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Located in the heart of what’s known to locals as ‘Bournemouth’s Triangle’ is Twelve Eatery, Dorset’s first organic plant-based restaurant and Organic Bar that makes cocktails with fresh cold-pressed juices. From the outside, and even as you enter, with its dreamy neon-pink tinge to the bar, jewel tone seats, marbled tables, indoor plants and ultra slick interior, there are no obvious clues this is a vegan or plant-based spot, but that’s the true magic of Twelve Eatery!

For Twelve it’s all about organic living and sustainability and a place where vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians, omnivores, and meat eaters can come together to try creative, artisan dishes in a wonderful atmosphere with stylish interiors. 

As a part-time Bournemouth girl, I’ve literally watched Twelve Eatery being built and waiting with anticipation until it opened its door for everyone to enjoy. Bournemouth is actually superbly blessed to have a plethora of vegan cafes pop up here, there and everywhere compared to other cities and big towns, which is just wonderful. However, the concept of a more upmarket plant-based restaurant is a really appealing one, as so many cafes close early and it can then halt the wish to enjoy a lovely languished vegan meal in the evening. And quite often these vegan cafes may serve more lunch based food and snacks such as love burgers, salads, and sandwiches, but Twelve Eatery is offering something truly different here.

Also, the standout quality to Twelve Eatery is their ability to serve cocktails and alcoholic beverages as part of their main menu. Now, as a tee-total girl myself, I can’t say this would be a massive pull for me alone, however, I went with my beautiful friends who can help me out with this part of the review.

All of Twelve’s cocktails are made with fresh organic juice from fruit and vegetables and are just so beautiful in the presentation and style too! Above is my friends’ Elderflower Gin Fizz that is made up of exotic ingredients such as Juniper Green Organic Gin, Fresh Lemon, Elderflower Liqueur and ‘Era’ Proesseco that sounds so sweet and musky!

Other than cocktails, the Organic Bar also offers a unique range of Organic Wines, Beers, Spirits, Liqueurs and has great Coffee too! They also make a rather divine Turmeric Latte and have a Cold-Pressed Juice Bar that offers a rainbow of choices with superfood ingredients to give you all the vitamins and minerals you can imagine.

For our food choices at Twelve Eatery we were completely spoilt for choice and spent many a moon trying to narrow down to our choices thanks to the service that was attentive and friendly throughout our time here!

The Vegan Caesar Salad, pictured first, was the ultimate classic, re-modeled in this totally unique dreamy way. It was made with smokey coconut tofu that’s the perfect vegan re-make of the classic, with coconut parmesan on top to give each mouthful an extra punch of flavour and sweetness.

I ordered the simple and flavourful warm skillet mushrooms on sourdough toast that had a mildly garlic flavour and a truly unique balance of textures and herbs making it the most satisfying dish all year round. Served with a fresh, citrus hummus on the side for something truly unique.

Finally, my other friend order the Feijoada, a truly comforting, savoury, hearty black bean stew that is a favourite dish of Brazil. It’s a dish chock full of flavour, and the vegan version, with just the same amount of heart and smokiness, was everything you could hope for from a black bean stew, vegan or not, and presented so beautifully as well. It’s so amazing to see such exotic dishes as this on the menu, mixed with classic staple dishes that are well known and loved, making all taste palettes satisfied. 

To complete our meal we finished with an array of delectable desserts! First up, a decadent Vegan Chocolate Torte with pink rosy raspberry sorbet making it that little bit more special and girly, that looked simply dazzling. Next up a luscious cheesecake with toasted coconut that was ever so slightly creamy, slightly tarty, perfectly sweet, and 100000% irresistible. Truly better than real cheesecake I believe, and the perfect healthy, simple dessert that everyone loved. And to top it all off, a fudgy and rich vegan chocolate brownie that was topped with vegan vanilla ice cream and drizzled with melted chocolate, making it look even more irresistible!  


Overall, I couldn’t recommend Twelve Eatery more highly, that’s now become a true gem for not only Bournemouth but also for the whole of the South Coast and beyond for anyone who has the privilege of discovering all the tempting treats inside the green and pink stylish exterior. With a truly lovely ambiance, creative most scrumptious food that tastes as good as it looks, to quirky beverages, plenty of gluten-free options (making being a coeliac vegan a breeze), with knowledgeable and lovely friendly staff, a meal at Twelve is a time to remember no matter what the occassion may be. I can’t wait to keep revisiting so I can sample everything magical thing Twelve create!

How many of my Bournemouth friends have also visited this special spot? I’d love to hear your favourite plant-based and vegan restaurants, so please leave them below so I can see! 

Address: 12 The Triangle, Bournemouth BH2 5RY, UK

Telephone: +44 1202 310166

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