The Rabbit Hole, Vegan Hair Parlour, London Review

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On my way to being a more conscious consumer, I’ve always found it easy enough to find cruelty free beauty products, but how do you find hair salons that are using cruelty free haircare and beauty products?

Well, I recently discovered a safe oasis in the middle of West Kensington: The Rabbit Hole, a 100% vegan hair parlour.

When I spend time in London, this vegan hair salon in the heart of West London is literally just a short walk away and I was so delighted to stumble upon this treasured spot and fall down the rabbit hole of beautiful hair!

As you open the door into this West London salon you will be greeted with a oh-so-modern but deeply whimsical wonderland interior inspired by all things Alice and Wonderland.

The striking black and white decor features gold ornate oval mirrors, with a bold chevron black and white floor and quirky bunnies spotted throughout to make the environment feel even more enchanting.

As you wait for your appointment trashy celebrity magazines are replaced with vegan reads for a truly refreshing experience!

Moreover, rather than being bombarded with seeing a plethora of beauty products famously known to be tested on animals.

The Rabbit Hole stocks an inspiring range of animal and planet-friendly products. One of my favourites being the straw derived hairbrushes on the counter in prettiest pastel hues.

My loveliest stylist then washed my hair with 100% organic and cruelty-free products, with a nourishing head massage.

I was then offered a tea and picked a luscious apple pie and cinnamon tea that was everything my cold November day needed. Not only that, but it came with a vegan biscuit that for once I could actually enjoy!

My beautiful stylist then took my hair from drab and dry to a glossy dream and took just enough off to make it healthy and give it bounce, but also understood how much the long length means to me.

I came out feeling like I had entered a pampering dream and my hair was beautiful for days and days afterwards.

My only complaint is not being in London all the time! Having said that, seeing as I only get my hair cut a few times a year, I’ll save all those experience for here.

So for all my vegan friends, or those looking a wonderful earth-conscious salon, let it be at The Rabbit Hole. I know you will all love it as much as me! But be sure to book in advance because this is one busy hair parlour- I can certainly see why!


Address: 6A Charleville Road, West London, England, W14 9JL

Telephone: +44-7450225230

Open: Tuesday to Friday 11:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-18:00

The Rabbit Hole Hair Parlour Online

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