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This post contains gifted items from Penguin which have been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy. I am also featured in this book

Have you ever heard of Kawaii? Very simply, it means ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ in Japanese (かわいい). And in Japan, the home of kawaii, you’ll find kawaii everywhere. From fashion to commercials, to clothing, toys and even in food!

And if you want to know about kawaii you absolutely need The Super Cute Book of Kawaii in your life.

In this book Beauxoxo favourite Marceline Smith will guide you how to ‘live a bright, fun, rainbow-filled life with Kawaii!’ And that, ‘welcoming a little kawaii into your life is like opening the window and letting a sparkling sunbeam in’. Heart. Melted!

In this book you’ll find fun ideas to make your life that little bit more kawaii. From cosy kawaii home decor, to kawaii styling and beauty tips; and recipes that will make your smile.

This book is extra special to me because I am beyond honoured to have my kawaii hair bow tutorial as a feature. I am so thankful to the amazing team behind this project for involving me. It’s definitely one of my favourite craft projects to date! 

Just a note to say that this post contains affiliate links and I was also gifted a copy of this book. If you decide to make a purchase through one of these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only promote things I wholeheartedly believe in. Thank you so much for your understanding xoxo

the super cute book of kawaii by marceline smith

How to make my Kawaii hair bows 

I honestly couldn’t be more proud to have my kawaii hair bow tutorial featured in The Super Cute Book of Kawaii. It’s always such a pinch-me-moment to be featured in print and something I am beyond grateful for. 

It’s especially special for me because hair accessories have literally been my life for the past 10 years at Beauxoxo. This has lead to me going to Japan to have my hair accessories stocked in shops out there. To this day it will forever be one of my proudest achievements.

Hair accessories are the icing on the cake of a kawaii outfit! Putting a kawaii clip or bow in your hair is an easy way to complement and really make yourself look even more adorable. 

This tutorial is a way to make your own kawaii hair bows in a flash. Even if you can’t sew, there’s a handy trick or two to pick up here to make your do’ look super kawaii. 

Learn about Kawaii Characters 

One of the hallmarks of kawaii culture is the use of adorable characters. These characters have become incredibly popular throughout Japan from public transport to food, to signposts and so much more!

In Japan, there’s an abundance of cute characters and this includes additions from all over the world. Anyone who knows me knows I adore my cute kawaii characters. I truly have to pinch myself that I am featured in a book alongside three of my treasured characters. Wait for it, they are my loves of life: Miffy, Moomins and Hello Kitty. Especially Miffy.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these adorable characters, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii is here to introduce you to the best-loved cuties of all time. 

Learn about Kawaii culture

With so many kawaii things to look out for in Japan, it can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo.

With The Super Cute Book of Kawaii the hard work is done for you with your very own tour in print helping you understand and navigate  Harajuku with ease. This really breaks down the “Harajuku Kawaii” scene so brilliantly that includes fashion, food, entertainment and more. 

Just reading this makes me miss my time working in Japan SO much and how much I long to re-book a trip for pleasure! I’ll certainly have this book in my bag for when that time comes again!

Learn how to make Kawaii food

In Harajuku, I was in awe of all the kawaii food! From pastel candyfloss to just about everything in rainbow colours. You’ll also find all your favourite characters adorning your favourite food from Pokemon style latte art to Hello Kitty cakes.

But because we can’t always be in Harajuku or Japan to get our daily-dose of Kawaii vitamins, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii will help you inject a little bit of kawaii into your dishes!

Just how cute is this unicorn toast, as pictured below? A simple and adorable way to brighten up toast and make your mornings a little more magical!

In this day and age I think EVERYONE need the magic of kawaii in their lives. And thanks to this book, kawaii is here to do just that. So if you feel a little low turn to this squishy, padded-covered book (yes you heard that right!) and escape into this magical land whenever you need it.

The hugest of thanks again to Marceline and the kawaii team for having me alongside this adorable project. I am eternally proud and grateful to be part of the magic with you.

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