expand our hearts and cultivate the deepest emphatic imagination we have to make this world a better place.

Thank you so deeply for your time and attention through being here. May these links and the following information lead you to hope and feel into our inconnectedness even more deeply.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was in the waiting room for my specialist appointment.

My hands were completely numb, as usual, with Raynaud’s so I arrived early to warm them with my little pink handwarmer.

As I did, an old lady with a gorgeous bejewelled walking stick and the most whimsical face mask with cats on asked with curiosity how long I have lived with Raynaud’s.

I told her that Raynaud’s had been something I had known since childhood and that February was Raynaud’s Awareness Month and that I had felt disappointed I wasn’t well enough to show up.

She smiled at me with a wise understanding saying that from time to time she too experiences Raynaud’s attacks that have plagued her all her life. I asked if she had seen a doctor and seemingly puzzled, she had no idea it was something that should be examined.

Another lady had just joined the waiting room and joined our conversation explaining that she was worried about her daughter who exhibited the same symptoms and would now urge for her to be seen.

One waiting room and yet multiple souls who have now felt seen, helped and witnessed.

May you know that you don’t have to move mountains to better the world and that through the smallest acts of compassion you can radiate change, impact and support across the tapestry of our landscape.

Links to Support Ukraine

A fantastic link that breaks down how you can help from the country you’re in

A wonderful Google Doc with donation links and extra information

Click here for a wonderful article by Gina Martin on Substack with plentiful action pieces and resources

Ukrainian Etsy Sellers and Artisans

(Please note that due to the horrific circumstances in Ukraine it may not be possible for sellers to dispatch physical item right now however you can ask about gift cards or other ways to support their artistry)

One of my favourite Instagrammers is beautiful Natalie of Your Ptashka and I adore her beautiful shop just as much.

Natalie is the creator of Your Ptashka couture a brand inspired by her love of fairytales, old movies and books and the magnificent Ukranian countryside.

Inspired by a lack of tenderness, feminity and fairy vibes in clothing, Natalie began to create her own designs that were the embodiment of nature’s elegance and fantasies from the creations of her soul.  

Natalie deeply desires for each of her dresses can be “straight from the fairytales born to make your dreams come true. The dresses you can bequeath to your daughter.”

Supporting Natalie with a gift voucher would be such a wonderful and thoughtful way to support her breathtaking designs. I am so lucky for a world with both Natalie and Your Ptashka couture in it.

Click here to shop gift vouchers from Your Ptashka

Svetlana Krasiuk from Kyiv, Ukraine is the creator of ‘Lovely Doll’ with a desire for this to be a ‘doll for your soul’.

Lovely Dolls are created to decorate your home, fill it with light mood and joy, or to become a wondrous gift for your family and friends.

Created in 2013, purchasing one of these dolls for yourself or your loved ones would be a gift everyone would truly treasure.

If Svetlana is unable to send her beautiful dolls out right now, please consider buying a gift voucher.

Click here to purchase your Lovely Doll

Iryna is a Ukranian artist and the founder of Eten Iren who lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine and makes these stunning polymer clay delicate jewellery pieces.

This gorgeous Pansy earring is so dainty and feminine and of course, Pansies have such sweety symbolism.

The Pansy symbolises the love or admiration of one person for another. Especially so in Victorian England when the Pansy flower was used for secret courting! This was because any display of love or passion was severely frowned upon and in order to communicate to potential romantic partners, the Pansy was employed!

What a beautiful way to say you are thinking of someone you love buy making a purchase of some of Eten’s jewellery, or a gift card.

Click here to purchase the EtenIren Jewellery 💐

When I was in Kyiv a few years ago I was utterly mesmirised by all of the beautiful angels that were at the craft stalls.

Angels have been an integral part of the symbolism of various faiths and I have always felt a huge connection to them.

Angels are beings that are said to be the messengers of God, working closely with God to help mortals by guiding and guarding them.

Throughout history, the very words ‘angel’ and ‘guardian angel’ have entered the common lexicon, regardless of your religious beliefs.

In this delicate most enchanted imagination of an angel, we see this darling angel created by Oksana Boyko from Khmelnytskyy, Ukraine in a sweet tradition dress with curly golden locks and a pretty sunflower Vinok (more of which, is mentioned below). The angel then holds a Dove, a sign of peace, alongside Ukrainian traditional blue and yellow ribbon shades.

I cannot wait to purchase the real version of this breathtaking angel, but digital copies are also avaialble. Please see which is best for Oksana to send.

Click here to purchase Handmade By Povitrulya Angel

Olga Chemerys from Mariupol, Ukraine is the creator of these incredibly adorable easy to follow crochet patterns that can be downloaded as a pdf pattern.

One of my very favourite designs is this sweetest, most whimsical crochet bunny cupcake pattern that will help you to make beautiful bunnies for Easter time!


The delicate flowers, herbs and colourful ribbons of the Vinok, a traditional Ukrainian flower crown, is one of the oldest symbols of Ukraine that deeply inspired my Beauxoxo hair accessory range. 

From afar, yes, perhaps the flower-woven headpiece might remind you of a bohemian accessory you might spot at a festival or wedding, however in Ukraine, the Vinok isn’t merely a pretty accessory, it is deeply rooted in Ukraine’s early history.

Described in songs and legends, Ukrainian the Vinok has a long history that was first mentioned in Shumerian culture in XII-III BC and can also be seen as a continuation of an ancient tradition preserved from the original Greek and Byzantine tradition of wedding head wreaths. 

As well as a symbol of marriage and purity, the Vinok is also viewed as a symbol of the bright sky above the head of the one wearing it and seen as a protector from evil spirits and illnesses.

Click here to buy this stunning Vinok design above by Ukrainian designer NarodniyDimUkraina

Other Artisans Raising Money For Ukraine

Click here to purchase Jennifer Mazur’s Mesmirising Paintings that currently give back to Ukraine



Click here to purchase one of Maria’s Singing Scarves that currently gives back to Ukraine

Precious enchanted soul, thank you once more for reading this post. Do you have any Ukraine links or artisans that I can add to this post? If so, please leave the links or details below.

May I also just send you the warmest embrace and remind you to sit in your heart with hope, and to treat each day as a gift to bring all that is needed for us to be of service and for you to extend love. 

This is a time to believe in the enchantment that still lingers all around us even when it seems insurmountable to do so. For if you can imagine such wonderment, you can imagine it as our future. And most importantly, you can create it.


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