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This post contains gifted items from Rayelle Jewellery which have been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

Having been a handmade craft designer for 10 years with Beauxoxo, there’s nothing I love more than connecting with other handmade artisans and designers.

Well, today I am beyond thankful and honoured to be featuring the beautiful handmade jewellery creations by the lovely Hannah from her new business Rayelle Jewellery

Rayelle Jewellery is handcrafted in Bournemouth, my hometown, on the South Coast of England. Hannah’s inspiration for Rayelle was the desire to bring back the flair of the 1920s jewellery scene, using responsibly sourced, quality materials, at an affordable price.

rayelle jewellery

Rayelle is split into two equally magical collections. Firstly, The Concept Collection is Hannah’s playground, creating new and exciting pieces from materials that are easier to come by, that can be sold at a price for those looking for responsibly made jewellery on a budget.

The second collection is called The Core Collection and this holds Hannah’s favourite designs, made out of higher quality metals and stones that will last you a lifetime. 

I took my breathtaking, precious pieces to Bournemouth Beach, the home for both Hannah and I, to truly let the pieces speak in their magical environment. But if you’re a city or countryside dweller, I hope you can see how these pieces will bring a bit of the seaside to you this summer and beyond.

Coastline Earrings

coastline shell earrings
coastline shell earrings

‘She sells seashells by the seashore’, and with these Coastline Earrings from Rayelle, you can truly feel like you have captured a beautiful seaside momento to stay with you always.

These darling, elegant earrings were created by Rayelle with a vision of coral reefs and the big deep blue. They have been handcrafted by Hannah with shiny, pearlescent faux pearl beads and a gold-coloured ‘shell’ making them feel like treasured jewels you might find along the seashore. 

The dropped detail to these earrings make them the perfect accessories to adorn a simple outfit where everything will be drawn to the shine of the pearly shells detail.

Shop Coastline Earrings here

Dainty Rose Quartz Bracelet

dainty rose quartz bracelet
dainty rose quartz bracelet
dainty rose quartz bracelet

A bestseller at Rayelle already is the Dainty Rose Quartz bracelet. Beautiful Rose Quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries. It’s a stone that attracts and supports unconditional love, and perfect for hopeless romantics.

In this prettiest bracelet by Rayelle, the Rose Quartz is blended with gold-plated beads that are bound by a gold-plated wire, twisted by hand by Hannah to create a truly enchanting effect.

This truly dainty pretty design is perfect to compliment your whole summer wardrobe. 

Shop Dainty Rose Quartz Bracelet here


So, tell me, have you fallen equally in love with Hannah’s beautiful jewellery at Rayelle? If so, tell me what’s taken your fancy, and there’s a lot to pick from, I know!

Thank you endlessly to Hannah once again for sending me these stunning creations and I am beyond excited to see what the future has in store for Rayelle and your dreams ahead! 

The designs are so incredibly timeless, the vision is as crystal clear as our magical surroundings they have been inspired by, and I have no doubt this is going to be the start of the most exciting adventure.

rayelle jewellery

Shop Rayelle Jewellery

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Just a note to say that Hannah so kindly gifted me these beautiful items from her shop Rayelle however all thoughts and opinions are my own always. The links above are not affiliate links xoxo

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