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As we come towards the end of November and the festive season draws closer, I wanted to bring back a feature from the past called ‘Shop a Handmade Christmas’.

This gift guide will feature some of my favourite crafters, indie sellers and artisans to spread the message far and wide just how special and important handmade is.

After having Beauxoxo for years I know only too well how important it is to support handmade artists. I also know how important it is to order handmade creations as early as possible because sellers work so hard throughout the season to get orders delivered for Christmas.

Today it’s all about the enchanted magical world of Witch Cake Candles, the creation of beautiful Holly.

Hera Candle

Witch Cake Candles believes that: ‘witchcraft involves honouring, caring for, and giving back to the land that we depend on for our magick, and our very existence.’

One of their latest collections is a collaboration with Lace And Whimsy on the “Divine Feminine” collection I’m deeply in love with the Goddess range of candles.

Aphrodite Candle
Athena Candle

A Goddess is a female deity. In some cultures, goddesses are associated with Earth, motherhood, love and the household. In other cultures, goddesses also rule over war, death and destruction, as well as healing.

Diving deep into the history and wild magic of goddesses is something so fascinating and there is a wonderful site here with information about goddesses from a variety of cultures.

Meanwhile, the goddess collection will automatically awaken your connection to this hugely special priestess path.

Although white altar candles alone can usually be used to invoke the female Deities, using a special candle of the appropriate sacred colour when invoking a particular goddess will bring such special results. Coupled with a divine choice of essential oils, crystals and Kathy from Lace And Whimsy’s enchanting illustrations.

Nemesis Candle

I truly couldn’t think of a more beautiful gift to give to all the goddesses in your own life. Either go with your intuition or pick something significant to the special femme in your life. Or, indulge in self-love and pick something for you.

It should also be noted that Witch Cake products are all vegan and contain no ingredients that were ever tested on animals.

They are made with soy wax, vegetable dyes, and essential oils with no artificial fragrance or animal-derived dyes.

Artemis Candle

How many of you adore Witch Cake Candles as much as me? Is there a particular candle you have connected with?

I’d love to know some of your favourite places to buy beautiful handmade gifts. Please do let me know where you’ll be shopping this Christmas!

For the rest of my Shop A Handmade Christmas suggestions click here to view the rest of the lovely makers and artisans.

Shop Witch Cake Candles here

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