The Sacred Power Of Sisterhood: An Interview with Leneth Witte The Spiritual Fem

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If you’re looking to explore the sacred power of sisterhood and cherish femininity on a deep and intrinsic level meet priestess Leneth Witte from the Netherlands.

Leneth, is the founder of the Spiritual Fem. As a Spiritual Fem(inist), Leneth believes that by connecting to our innate spirituality it allows us to dig our roots deeper into our own sacred soil to reclaim our authentic essence.

The Spiritual Fem is an online platform nurtured by Leneth that is a safe space for women who’d like to dive deeper into feminism, spirituality and womanhood but simply don’t know where to begin.

Leneth’s podcast ‘The Spiritual Feminist’ is one of my absolute favourites and a wonderful way to explore Leneth’s wisdom whilst hearing from other powerful femmes all over the world.

Leneth is also the founder of ‘Facilitate Online Magic’ that is your guide to facilitating your own online womxn’s circle. Women have chosen to gather for centuries for sisterhood and support and they are needed more than ever now.

In this interview, Leneth blesses us with so much grace, light and wisdom as she discusses how sisterhood, gatherings and choosing how to honour the goddess energy in all of us and our communities will heal the world.

Hallo Leneth! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

Hi! My name’s Leneth and I am 26 years old and live in the Netherlands, where I’ve also been born and raised.

Over a year ago, I founded the Spiritual Fem – a platform for women to explore their spirituality, feminism and womanhood. As part of this, I am active on Instagram where I share inspiring content, upload a podcast named ‘The Spiritual Feminist’, and offer transformational journeys based on inner work, spirituality and sisterhood. 

What does the sisterhood mean to you? And how can it help to heal the world?

I could talk about this for HOURS! But I’ll try to be concise 😉.

To me, sisterhood means the coming together of women in an authentic way. We’ve been taught in our society from a very young age that other women are our rivals and competitors and that we can’t trust them.

Then, as we grow up, this is enforced again and again. We learn that there are only a few spaces at the table for women, whether that is in a corporate setting or at school. It makes me sad to think about, but this rivalry between woman actually keeps us – as a collective – very small, to the benefit of the patriarchal system. To me, sisterhood rebels against this.

To gather in a non-judgmental and no-pressure space as women is magical, special and so needed. We need to lift each other up and realise that only together can we fully, truly, authentically rise. 

What offering or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and reclaim their feminine power?

True empowerment can only happen when we uncover our true, powerful selves which are hidden away underneath layers of conditioning.

Through everything I offer, whether that’s the podcast, a live online gathering, my exclusive 1:1 mentoring or a course I’m running, I hope to show women where they can find that empowerment within themselves.

These journeys are always so powerful, but the common ground we find each other in is always to do with intuition and finding the courage to listen to our senses. It’s coming back to our bodily wisdoms and honouring our power.

Currently, I’m creating various offerings which will surround all of this goodness. It may include a virtual retreat and a monthly inspiration membership. You may want to check my Instagram for the latest updates!

And if you already feel something being ignited within you, I do offer exclusive 1:1 mentorship where we dive deep into where your female superpowers are hidden and why. This can especially be healing if you have never really had a non-judgmental, supportive listening ear (who can also be very non-bullshit sometimes! 💗).

What offering or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and to be connected to sisterhood?

I found true sisterhood through the magical space of women’s circles.

Women’s circles are spaces where, as women, we can show up as we are, share vulnerably and listen open-heartedly.

Having attended and facilitated many circles, I can honestly say these are some of the most healing spaces I ever found myself in. When do we ever gather in a space without judgment and with compassion and attentiveness, especially as women? Right! This is so so needed, not just on an individual level but also for the collective. This is why sisterhood is at the core of everything I do.

Most of the time there is a community-based element in my offerings. If you’re already taken a few steps on this path of spirituality and womanhood and you feel the calling to share your own journey with others to create connection, I offer ‘Facilitate [Online] Magic’, a course where I show you all there is to it to create your own [virtual] women’s circles. You can connect with me on Instagram to found out more about this! 

Have any fears, obstacles or unexpected surprises showed up along the way as you have worked on facilitating space for sisterhood?

Aaaabsolutely! I think there’s no rising without discomfort, and there’s no stepping into new things and new roles without imposter-syndrome and anxiety coming up. And that’s all part of the journey, which I try to honour. Every growing pain means I’m moving forward!

One of the things I was afraid of was truly embracing myself and all that I stand for – with possible negative outside opinions as a result. It’s not necessarily the easiest conversation to have with a family member – to talk about spirituality, feminism and womanhood.

However, in general, I have had such a good response. You see, it’s not always about people gétting what you stand for, it’s them seeing it lights YOU up. I’ve been lucky to have many open-minded people like that around me.

Something that has surprised me is how many women truly feel into what I have to say. I started the Spiritual Fem as a place for my thoughts on spirituality and womanhood, not really knowing how many like-minded souls were out there.

Now, over a year later, the platform has grown incredibly quickly AND I have gained so many badass female friends who are, in their own way, working towards a more spiritual, inclusive, female-fired world. I could’ve never anticipated or dreamed of that! 

What’s been the key for you in building community? And how do you plan to facilitate an inclusive community within your women’s circles?

The key has been to show women they are never alone in their journey. Of course, everybody’s life’s experiences are unique – however, there are so many similarities between us all we don’t even give ourselves the chance to uncover. Often because we don’t have the space to go deep and truly listen and speak.

This deeper connection – rooted in a mutual understanding of what it means to be a woman – is what builds an authentic community. Of course, inclusivity is at the forefront of that.

My experience as a white, heterosexual, able-bodied woman is not to be compared to my gay sister, my black sister, my disabled sister. In that sense, standing in our power means something different to everybody.

However, as a collective, we can honour the safe and sacred spaces we create and make it welcoming for everybody to be seen, heard and supported. I hope that the Spiritual Fem and the offerings emphasise that – in the least, I have made a strong commitment to radiate these values. 

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life the most?

I love this question – also because it makes me realise there are many experiences.

I think because my spiritual path is so closely connected to my life’s path, all of my experiences in life so far in some shape or form relate to my spirituality. I think this may be the case for many of us. I simply see life as one big spiritual experiment and co-creation with the Universe.

However, of course, there are moments which have been more crucial than others.

On my podcast, I’ve talked multiple times about a break-up that happened a couple of years ago. I didn’t exactly know WHY but I got such an intense intuitive hit telling me I needed to leave that relationship and life behind, so I did. It was unfamiliar and painful, but it was also the start of my re-awakening or ‘rewilding’ as I like to call it. It was the call home to myself I desperately needed, and I’m so glad I found the courage to listen to it. 

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that helps you feel connected to both yourself and the world around you?

It depends on the day, the energy of our Universe and what mood I’m in – BUT overall I always go back to my meditation practice, pulling oracle or tarot cards and journalling about it, as well as reading and doing yoga.

The biggest element in all of those practices is ‘switching off’: no phone, no outside distractions, but going within with whatever routine or ritual I feel good in at that moment!

I don’t do anything every single day since for me these things are so intuitive and dependent on the moment. I actually think it’s quite empowering to know what rituals and tools work for me and to be able to pick and choose, trusting my intuition as a guide – always!

Describe your perfect day:

Because I’m now self-employed, I have the freedom to feel into my days as I see fit (to a certain extent!).

Personally, I always love a rainy day. I am such a homebody and it’s my favourite thing ever to get cosy – whether that’s with a book and a freshly baked banana bread (on my time off) or with my laptop and planner (on a workday).

I try to bring in an element of this feeling in all of my days to be honest, whether it’s 29 degrees or 12! I truly love the ‘slow living’ element of rainy days with candles lit and a big cup of tea, and I feel so lucky to be able to bring that into a workday now too. 

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Spontaneous, open-minded, fire-y! [that’s not really a word is it!] 

Finally, Leneth, what is your one wish for the world?

That we all continue to open our minds and hearts towards each other, towards animals and nature – showing us that everything is so interconnected and interdependent. I wish for compassion, inclusiveness, more listening ears and engaged energies. 


Thank you, dank u wel, above and beyond to Leneth for the greatest honour of guiding us through how we, as goddesses, can claim our gifts and unique medicine.

I truly hope you found this interview nourishing in the same way I did. What were your takeaways? Please let me know in the comments below so I can dive into this potency with you all.

Finally, it’s palpable from Leneth’s wisdom that in these uncertain times we truly need all femmes to express and heal through safe and nonjudgmental gatherings. I truly believe that it can restore so much of our humanity right now.

If you want to make a shift in the world I so recommend connecting with Leneth in all the ways you can right here.

But meanwhile, if you feel called to awaken your soul’s fire and live your purpose then I so recommend diving into Leneth’s podcast ‘The Spiritual Feminist’.

Each episode is full of deeply illuminating, transformative magic fueled by love, compassion, and acceptance. It serves as a reminder that whenever you are in doubt, remember that there is magic etched upon the walls of our hearts to compassionately change our world as we know it.

To finish with more of Leneth’s loving words: “Nothing is missing, you are already whole. Everything you need, you already carry within you.”

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