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I truly think sewing is one of the most enriching hobbies someone can take up. Not only can it unleash a magical world of creativity, but in this fast-fashion consumed world, it’s beyond special to make something truly unique and to learn the value and skill of altering, thrifting repairing and repurposing that all save you money and the environment in the long run.

No one knows the power of sewing and crafting more than my beautiful friend Sophia Palmer who is the owner of Jessalli. Jessalli is a small business that Sophia has crafted in the heart of Dorset for as many years as I have worked on Beauxoxo, which is how we met. For many years Sophia has concentrated on a variety of lovingly designed creations with her signature prints, but just last year Sophia opened up a Sewing School in Blandford called Sew Jessalli. 

Sew Jessalli

Sew Jessalli is a modern trend-led sewing school based in Blandford, Dorset. Along with her Mum, Sophia offers a variety of workshops and sewing lessons for all abilities and of all ages. With everything from children’s clubs to free motion embroidery workshops that Sophia has become quite the name for, there’s something for everyone. 

Sewing really is indescribably special and if you’re looking to learn this truly wonderful skill then Sew Jessalli is a comforting home in the beautiful north Dorset for some serious inspiration. Not sure where to start? I highly recommend the amazing Tilly and The Buttons patterns above, who Sophia works with, as a great fashionable starting point to dream up endless creations.

Upstairs in the studio is where all the magic happens, and I honestly feel like I was walking into a divine Scandi, cosy Mollie Makes esque world! With plenty of natural light coming in, the upstairs offers a spacious sewing space for all. Sophia and the team will guide you through from the first stitch to the finishing product to make the wardrobe of your dreams!

As well as a destination for sewing inspiration, Sophia also has kept her beautiful personalised soft furnishings and gifts for families called Jessalli and welcomes custom, bespoke designs. 

If you’re someone who adores sewing and you’re looking to expand your skills you will probably also be tempted by the variety of workshops Sew Jessalli offers. Classes coming up include a Macrame wall hanging workshop that I’m so excited for! For a full list of courses you can head right here

I’ve been so excited for Sophia to start this project because I know it’s been in her heart and mind for such a long time now, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I love go out there and realise their dreams. I really am so proud of her and cannot wait for her to inspire a whole new generation of seamstresses all across the world!

If you’re not near Dorset but still want to learn from Sophia then be sure to stop by her amazing Youtube Channel– one of my favourites for sure!


Address: Glenmore Business Park, 26, Wendal Rd, Blandford Forum DT11 7FP

Sew Jessalli
01258 268541

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