REVIEW: Girls’ Night In- Crafts, cakes and cocktails for the ultimate party by Hannah Read-Baldrey

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Today I want to blog about a book I purchased in May that I haven’t been able to put down since and thus you all must know about it! Said book is called ‘Girls’ Night In’ by Hannah Read-Baldrey. Hannah is a successful stylist and author, known for her quirky ideas and fantastical set designs as well as creating the hugely successful ‘Everything Alice’ (based on Alice and Wonderland) and Everything Oz (based on The Wizard of Oz). After studying at London’s prestigious art and fashion school Central Saint Martins, Hannah went on to work within television and film art departments, which led on to photographic styling. In between writing books, Hannah now works with an array of leading fashion magazines and advertisers and writes her own blog, Couture Craft. ‘Girls’ Night In’ is Hannah’s first solo book, and what a solo it is!

Do you ever dream of being the perfect hostess? Do you love your girly catch ups or are you just a lover of a good ol’ night in in general? Well, if you are any of these, or even all you must own this book. ‘Girls’ Night In’ is crammed full of delicious recipes and inventive crafts. With everything from pretty knickers, a coin purse, a make up brush bag and obligatory photo booth props, it’s just full of fun projects every girl would love to make. In fact, some of the crafts would probably be wasted on one of my girls’ nights in and all could be translated perfectly into other events such as parties, dinners and even weddings but many are really ingenious and so beautiful that you want to make them as soon as possible for your own solo crafty night in! The recipes to are just mouth-wateringly gorgeous too, from the cute candyfloss cupcakes, to out-of-this-world popcorn flavours to scrummy mini fish and chips. Everything is super easy to create and there’s something for all tastes. And of course to compliment your sweet and savoury tastes there of course some beautiful cocktail recipes for the ultimate in girlyness, with names including ‘Flora Fizz’! I must admit cocktails do not interest me in the slightest (as a non-partaker!) however it makes me want to make my own alcohol free versions because they are so stunning to look at!

So you’ve got your crafting entertainment sorted, and a delicious line of tantalising food and drink lined up you’re all ready for your perfect night in but why not follow it up with some ultimate girly treats? After all what’s a girly night in without some pampering and Hannah has you sorted with homemade beauty treatments from a vodka foot scrub to a mocha face mask which you can then top off with a pin up hairstyle or perhaps some cute nail art. Truly, Hannah’s imagination is seemingly endless with great quality photos and clear easy to follow instructions. What is more is the timeless appeal of the books and the ideas and creations in this book can be tailor made to suit your group of girls, from their age and their personalities. 

Overall I just adore this book and I will fully admit the idea of throwing a party or event has always terrified me as I hate organising things but this is definitely in the works for my girly pals and in essence I think it’s just fantastic to have a book that embraces the ‘night in’ and seeks to make it a real occasion, especially considering that we are ya know, all in an economy (yawn, I know!) and when we are all having to be a little more conservative with our nights out, this is something to rival any fancy party out there and one that will be filled with treasure items and memories. 

What’s your idea of the ultimate night in? Do you think this book would be your night in BFF? To find out more about Hannah’s book click here for the website. You can also find a fun playlist for your night in as well as fabulous tutorials so it’s a must stop for planning your perfect night.


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    This book looks amazing! Sounds like a girl's bible of creativity. Btw, love your blog design

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord


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