Waste is a Thief. Don’t Let it Into Your Home!

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Do you ever feel as though there’s never enough time (or money) for you to get the most out of your life? Do you find yourself frustrated that the more you have the more you want? Do you ever feel as though you’re forever throwing stuff away yet always seem to want more? It’s no coincidence. It’s because we inhabit a society that conditions us to create waste. Waste of our natural resources, waste of our time, waste of our money and waste of our lives. And the more conditioned we become to embrace distractions like apps, TV shows and games, the less available we are to live our best lives.

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Waste is a thief! Here are some ways in which we need to chase it out of our homes.

Stop waste through supermarket packaging

Of course, we all need food to eat. And getting a big shop at the local supermarket can prevent us from throwing money away on takeaways. But have you ever noticed just how much plastic packaging there is on absolutely everything? And much of it isn’t even recyclable. Fortunately, as more and more people follow the example of people like Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers and Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home, the more of a market there is for zero waste, package free stores. See if there’s one near you. 

Stop food waste

We throw away waaaay too much food as a society. In the UK alone, we throw away £13BN worth of food every year. Make sure you rotate the contents of your fridge often and keep a close eye on your fresh produce. More often than not a chilli, stir fry or spag bol is all you need to use all your almost-out-of-date produce!

Stop wasting time and money by treating shopping as a leisure activity

It’s sad how many families you see packed into shopping centres on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. If you absolutely need to buy something, by all means shop for it. But shopping should never be treated as a leisure activity. It simply conditions us to accumulate material possessions which inevitably end up becoming clutter that we can’t give away quickly enough.

There are so many better things you can do with your drizzly Saturday. Stroll through a gallery, rock up to a museum or simply sit and people watch in your favourite coffee shop.

Stop wasting money on interest when you need credit

Every now and then we might encounter an unexpected expense like car trouble, a dodgy chimney or a leaky washing machine that’s beyond our bank balance to fix. But in your panic, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that you don’t have options. Doing so could see you waste a fortune in interest by turning to predatory payday loan companies. Instead, try a more reasonable solution like Evolution Money’s secured loans. You’ll be surprised by how many options you have available. Especially if you own your own home or have a guarantor. 

Stop wasting time in front of the telly!

Finally, while it could be argued that we live in a golden age of television, it’s also safe to say that many of us spend way too much time in front of ours. Television should be a treat, not the default setting for how you spend your free time. Spend a little less time watching TV and you’ll find that you’re better able to savour and enjoy it when you do watch it!

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