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This post contains gifted items from Purition that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

As a disclaimer: Obviously, this post is very much in loving creation especially for my fellow Gastroparesis friends, however, I do hope the recipes below inspire you the next time you make your smoothie or smoothie bowls!

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, I experienced a long insidious Gastroparesis flare. During this flare-up and as with all Gastroparesis flares, I go to my emergency liquid diet plan such as broths, smoothies or clear sweetened liquids (click here for additional information on managing a Gastroparesis flare).

However, as well as the above, it’s vital to get as much varied nutrition in as possible. Especially as these flares can last a significant period of time when they do arrive.

I’m a huge fan of vegan or dairy-free protein drinks. Unfortunately, they are not as easy to come by as you might think! Enter, Purition!

Purition is the creator of meal replacements made with simple wholefood, natural and plant-based ingredients.

Each sachet is a balanced blend of protein, fibre, healthy fats (from real food) that provides health and fitness essentials including naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. This is all ideal during a Gastroparesis flare!

I was kindly sent some sample from the Vegan and Dairy Free collection to try.

Read on below to see what I thought!

For additional information on managing a Gastroparesis flare, and the next stage, I have an extensive post right here.

Purition Vegan Wholefood Plant Nutrition Range

Purition proudly brands themselves as ‘pro plant’ and source directly from the timely and potent qualities of fruit, veg, grains seeds and nuts.

Moreover, Purition products are minimally processed, and in terms of their vegan range, everything is 100% plant-based.

As anyone who has ever tried medical meal supplements, you will know only too well how artificial everything tastes. Not to mention how overly sweet it all is!

To Purition there’s a big difference between ‘flavour’ and ‘flavourings’. Therefore, they infuse authentic essences into their products.

So, their Strawberry comes from strawberries, not just strawberry flavouring. Similarly, their Vanilla is made with pure Madagascan vanilla pods.

To Purition, they believe that if you use “real ingredients in well-balanced recipes, there’s simply no need for any lazy added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavourings or fillers.” 

They go onto say:

“We’re here to ‘shake-up’ the shady protein shake landscape filled with fake shakes and diet/meal replacements.

Forget smoothies loaded with sugar, junk-filled protein shakes, spurious nutritional supplements & faddy diets. 

Purition is protein as it should be, helping to take the stress out of healthy eating.

Here is the heart and soul of everything Purition create, taken from their vegan range:

Balanced: Our balanced approach to nutrition using real food ingredient packed with naturally occurring nutrition is key to your success. Protein, Fats and Fibre combine to deliver energy, digestive support, vitamins, minerals to feel great.

Protein: 20g of the finest plant-based protein from seeds, nuts, pea protein, brown rice and hemp protein. For a better essential amino acid composition.

Natural Fats: 10g of natural fats, fat contain twice the amount of energy than carbohydrate but are hard to overeat without carbohydrate. Fat is also required to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrate: 10g of total carbs with just 2g of net carbs. With 8g of fibre per serving (fibre is a carbohydrate which contains zero calories) but helps to regulate the digestive system and foster good gut bacteria.

How Purition Can Support Gastroparesis Flares

Before I dive into my thoughts on the samples I tried, I wanted to pause and touch on how protein drinks and meal replacements can be very beneficial to those that, like me, suffer from Gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis (also called delayed gastric emptying), is a chronic digestive condition.

With Gastroparesis, the vagus nerve and/or muscle damage can impair the stomach’s ability to contract and release properly.

Some refer to Gastroparesis as having a paralysed stomach (this is because Gastro equals stomach and paresis equals paralysis). This means that food and fluid in the stomach remain there for longer, hence Gastroparesis being described as “delayed emptying”.

I have lived with Gastroparesis for many years, and I write as extensively as I am able to about my experience here. To learn more about the condition I recommend starting with my post: ‘What Is Gastroparesis?’

As a result of having Gastroparesis, eating and drinking can be very distressing and troublesome. Every single day, I live with constant nausea and an internal battle of creating meals that my body is able to digest.

In this post I wrote called ‘Natural Therapies for Gastroparesis’ I touch on how I approach eating and drinking alongside natural remedies that help to soothe me when I need it.

More recently, I have been working with a Dietician to enable me to maintain a healthy weight as many who have Gastroparesis like me will understand how challenging this is.

When Gastroparesis patients like me experience flares, it can lead to long periods at a time of being on a liquid diet. And thus, in order to gain as much strength as possible, it’s vital to have support from meal replacements or similar supplements that are giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need to get through.

Protein drinks and meal replacements are indeed laden with artificial ingredients and sugar and I have really struggled to find something to match the abundance of goodness from the food I’d normally enjoy eating outside of a flare.

And even outside of a flare, I have tried to add one of these samples to my normal diet to help me get more calories into my diet.

Overall Thoughts on Purition for Gastroparesis

During my Gastroparesis last year I used the very thing that sustains me to get me through: seeking whimsy, wonder and enchantment!

For example, my Papaya and Strawberry Unicorn Bowl is something you could easily re-create with Purition. As a general tip, add a dairy-free milk that you truly love the flavour of, because it will become very potent and flavoursome in these blends.

In addition, these meal replacements make me feel like I’m ‘playing’ in the kitchen but nothing as mentally and emotionally trying as cooking.

My favourite flavour is most definitely the Strawberry flavour. It truly tastes like the real deal! I adore strawberries anyway, and they are so multi-tasking. Not too sweet, but not bland in the slightest. Here, I added a bit of rosewater and rose petals for the whimsical qualities you all know me for!

I also think that the Almond and Coconut flavours are such multi-tasking gems and would be dreamy bases for a smoothie bowl.

Finally, an honourable mention for the fun Pistachio flavour! This made for such a lovely smoothie bowl with raspberries.

Here are some of my favourite things:

  • The flavour ranges are stunning! SO creative and so enticing! There’s something for everyone. Very on-trend too.
  • They are not overly sweet and are a lovely base to add more things to.
  • The sample sachets are so perfect for travel! I always travel with bulky liquid drinks for my flares and this is such a light addition to my bags (however, also see the below!).

Here are some of my not so favourite things:

  • Something that truly transformed my Gastroparesis flare towards the end of the year was starting a Low-Fodmap diet. The Purition vegan range is not exclusively low-fodmap. Having said that, it’s gluten-free (something that has really helped me!) and because I have a severe dairy-intolerance it’s definitely more important for them to be free from dairy!
  • I mentioned it was travel friendly above BUT where you’re staying would ideally need a blender! You never know, perhaps a kind cafe or restaurant can help you out (I have had many trips that have accommodated me so kindly during a flare!)
  • I found some of the formulas thicker than others, and hence I made some into gorgeous smoothie bowls (I actually prefer it this way!).


Thank you to Purition for introducing me to your brand. I hope that by introducing your products here, it can reach someone who is vegan or dairy-free and searching for ways to help them during a Gastroparesis flare.

I’d now love to hear from my Gastroparesis readers: what meal replacements have you currently found? How do you manage a flare?

I’d love to hold space for you here so please do leave a comment below.

For some of my whimsical recipes for Gastroparesis head here. For additional information about Gastroparesis, my series can be found here.




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