Tummy Tied: My not so glamorous guide to IBS by Scarlett London [AD-Gifted Items]

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing beautiful Scarlett for many years now, ever since she was studying in Bournemouth, and I’ve always known she was destined to write a book. So I’m thrilled to have a copy so kindly sent by Scarlett of her debut project, ‘Tummy Tied’ that details her story of dealing with IBS.

‘Tummy Tied’ is a book that aims to be the go-to guide to managing IBS but also serves as something I think those who suffer from GERD and gastroparesis like me, who will have crossover symptoms, or complaints such as diarrhoea, severe bloating or constipation can relate to.

As the founder of her very successful lifestyle blog and CEO of her own digital company, Scarlett has developed an engaged audience by sharing both her glamorous online life and parts of her ‘not-so-glamorous’ chronic illness, IBS. With the release of ‘Tummy Tied’ she now wants to teach other IBS sufferers the practical strategies that helped her manage her symptoms, improve her mental health and reclaim her life.

As of right now, around 1 in 5 people in the UK will experience IBS at some point in their life and around two-thirds of the people affected are women. Despite the prevalence of IBS there is often confusion and embarrassment surrounding this condition but ‘Tummy Tied’ will give you ‘a new vigour for living your best, bright and totally in control life’. 

‘Tummy Tied’ is a book that is part memoir and part self-help manual, making it an ‘easy-to-digest’ bible to stop IBS controlling your life. Because treating irritable bowel syndrome IBS can be tough, and especially when it’s a condition few people choose to discuss with each other. Through this book, Scarlett’s kind approach and a shared understanding becomes your most healing companion. She herself has been plagued for over 10 years by digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, food intolerances, bloating, gas, fatigue, low mood and abdominal pain.

The symptoms of IBS truly can be unpredictable, uncomfortable and unsettling, and through this book Scarlett’s journey with IBS is documented so poignantly from her wellbeing, mental health, romantic relationships, friendships and even her career aspirations. She has also featured other sufferers to share their own accounts of living with IBS, thereby creating a community in your hand to make you feel less alone instantly. There’s also a plethora of life-affirming and positive quotes sprinkled throughout to make for a truly uplifting piece that you can always escape too when you’re in need of some comfort and support. Not to mention the book itself is so unbelievably pretty, and a true standout in the rather sterile medical book department!


Giving up the hiding and just being open about some of my own health concerns has brought me so much pride in recent times and I truly feel this is the same for Scarlett with this project. I truly believe there’s so much power in this kind of writing to connect people all over the world uniting in their struggles. Moreover, a book like this, makes you feel more connected know to what it is to suffer – to feel pain, loneliness, and fear – in any chronic illness. As a result, you are more in tune with the world’s dark side than you were before your illness and that will make society far more empathic on the whole. You will learn that your condition is not who you are, but it is a part of your story, and one far easier to manage with this guide.

Is anyone else an IBS sufferer? If so, I would so highly recommend ‘Tummy Tied’ and Scarlett as your guiding source of support in every single way. You can purchase ‘Tummy Tied’ right here on Amazon for just £10.99. For Scarlett’s blog and personal posts, find her blog right here.

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