Thomas’s Cafe at Burberry, London, 5 Vigo Street

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Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Bond Street and Regent Street in London is Thomas’s Cafe, a dining experience from Burberry. The ideal companion to a retail therapy shopping trip!

Named after the founder of Burberry, Thomas Burberry, this new café can be found within the 121 Regent Street flagship, or accessed at 5 Vigo Street just around the corner from Regent Street and was conceived by the label’s CEO and creative director Christopher Bailey. 

At Thomas’s Cafe, you’ll find a cosy and stylish all-day menu of British classics, from breakfast to afternoon tea through to champagne and oysters. And as you’d expect from this resolutely British brand; the menu harnesses seasonal produce from a small corps of UK farmers and artisan suppliers.

And the decor is equally oh-so- Burberry with black and white marble floors, Scandi esque dark wood furniture, with high ceiling and large windows with views of Vigo Street.

Whilst Thomas’s Cafe is not exclusively vegan, it certainly exceeds in a beautiful array of choice for those who are vegan, plant-based or suffer from dairy or other allergies.

I visited Thomas’s Cafe with my beautiful friend Jaymie OC (who, by the way, always knows THE places to eat in London!). To start, we both tucked into this silky Chia Pudding of dreams fused with blueberry compote and crunchy pistachios.

A Chia Pudding is always a classic vegan favourite, and this nutrient-rich dish loaded with fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids felt as luxurious as the stylish surroundings.

And did you know that the essential fatty acids found in chia seeds support heart health, regulate blood sugar, and promote healthy hair, skin and nails? The ultimate indulgement for heart, soul and mind.

We then decided to share the Courgette Fritters with roast tomatoes, chilli jam. Often traditionally served as Greek mezedes, these Fritters had a truly beautiful mix of textures and flavour bursting from them. Accompanied beautifully by the sweetness of the tomatoes and kick from the chilli jam.

To drink, I opted for a refreshing and awakening Matcha Latte. After all, the heady streets of Regent Streets definitely need some Matcha for energy!

Did you know that Matcha contains several dozen times more antioxidants than blueberries, pomegranates, orange juice, spinach, and dark chocolate?! Antioxidants are important for supporting a healthy immune system, fighting signs of ageing, and supporting a healthy digestive system.

This brew from Thomas’s was so beautiful light and silky, and not bitter at all.


How many you have also visited Thomas’s Cafe at Burberry?

I always love it when retail mixes shopping with a holistic experience. In fact, in Scandinavia, it’s incredibly common and really adds a whole new dimension to the shopping experience.

The décor of Thomas’s is also thoroughly stylish and work visiting alone. Set over a split level space, the downstairs is home to a highly adorable Teddy Bear ceiling detail, tables with lavish floral displays and cakes in elegant glass display cases.

Upstairs, that leads from a very grand New York esque staircase, you can find more seating and a gift room. The whole decor has truly encapsulated the history and style of the 1820 mansion. It was originally built for the Prince Regent. Since then, it has been the Rembrandt Head Gallery, livery stables, a radio broadcaster and a cinema.

I’d love to hear your favourite plant-based, vegan or cute cafe recommendations in London. Let’s chat away in the comments so I can bookmark them for a future visit! Meanwhile, I also have an ‘Eateries’ category archive right here.

Address: Thomas’s Cafe at Burberry, 5 Vigo Street, London W1S 3HA (+44 (0)20 3159 1410)

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 11.30am-6pm

Thomas’s Cafe Online

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