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It’s finally December and the festive season draws ever closer. So it’s the perfect time to bring back a feature from the past called ‘Shop a Handmade Christmas’.

This gift guide will feature some of my favourite crafters, indie sellers and artisans to spread the message far and wide about just how special and important handmade creations are.

After having Beauxoxo for years I know only too well how important it is to support handmade artists.

I also know how important it is to order handmade creations as early as possible so that these talented artists are able to get orders delivered for Christmas in time.

Today the ‘Shop a Handmade Christmas’ feature is all about my beautiful friend Jess’ jewellery line Roses and Whiskey . And just look at the prettiness!

Jess launched her dream crystal jewellery collection just over a year ago now, and I am so very proud of her. I know that this dream of hers to make crystal jewellery with special, potent healing powers has been in her heart and mind for such a long time. And what a blessing it is to have it in the world.

Roses & Whiskey is made from a beautiful variety of semi-precious gemstones and crystals whose unique properties are specifically combined to produce a powerful, high-frequency accessory.

Every single uniquely crafted, and stunning creation is handmade by Jess and carries a unique positive quality or vibration that resonates with that same quality in the wearer.​

Jess herself is the mystical, beautiful soul behind this brand with a wealth of knowledge, passion and integrity when it comes to crystal healing. She’s also one of my favourite humans who is completely breathtaking in every single way.

It is with this passion and knowledge from priestess Jess that you can discover the potent magic and healing properties of crystals with intention to help you achieve the desired outcome in life you’re searching for.

I truly love using crystal jewellery as an aid to free myself of any negative energy, feelings or emotions.

Over time, by wearing gemstones and crystals, they can attune to your unique heart and soul, recognising and releasing the emotional issues that may be contributing to what’s stealing your energy and prevents you from limitless living.

Some of my favourite stones are Rose Quartz for self-love, Turquoise for protection and nausea, Jade for serenity and good luck, Amethyst for anxiety, and Clear Quartz as the master energy healer. Quartz also stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow and brings the body into balance.

Whether you are gifting yourself to crystals that align with your needs, or picking something for a loved one, the love of crystals is contagious and Roses & Whiskey is the portal to all your crystal needs!

How many of you adore Roses & Whiskey as much as me? What designs are your favourite? Have you used crystal therapy before? If so, I’d love to hear all about it below.

Also, I’d love to know some of your favourite places to buy beautiful handmade gifts. Please do let me know where you’ll be shopping this Christmas!

For the rest of my Shop A Handmade Christmas suggestions click here to view the rest of the lovely artisans.

Shop Roses & Whiskey here

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