Saint Aymes, London

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In my mini-series of finding the cutest cafes in London, meet Saint Aymes one of the most enchanting of them all, and one that I adore along with Cafe Elan and Cafe Feya.

saint aymes london

I’ve known of Saint Aymes for what seems the longest time but unlike Cafe Feya and Cafe Elan it’s not in a part of London I often stop by. But my first visit to this truly magical spot in November last year was made all the more special as I visited it with two of my most beloved humans in the world including Paige Joanna

Saint Aymes is the dream and creation of two sisters, Michela and Lois Wilson, born in central London, who were inspired by the beauty of their Nana’s floral garden, which served as an interruption to the busy city they were born in. 

And thus, the driving force behind the breathtakingly pretty design and food on display at Saint Aymes is through the desire of the sisters to find beauty like they found in their Nana’s garden and its ability to lift the human spirit. This is something I truly and passionately believe as well: that there’s an inescapable special ability to find so many beautiful, escapist qualities in a work of art, an opulent flower, a delicately prepared dish or whatever it may be to you, but beauty truly has the ability to inspire, encourage and enrich our lives.

The idea of capturing what the sisters found to be so beautiful is at the core of Saint Aymes and the sisters wanted to illustrate the idea that beauty should exist, in our daily experiences, without the need for justification or occasion.

So, from coffee to confectionary and interior design to hospitality,  you will find happiness and beauty sprinkled through every element of Saint Aymes. From Marie Antoinette inspired lattes, to tea in delicate tea cups, to Unicorn cookies and yogurt and granola finished with florals, everything at Saint Aymes is lavishly adorned in beauty from start to finish.

I know that Unicorn biscuit is one of the dreamiest confectionary items of all time but can we take a moment now to just admire the prettiest decor ever? Can you believe that before Saint Aymes the original site was a dry cleaners?! I know, unfathomable! Both Michela and Lois transformed a blank canvas former dry cleaners into the world famous Saint Aymes store in just one month. As if it wasn’t special enough, but both dealt with managing contractors, hand making flower walls, sourcing furniture, flooring and fixtures to create the iconic design that has captivated London and beyond. 

saint aymes
instagram cafes london
saint aymes london

Saint Aymes truly is a beautiful spot inside and out and if you’re in London I so highly recommend a visit. Whilst there are of course a lot of floral, Instgrammable cafes in London, this truly took my breath away.

Have you been to Saint Aymes? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also do share any of your favourite cafes in London- it’s always lovely to try new spots!


Address: Saint Aymes, 59 Connaught Street, Connaught Village, Hyde Park, W2 2BB
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10.30am- 6pm
Website  Instagram

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