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** AD-Press Trip: This Spa Day was complimentary for the purpose of review however all thoughts are my own ** 

There is nothing quite like the heavenly invitation of a day where you can cocoon and surrender into complete and utter relaxation.

And this utter nourishment was exactly what I experienced last Thursday at The Connaught Hotel and Spa where I was given the most caring invitation to experience a beautiful complimentary day of pampering with my Mum.

From the soft touch of massages, facials and manicures, to feeling the holistic nurtuerance of a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, to savouring a luxurious meal in between, there is nothing quite like tending to your most sacred vessel in this way to make you feel truly enchanted to the core of your being.

Moreover, there is nohing more needed in these times than spending time dedicated to immersing yourself in an environment dedicated to helping you to deeply unwind and surrender into ultimate tranqulity.

And as you’ll see, The Connaught Hotel and Spa is filled with a myriad of opportunities to relax and unwind!

The Connaught Hotel and Bluewater Spa

Nestled in the heart of Bournemouth, my hometown in Dorset, lies The Connaught Hotel and Spa, one of the finest boutique hotels in the surrounding area with 81 luxury bedrooms split between the main hotel and the adjacent Connaught Lodge.

What is so beautiful about the location of The Connaught Hotel and Spa is that, since Victorian times, travelling to the coast for a vital dose of clean air, and plethora of other health benefits, has long been a tradition in the UK and this is truly how Bournemouth flourished.

Nowadays, Bournemouth is still famed all over the world for its award-winning 7 mile stretch of breathtaking white pearly sand coastline and with the perfect location of The Connaught Hotel and Spa, you still have the opportunity to flock to the seaside to restore yourself just as the Victorians once did!

Not only will you be staying in the very heart of Bournemouth, but you’ll also be provided with complimentary access to the Bluewater Spa facilities and gym where you can ‘escape to a world of calm and relaxation.’

Designed to make you feel completely relaxed and restored, the Bluewater Spa includes an 18m indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, four spa treatment rooms, a fully equipped gym and a stunning relaxation lounge.

In addition, for local residents, you are able to take advantage of these facilities alongside a gym membership.

For our spa day, my Mum and I were able to access the facilities mentioned above and we were also so kindly offered an additional treatment. As you dive into the video below, I’ll allow for you to feel like you were experiencing our treatments alongside us!

The Power Breakfast Facial and Hand Massage

The Connaught Hotel and Spa bring you every treatment option you could possibly desire inspired by their colloboration with the luxurious Temple Spa range.

My Mum picked the ‘Power Breakfast Facial’ and then added on a truly tranquil hand massage to finish.

The ‘Power Breakfast Facial’ is the perfect facial to book at The Connaught Hotel and Spa if you are looking for quick results, or need your skin to feel cared for, but don’t have much time.

Equal parts playful and nourishing, this facial is infused with all the ingredients that you would find in a healthy breakfast like oats, honey and fruit juices, and replicates their magic in this pick me up facial!

My Mum’s facialist, Elena, nurtured so much of my Mum’s skin in a short period of time with a deep power-cleanse, a nutritious scrub and mask, revitalising face massage and a truly surrendering scalp massage to finish.

At lunch, after coming round from her deep state of relaxation, and this is someone who struggles very much to turn off her busy mind and spirit, she said it was the most perfect choice for her. In addition, she felt that it would be a wonderful taster session for those new to facials or to understand their skin more intimately than before.

A facial is quite possibly one of the most popular spa treatment not only at the The Connaught Hotel and Spa but also universally so it’s a truly wonderful choice to pick.

Although cleaning our face, exfoliating, and moisturing our skin are part of our daily rituals, there’s nothing quite like having this done professionally and savouring the true benefits of a deep facial massage, which in turn stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation.

Aside from the ‘Power Breakfast Facial’ that my Mum enjoyed, The Connaught Hotel and Spa offer a variety of different types of facials, and each one is designed to address specific skin concerns. If you’ve never had a facial before and don’t know where to start, as my Mum so rightly says, this can be a wonderful starter facial for you! It’s also, of course, the perfect one to add to a busy schedule.

Rocks On The Mediterranean Massage

For my treatment, I simply couldn’t resist the ‘Rocks On The Mediterranean’ massage! Just the mention of ‘The Mediterranean’ drew me in instantly as, of course, it brings to mind intoxicating images of glistening azure waters and stunning beaches, punctuated by pretty hilltop villages and extreme feelings of wanderlust!

But in addition, since of my experience of Cellulitis in November last year, I promised myself to treat myself to more massages. Especially after my Cousin’s partner says her monthly massages have been such a comfort for managing her Fibromyalgia.

With Scleroderma and other conditions, there’s something even more luxurious and healing then the added benefits of soothing heat from the hot stones to truly nurture your body holistically.

In case you didn’t know, a Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that involves the use of smooth, heated stones. These stones are then placed on specific points on the body to heat and loosen tight muscles.

The heat from the Hot Stone Massage helps to relax the muscles, making the massage more effective.

There are truly endless reasons why Hot Stone Massage has a number of benefits, including….

  • Relief from muscle pain and tension
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from headaches
  • Boosted immunity

My masseuse, Sharon, was so exceptionally talented at delivering the most hypnotic and incredibly delicate experience where I left feeling like I literally had gone to heaven! The oils used from the Temple Spa products was also simply mesmirising and left my skin feeling silky and soft to the core!

From head to toe I felt utterly transformed and it also unlocked a lot of things for me afterwards in the most heart-opening of ways that felt so incredibly healing to experience. I also, as perhaps you can imagine, had the most peaceful of sleeps that evening!

At The Connaught Hotel and Spa their Hot Stone Massage is 75 minutes and is an experience they argue ‘you just have to have at least once in your life.’ I truly couldn’t agree more!

If you are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic massage, then a Hot Stone Massage truly is mind, body and soul altering in the most divine way!

However, it is important to say if you have a chronic health condition like I do, please be sure to ask your therapist to apply a lower pressure than perhaps normal.

The Relaxation Lounge

After our treatments, we made our way to the relaxtion lounge where we could simply melt into a soft resting place, hydrate and embody our treatments even more deeply.

From floor to ceiling the relaxation lounge is decoarated in a rich black shade with golden lights flickering all around you to make you feel like you are floating in the most relaxing place on Earth!

I absolutely adored how nothing could be expected of anyone here. So often relaxation rooms can be bright with light pouring in and we can then be tempted to read or talk but The Connaught Hotel and Spa truly invites you to be with nothing else other than yourself and this was of course, so incredibly relaxing.

It almost reminded me of the art of ‘dark meditation’, that is, quite simply the art of mediating in a dark quiet room.

Believed to be inspired by the Chinese religion of Taoism, Taoists would use caves to meditate, and throughout The Connaught Hotel and Spa you do see references to Taoist religion in their Relaxation Lounge.

Whether intentional or not, The Connaught Hotel and Spa have truly created a very special and sacred place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday and to practice this sense of reflection as ‘dark meditation’ is often done in a quiet and dark space away from sunlight or artificial light.

Whether you use the relaxation room after your treatment like my Mum and I did, or you fancy taking yourself for a moment of quiet after a pool or gym session, this is a truly beautiful spot to begin or end your day coming back to your centre and re-calibrating your whole system.

The Connaught Brasserie

After our treatments it was time for Lunch at The Connaught Brasserie!

Awarded an AA Rosette, The Connaught brasserie and gin bar (with over 200 varieties of gin, should this be your thing!) are both open to hotel guests and local residents alike. In addition, the restaurant also serves an incredibly moorish afternoon tea that certainly looked spectacular!

The blend of dishes you will find at the restaurant are a fusion of traditional and contemporary favourites, creatively designed by the talented team of chefs.

From grills and salads, to tapas and mouth-watering desserts; all of which can be enjoyed in The Connaught Brasserie or alfresco on the beautiful terrace garden if it’s a sunny day.

Sadly, on our trip, the heavens were pouring with rain so we didn’t eat on the terrace and instead opted for the cosy indoors.

My Mum went for a warm soup of the day with fresh crusty bread and I opted for a zesty, refreshing smoked salmon dish with beetroot. It was just divine! It was such a bright and balanced dish and the perfect light meal for a day at the spa when I didn’t want anything too heavy.

Straight after our lunch we went back downstairs and rounded off the day with a trip to the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi that felt utterly blissful. After reading our books poolside, we relunctantly gathered our things, showered and headed back home feeling so incredibly cared for.

The Benefits Of A Spa Day

I truly hoped you liked experiencing this beautiful Spa Day my Mum and I had at The Connaught Hotel and Spa. More than anything, I hope this is something you will experience for yourself! Here are just a few ways a Spa Day can benefit your mind, body and soul.

1. Improved Mental Health: One of the biggest benefits of a spa day is the potential for improved mental health. The relaxing atmosphere combined with treatments such as massages, facials or body wraps can help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. It can also help with conditions such as depression as it provides a chance to relax and reset.

2. Increased Relaxation: Modern life can be incredibly busy and stressful, leaving little time or energy for relaxation. A spa day provides an opportunity to switch off and relax, which can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This can help improve sleep quality and help you better manage stress.

3. Reduced Stress: Stress can have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. A spa day is a great way to reduce stress by providing an opportunity to relax, unwind and let go of tensions. This can help boost your mood and energy levels, leaving you better equipped to tackle life’s challenges.

4. Improved Physical Health: In addition to its mental health benefits, a spa day can also improve your physical health. Treatments such as massages can help relieve muscular tension and promote improved circulation, which can help reduce pain and increase flexibility.

5. Improved Relationships: A spa day can also be a great way to improve your relationships with friends or family members. By sharing a relaxing experience, you can strengthen your relationships and enjoy quality time together. How to Make Time for a Spa Day Making time for self care can be challenging, but it’s important to prioritize your mental and physical health.

How To Make The Most Of Your Connaught Spa Day:

With seven miles of soft golden sand, the internationally renowned Russell Cotes Art Gallery, an A Grade II* Victorian villa, award winning nightlife and an area of the country full of enchantment, a trip to The Connaught Hotel and Spa is the perfect way to immerse yourself in all the beauty Dorset and East Hampshire holds.

So, if this is something you would like to experience let me leave you with a few tips to make your time even more special:

1. Book in Advance: I highly suggest scheduling your day at The Connaught Hotel and Spa in advance to ensure you have the time set aside for optimum self-care.

2. Take a Day Off: To make the most of the facilities and to maximise your day, I highly suggest taking a day off work to dedicate to relaxation and rejuvenation. My Mum and I felt SO deeply surrendered to our experience that we flopped back home and have the most deepest slumber that night!

3. Combine Activities: There is so much to see and experience in Dorset and East Hampshire so it’s definitely worth combining a spa day with other activities such as a weekend away in Bournemouth, other parts of Dorset, The New Forest, or planning it when any events are going on in the surrounding area.

4. Make it a Regular Occurrence: The Connaught Hotel and Spa makes it incredibly easy and accessible to self-care a regular occurrence with very by scheduling in regular spa days. This can be a great way to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing.

Thank you so very much to The Connaught Hotel and Spa for this truly heavenly day with my Mum. We both had the most wonderful time!

So how about you? Do you need a Spa Day too? If you’re in Bournemouth I truly couldn’t recommend anywhere to stay more than here!

One of my key words for Spring is ‘consistency’ and ‘rituals’ and and after experiencing this beautiful day with my Mum, it made me dream about how I’d love to immerse myself in this once each season to reset, to recaliberate and to restore myself.

Living with multiple chronic illnesses makes me appreciate even more the sacred responsibility I have towards my beautiful vessel that carries me through all the things I still desire to serve the world with. As a result, it’s with absolute loving stewardship that I know I must make a consistent commitment and investment to my wellbeing regularly where I can because the benefits are simply life-altering.

I’d love to know if any of you love spas as much as I do? In what ways will you tend to your sacred vessel today? Have any of you been to The Connaught Hotel and Spa? Leave all your comments and meaningful shares below!


30 West Hill Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5PH

Openening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Click here for more information and to book your Spa Day

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