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Smoothies, green juices, and vegan food are a few things that aren’t easily accessible in Winchester, so enter Rawberry in the heart of Winchester’s beautiful city centre to fulfill that much-needed hole in the city’s food scene. 

Rawberry is located on a side street just off the bustling high street in Winchester and boasts a refreshingly simple and straightforward selection of juices, smoothies, hot drinks, breakfast, lunch and a luscious selection of sweet treats. As you enter the airy surroundings, with metal and industrial esque finishes, you are greeted with a counter full of fresh treats and unique clipboard-style menus.   

rawberry winchester
rawberry winchester

On this visit to Rawberry I was super lucky to pick up a bag of Soakin Bath Salts that me and my beautiful friend Jess won on the Rawberry Instagram page! Bath salts are one of my favourite things in the world and I was so happy to try this range from Soakin. I picked up the Magnesium Flakes for me as I suffer with a myriad of pains as a result of autoimmune issues, and for Jess I picked out Epsom Salts that are the ultimate pick for soothing the skin and for relaxation.

It’s so lovely that Rawberry sells such high quality lifestyle choices inside their cafe, and there’s a plethora of vegan and healthy treats to be found as well.

As for the food, I stopped by at lunchtime and picked the soup of the day, spicy carrot soup, that to say is good would be putting it mildly. It was bursting with complex, layered flavors and just so delicious that you’ll want to have it over and over again! This soup was also all vegan, gluten-free and just super healthy and nourishing.

Afterward, I stuck with the cosy theme by ordering a Beetroot Latte with coconut milk. I just adore Beetroot Lattes, and this blend from Rawberry is a trifecta of colour, flavour and health benefits that was honestly the best I have ever tried. This Beetroot Latte had a truly sweet, marshmallow esque flavour and I just love that these comforting drinks are high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of the root vegetable beetroot. I mean who would have thought it could make a dreamy a drink as this?

And finally, a vegan banana bread with cinnamon with other spices that add a deep sweetness that’s hard to beat. It really was the perfect way to end this most scrumptious round off at Rawberry.

How many of you are regulars at Rawberry? I so highly recommend a visit to all my friends in Winchester or in the surrounding area. The staff are so lovely, it’s very comfortable inside and has WiFi and additional seating downstairs making it a spot to truly get cosy and escape the world for a while.


52-54 St Georges Street, Winchester, SO23 8AH

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm

Rawberry Online

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