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I’ve officially been hit with the Depop bug- and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve known of the app since forever but I’ve only recently started to realise just how wonderful it is.

There are so many amazing things happening on Depop. Firstly, the app’s Instagram-like layout and social features helps to support a sense of community that is absent in mainstream high-street big businesses.

Depop is truly authentic and human because social interaction, just like a blog or social media, is at its core.

Secondly, in an age of fast-fashion, and the detrimental effect this has on our planet, Depop is a shopping experience that has green ethos at its core.

It’s also so wonderful to see how many sellers, vintage, in particular, have made Depop their full-time job. I had no idea! It truly shows how fashion can be three things all at the same time: social, green, and unique.

And so I thought I would start a shop to sell and exchange pieces that I want to move onto another loving home. I normally would sell clothes on ebay, attend the odd car boot sale, or give to charity. But truth be told, I was kind of missing selling online and the creative process I had with Beauxoxo! So, voila, my Depop is here!

But more then just selling and parting with some of my past-loved clothing and accessories, I really want to start saving this for funds towards a Christmas Charity Project I’m working with my Mum on.

T&Cs: For all my UK buyers, I will be officially a flat rate postage of £4, including eco-packaging that has been recycled from parcels I have had over the years. I’m also more then happy to ship worldwide with £15 to my international buyers that will including tracking for peace of mind.

How many of you love shopping on Depop? Please share your link with me below so I can check out the pretties you have for sale!

Click here to shop my Depop

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