Turtle Dove Gloves for Raynaud’s Disease Review

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As I write this post I’m wearing my Turtle Doves Cream Cashmere Fingerless Gloves, and they are officially the snuggliest things in the world! But if you suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, are they also a hugely beneficial natural treatment for Raynaud’s? Well, I discovered the wonderful Turtle Doves through several friends kindly forwarding me their hugely successful Facebook and Instagram adverts as the company has had so much positive feedback about their fingerless gloves from those that suffer from arthritis and Raynaud’s Disease. Additionally, February is also Raynaud’s Awareness Month so this will be one of many posts I will be sharing this month to highlight this condition. 

gloves for raynauds sufferers turtle doves review

What Is Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud’s disease (pronounced as ‘ray-nose’) is where the small blood vessels in the extremities such as hands and feet, fingers or toes are over-sensitive to even the slightest changes in temperature, the cold and sometimes stress. This causes a Raynaud’s attack where the fingers sometimes change colour, but not always, from white, to blue, to red. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common condition thought to affect up to ten million people in the UK.

For some people, it is no more than a nuisance and can be very mild, but it can also be much more severe, interfering greatly with one’s daily life. There are two different types of Raynaud’s: Primary and Secondary. Primary Raynaud’s is usually the less serious of the two types as the condition is mild and manageable whilst people experiencing Secondary Raynaud’s will usually have more severe symptoms. I have secondary Raynaud’s Disease as I also have the auto-immune disease called Scleroderma. I’ll talk about the latter in far more details in a separate post, but you can find further posts about health and wellness right here

raynauds disease

How Turtle Dove Gloves Work

The fingerless gloves from Turtle Doves are their best-selling product all year round. Made from a luxuriously soft and cosy cashmere fabric, they are designed to be worn as a glove or a wrist-warmer and to be kept on all day especially if you suffer from Raynaud’s. And as well as being a toasty cuddle around your wrists, that will help to keep your fingers warm even though they aren’t covered, Turtle Dove’s gloves are made from recycled, ethical clothing from pre-loved cashmere knitwear. 

Cream Cashmere Fingerless Gloves
turtle dove gloves review

Over time Turtle Dove’s have gathered lots of positive feedback about their fingerless gloves for not only keeping the fingers warm but for also keeping the wrists covered and snug. Whilst it has not helped me be free of Raynaud’s attack since I have purchased them, they are a million times more beneficial than standard gloves I’ve had. Firstly the extended length takes the gloves well up the forearm, keeping the wrists warm, and secondly, the fineness and softness of the knit with no clumpy thickness between the fingers, makes them very comfortable to wear. Finally, they are easy to pull off the hands and out of the way whilst leaving the wrists covered for when you need to wash your hands or just expose your hands for any other purpose! So whilst the severity of my Raynaud’s Disease means nothing can cure or prevent a Raynaud’s attack, these gloves are certainly far more comforting than anything else I have ever tried. For example, right now I’m wearing them in bed typing away, something I couldn’t imagine with conventional heavy knitwear!

The colour selection for Turtle Dove fingerless gloves is also truly like a beautiful rainbow with every possible shade your heart could dream of. They retail for £26 on average however there is currently a wonderful sale on and I picked my pretty cream gloves up for just £18!


Final Thoughts

turtle gloves raynauds disease
gloves for raynaud's disease

Overall, whilst the gloves didn’t stop my Raynaud’s attacks they certainly provided so much comfort to me throughout the day for everyday activities. Even though I’ve suffered with Raynaud’s for so long, I would never have thought to wear gloves indoors for simple day-to-day activities and found that they truly did maximise the amount of comfort and warmth I could have for as long as possible.

As discussed at the start of the post, February is Raynaud’s Awareness Month and so if you’re looking for more of my posts about Raynaud’s Disease you can find my handy wellness section that now has a dedicated section for Raynaud’s Disease. And my introduction to the work I’ll be doing to raise awareness for Raynaud’s Disease can be found here

Is anyone else a Raynaud’s sufferer? And if you’re also a fan of Turtle Doves gloves do let me know below! How do you keep yourself warm? Please feel free to leave any comments below if you have any questions about Raynaud’s whatsoever, or I’m a Tweet or Instagram message away if you ever need support with Raynaud’s Disease. Additionally, for more information please do stop by SRUK as well, the charity for Raynaud’s and Scleroderma. 


Just a disclaimer to add that I purchased these gloves myself and this is not a sponsored post. All views, as always, are my own, and own alone!

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  1. Tamara

    I have never heard of Raynaud’s Disease until I found your blog. Thank you for explaining more about this condition. My Mom has suffered a long time from similar symptoms, however physicians have only written it off as “poor circulation”. This may also be true, but I do feel there is more to it. 🙁 Knowing that this product, or something similar, can give her some relief or comfortable is a nice tip to pass along. Although,I do not have it myself, I think I’d quit like these Turtle Dove Gloves to wear. Cashmere is a very comfortable fabric. Thanks for sharing!

    • Georgie xoxo

      Oh Tamara I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. How long as she had Raynaud’s for? I’m so sorry she is suffering. She is so lucky to have you by her side. It took me years and years to be diagnosed and I know only too well how isolating this period can be. Please do tell her not to give up. There is so much help out there but sometimes it takes a long time to get the right information. One website I highly recommend is SRUK (I’m not sure if I can link things in here but if you pop that into google it should come up!). SRUK have tons of resources about Raynaud’s and the possible autoimmune diseases that are related. I so hope she finds comfort and answers too. You are welcome to reach out anytime! With many thoughts to you both, Georgie xoxo

  2. Jan

    I have bought these for my husband who has Secondary Raynaud’s desease, he has it quite bad. He found them very useful and said that they helped him stay warmer. So thank you, I will be buying him some more.

    • Georgie xoxo

      I’m so, so sorry your brother has Raynaud’s so badly. I am however glad he found the Turtle Gloves helpful! They really are so cosy. If you check out my latest post on Omni Ol that might also help him- I’ve been so shocked at how effective it has been for me! Love, Georgie xoxo

      • Georgie xoxo

        so sorry I meant husband- I haven’t got my head switched on this morning!!


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