Seeking Whimsy and Hope in Uncertain Times

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Dearest, you this reading this right now.

Today I want to write from my heart about how I find seeking whimsy and hope to be my greatest comfort when facing uncertain times.

But before I start this post, how are you? More than ever I mean that so deeply. I’m here if you want to chat about the uncertainty that currently surrounds us. To hold space as we hold each other’s hands (digitally) and navigate uncertain times. One that freely offers a shared warmth and generosity to every single soul encountered. 

My heart goes out to you all so deeply that I cannot even begin to express how much so. To those affected by this illness. To the nurses and doctors out on the frontlines. To those families affected by grief and suffering. To those working from home in difficult circumstances. To those both here in the UK and around the world who don’t have the luxury of somewhere to call home. To our all keyworkers keeping us safe, nurtured and taken care of. And so many more. I am sending so much love to you all and hold you fiercely in my thoughts.

The post I’m writing today is actually from the introduction of my latest ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ newsletter (I’d so love to be connected with you in this sacred community of magic and whimsy right here).

Normally the introductions I write for these monthly newsletters flow so quickly. But this month I just didn’t know what to say. In truth, I’m not sure I will ever know what is best to say.

cherry blossom by Jamil Teja
Cherry Blossom by Jamil Teja

However, there have been traumas in the last few years in my own life that has taught me a great deal about uncertainty.

As a result, these lessons have helped me dig deep and delve unceasingly on how seeking out everyday whimsy has enabled me to find hope in uncertain times. 

The healing aspect of whimsy, and all its endless wonders, has always been running through my veins. However, I found a renewed call to make this the purpose of my blog’s narrative when I rebranded and re-launched in 2018 (you can read that post right here).

It was at that pivotal moment, from years of uncertainty and suffering, that I felt called to live a life that blends a search for seeking everyday whimsy with the magic of cherishing every single precious moment that feels as enchanting as a starry night sky.

In addition to the above, a huge part of my healing on this journey to seeking everyday whimsy, whilst dealing from the heartwrenching uncertainty I faced, came from this quote:

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

This is an excerpt from ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl. A book that is still to this day one of the most profound, heartwrenching and inspiring books I have ever encountered.

In this book, Viktor Frankl wrote deeply about his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II and described his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about and then immersively imagining that outcome.

At its core, Viktor Frankl’s message is ultimately one of hope. That even in the most absurd, painful, and unthinkably painful of circumstances, life can be given a meaning, and so too can suffering.

Tulips by Jamil Teja

Viktor Frankl’s wisdom is a treasure I hold deep to my heart and revisit regularly. Especially this month.

When I first read his book in 2018 on discovering how seriously ill I was, it allowed me to accept uncertainty as a teacher rather than an enemy.

It allowed me to hold onto hope, to look for meaning, and to devote my life even more deeply to love, magic, wonder, whimsy, understanding, and compassion. 

Now, more than ever, we need this hope that Viktor Frankl teaches. For if we are to sink into the uncertainty the world is facing right now, the most natural thing to do is to succumb to hopelessness and despair.

Instead, Viktor Frankl’s words would call for us to find meaning in the midst of this suffering. Even at times like now when it seems impossible.

Because in doing so, as Frankl explains, finding meaning is the greatness of the human spirit, which can make the decision to rise above pain and suffering. By leaning into this meaning, we live for our greater goals and purpose even when everything seems hopeless. 

Now, for me, our ‘greater goals’ doesn’t mean we should all be creating mini empires and hustling into the night (although if that brings you comfort please listen to what’s calling you).

No, instead, for me it suggests that hope (and for me whimsy) and meaning is in fact all around us.

It glimmers in the stars so brightly at night. It beams in that gorgeous pink Libra moon we had that illuminated our skies just last week. It’s in the beauty of nature that we witness through our everyday exercise. It’s in the rainbows of people’s windows. Rainbows themselves, of course, the most potent reminders of hope. Together they are all symbols of the beauty, wonder and intimacy of the universe. That’s hope too. That’s meaning too.

It all dances together in the wildest of ways that mean something different to us all. But it’s there. To me, it all comes together in the richest mysticism to create the whimsy I hold dear.

For Viktor Frankl, hope was an essential feature of the human existence that aided in a greater appreciation of life and its overall meaning. But ultimately hope helps us process the uncertain times to blossom into something beautiful. Even if it’s fleeting in our imagination.

Sakura Cherry Blossom by Jamil Teja

If you’re not quite able to see it, let us look at how the season of Spring is abundant with hope. For the light begins to shine brightly once more, animals emerge once again, and plants and flowers ‘spring’ into bloom. 

And as the bulbs of blooms come to break through the earth searching for the sunlight, I hope so dearly that this message of hope will give you a glowing golden light at the end of the tunnel to lean into.

Because I trust with all my heart that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and an end to the difficult times.

This year, the arrival of spring has reminded me of the powerful message of hope that the sacred rhythm of the universe brings.

As I said at the start of this post, what seems right to say in these moments? What can bring universal comfort to all?

Truthfully, I still don’t know the answers. However, I hope this discussion of Viktor Frankl’s words that I hold so dear can be a light for you right now.

Fundamentally, I believe it’s even more important to lean into whimsy and wonder and seek out everyday whimsy wherever you can find it. I hope so very much that there is something in this post that can leave you feeling a little more hopeful.

On the subject of the beauty and wonder of Spring: How stunning are these images of the arrival of Spring’s florals in this post? I’m so grateful for Jamil Teja, someone I worked with at Beauxoxo, who kindly gave me his blessing to use his beautiful photos of Spring for this post.

Finally, dearest souls, if there is anything I can do to help from my past experiences or you would like to reach out to me I am here lovingly waiting to spread as much light, hope and whimsy as I can to you all.

With so much love to every single one of you and please take care of yourselves, 

Georgie xoxo

This is an excerpt from the monthly ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ newsletter. If you would like to receive future issues that I share for this community please subscribe here.

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