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February marks Raynaud’s Awareness Month and this month I will be gathering a percentage of the sales from my Depop Shop for SRUK.

Raynauds Awareness Month takes place every February, one of the coldest months of the year, to raise awareness of this disorder and offers help and advice not only to sufferers but also to their friends and families too. 

Raynaud’s is the constriction of blood vessels in response to a decrease in temperature, and/or stress. This narrowing of the blood vessels can be extremely painful, accompanied with a burning or tingling sensation. 

The symptoms can cause an extremely visible three-way colour change to the affected area, which can include any site on the body. The hands and feet are most commonly affected, but the ears, nose, and tongue, among other sites, can be affected also.

Raynaud’s can be present on its own, where it is called Primary Raynaud’s, or it can appear along with another medical condition, like an autoimmune disease such as Scleroderma (that I was diagnosed with last year), or Lupus etc where it is known as Secondary Raynaud’s.

You can read all about Raynaud’s with my archive of posts here and meanwhile here are just some of the lovely things I have added to my Depop shop.

Thanking you so, so much in advance for all your support.

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