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Welcome to Redemption, London’s healthiest plant-based and vegan restaurant chain with the mantra ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’. 

With three London branches- one in Shoreditch, one in Notting Hill and this one in Covent Garden that I visited – Redemption serves up healthy, Instagram-worthy food that’s free from alcohol, dairy, sugar and wheat. 

The success and ethos throughout Redemption is meticulously designed dishes and drinks that respect your special needs but that doesn’t sacrifice on taste.

Because Redemption, like me, believes that healthy eating should both nourish and delight. And at Redemption, you’ll be in awe of the magical dishes that are as easy on the eye as it is for the body. 

I’ve finally made it round to all three locations but my heart has a special spot for the Covent Garden location that is nestled in the heart of central London and theatre-land. Perfect for a visit between sightseeing and shows!

You can either enter from the Short’s Garden entrance near Seven Dials, with its shimmery disco ball sign into the takeaway bar area or through Neal’s Yard.

Through the Short’s Garden entrance, it’s here that you can make up your own Buddha bowl or treat yourself to a sweet treat on the go. As I left on my last visit I picked up a divine peanut chocolate cup that was so divine!

The other entrance is through the utterly charming Neal’s Yard side which brings you directly into the restaurant and out again onto this magical courtyard in London. With this magical rainbow building of dreams.

Redemption has both a day menu and an evening menu. I’ve experienced both and it’s the perfect place for both a leisurely lunch or a fancy dinner.

Diners can tuck into dishes such as wild mushroom and roast squash risotto, to the Redemption burger with sides such as rosemary roasted potatoes and kimchi super slaw.

I picked the special of the day that was the brown rice penne pasta with a delicious roasted sweet potato, nut and mushroom mix. Organic Brown Rice Penne is extruded through bronze dies to give it a rough rustic texture. It is perfect for anyone following a gluten-free diet and it’s also great for anyone with gastroparesis like me as it’s easily digested. I’ll definitely try to re-create this gorgeous dish at home and I love how I didn’t feel full afterwards.

Following the main course are ‘good for you desserts’ that include toasted banana bread, Banoffee pie, lemon and blueberry cheesecake while drinks include a range of colourful mocktails.

Redemption also create seriously creative ‘plant spirits’ such as one called ‘Senser Love’ with orris root, ashwaganda, tulsi and rosehip. I ended up picking the guarana cacao latte (espresso free). This energy-boosting hot drink is made with guarana and ceremonial grade cacao with oat milk

The latte tasted like a warm hug and although with my gastroparesis I have to be careful about how much cacao I have, this was so ‘light’ and I couldn’t believe how lovely it was to drink and feel the tremendous benefits afterwards.

With silver, white and baby pink tones shimmering through fairy light counters, the whole restaurant looks like an Instagram-dream.

Even more so, in the day, the light fills the restaurant from the windows at the back by Neal Street that really opens the pretty tones and gives a bright lively feel despite it being quite small. 

The only negative I’d have to say is that it can feel a bit rushed at busy times, so if you really want to have an indulging experience pick a time outside of the busy weekends.


How many of you are regulars at Redemption? I so highly recommend a visit to all my friends in London or in the surrounding area.

If you enjoyed this post I think you’ll also enjoy reading about Twelve Eatery a plant-based restaurant in Bournemouth that is so comparable in style, and somewhere I highly recommend for all my South Coast friends!

I also have a whole Eateries tab on my blog full of gorgeous cafes and restaurants I find that serve up a huge portion of whimsy!

Address: 15 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AT

Telephone: 020 7379 5955 

Opening times: Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm, Sun: 10am-9pm

Visit Redemption Online

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  1. Michelle Chai

    One of my favourite spots for lunch on my in-house days!! Beautiful photo Georgie xx

    • Georgie xoxo

      Oh beautiful Michelle, girl after my own heart! My fave place too! I love all the locations but I have a special spot for this location xoxo


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