Vegan Afternoon Tea at Compton Acres, Poole, Dorset

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If you’re vegan and looking for a wonderful vegan afternoon tea to enjoy in Dorset, then look no further than the vegan afternoon tea from Compton Acres.

I’m so thankful for the rise in Vegan Afternoon Teas and the one from Compton Acres that I first visited years ago, is still one the best afternoon teas I have ever had in my life!

Compton Acres is a large privately owned garden in Poole, Dorset. It was founded in 1920 by Thomas William Simpson, an entrepreneur who had become wealthy through the manufacture of margarine.

The gardens of Compton Acres are what makes this location so idyllic for a spot of afternoon tea. The gardens are laid out on a circular route, described as being ‘jewels on a necklace’. From Japanese inspired gardens to the Italian gardens that are especially popular for weddings.

I’m sure for any of you reading this with a food allergy, or who are vegan, know only too well that finding a great place for a dairy-free or vegan afternoon tea is not always easy.

Whilst most restaurants and hotels will cater for individual dietary needs, not all will bake something extra special so that you don’t miss out on all the delectable treats your friends are tucking into.

Moreover, afternoon tea itself isn’t a particularly vegan-friendly meal, where meat and eggs are popular sandwich fillings, cream accompanies scones, and egg and dairy feature highly in the desserts.

However, with this vegan afternoon tea from Compton Acres, you find all the same decadence and delight you would with a standard afternoon tea!

The vegan afternoon tea from Compton Acres features three delectable tiers, each as tempting as the next. The first is warm scones with currants served with jam and lashings of vegan cream. Incidentally, this is quite possibly one of the dreamiest vegan creams I have ever, ever enjoyed. So often I find this lacking with vegan afternoon teas, but this finishing touch was so magical.

The middle layer has an ever-changing selection of mini sweet treats and this one featured divine caramel cupcakes that were every bit as luxurious as they sound, to vegan caramel and chocolate shortbreads and finally sweet, moist, fluffy Madeleines that are just as satisfying as the traditional ones!

The final savoury layer contains sandwiches featuring chutney, pesto and sun-dried tomato, soya-cheese and hummus I think, but I can’t quite remember! But they perfectly balanced the sweetness of the other decadent layers.

The vegan afternoon tea is then served with a choice of Clipper Teas that is a lovely touch from Compton Acres seeing as they are a Dorset born and bred tea company!

How many of you love afternoon tea as much as me? Do I have anyone reading this with a dairy allergy or who is vegan? And have any of you also enjoyed the vegan afternoon tea at Compton Acres?

Please do let me know if you have any vegan afternoon teas you’d recommend- both in the UK and elsewhere! You can see my past vegan afternoon tea reviews right here.


164 Canford Cliffs Road
Poole Dorset
BH13 7ES

Tel: +44(0)1202 700778

Click here for more information about Compton Acre’s vegan afternoon tea

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