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Located directly opposite Putney Bridge station in West London is the Rude Health Cafe boasting an oh-so LA modern pink exterior and outdoor seating with an interior full of tantalising drinks, snacks and porridges featuring their famous range of dairy-free mylks.

In 2005, Nick and Camilla Barnard set out to create the world’s most enjoyable muesli with an ethos to ‘eat right and stay brilliant’. Well, twelve years later it seems like that philosophy is working out pretty brilliantly indeed, as it has now been joined by a huge range of Rude Health cereals, snacks and drinks made using the best of the best ingredients.

This same passion for nutrient-dense, natural food is now served up daily at the Rude Health cafe that was opened in 2016 in Fulham.

I was so excited to check it out with my lovely friend Soph who blogs over at Sophie Laetitia.

The Rude Health cafe is in a spot that seems to attract a stream of commuters popping in to grab their coffees on the go or work from the cafe’s cosy surroundings, to those like me and Soph catching up over a leisurely, nourishing breakfast.

As you step into The Rude Health cafe you’ll be dazzled by the rainbow of shades from their huge range of products. This spans oats, to mylks to on-the-go snacks.

But to my surprise, the menu for breakfast wasn’t as overwhelming as I had imagined. It featured a range of porridge options to soft boiled eggs, served with buttered sourdough toast.

It also wasn’t as obviously plant-based or vegan as I had imagined. Having said that, there was still plenty of choices overall and the daily specials add to the decision making too!

As for the prices, I felt this was very fairly priced for a London cafe, and what you can expect from the quality of Rude Health products.

Soph and I both couldn’t resist one of their creamy porridges made with almond milk. Soph’s porridge was topped with blueberries, mascarpone, blueberry compote, that looked equal parts indulgent and comforting.

I ended up picking the salted maple syrup, banana, and nuts porridge that was every bit as decadent as it sounds! So decadent in fact I couldn’t finish, but I am so inspired by the exotic ingredients and have managed to find the exact recipe for you all here on the Rude Health blog.

To drink we both picked the earthy healing powers of a Turmeric Latte that truly did have a divine ginger kick as Soph promised! Both lattes were the silky, and warming nourishment that we needed for a chilly November morning!

Overall I’d highly recommend a visit to the Rude Health Cafe if you happen to be in this part of London.

It seems to perfectly balance everything a modern-day in London has from pure relaxation, daydreaming and inspiration, to a special spot to brunch with friends at the weekend, have a breakfast meeting during the week, or grab and go on your way to the office (please note you can’t use your laptop from 12-2pm but I think this is such a good idea).

How many you have also visited The Rude Health Cafe in London? And how many of you love Rude Health products? Their coconut milk is one of my favourites of all time!

And finally, I’d love to hear about your favourite cafes in London, so please leave your suggestions below so I can see! 

Please also be sure to stop by Sophie’s beautiful blog for tons of London vegan recommendations and recipes. November and December sound very exciting months for Sophie’s blog!


Address: 212 New King’s Rd, London, SW6 4NZ

Opening times: Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5pm Saturday 8:30am to 4pm

Visit Rude Health Online

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  1. marsybun

    Lovely photos! Everything looks yummy x

    • Georgie xoxo

      thank you so much Marissa! I loved this little cafe so much, highly recommend for a light breakfast and catch up with friends xoxo


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