Polaberry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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If you enjoyed my post on Pluk in Amsterdam, known for their magical unicorn bowls, then you’ll want to pop by to nearby Polaberry for another enchanted cafe full of magical treats!

Polaberry is the dream of the popular content creator, and sweetheart, Polarbur, also known as Polina Burashnikova. Known for her exquisite photos from her travels, this Russian born gal is now a Dutchie who has combined her creativity with chocolate to make super adorable creations for Instagram and beyond.

polaberry amsterdam
Polaberry, Amsterdam Polabur

As soon as you enter Polaberry, you enter through a whimsical pinky-purple floral garland that graces the bright white storefront. Inside the prettiness continues with beautiful bouquets bedazzled with chocolate covered fruits and edible gold dust, chocolate bars popping with canal houses (an ode to Amsterdam), and boxes filled with impeccably decorated strawberries will make your heart and mind swoon with joy. 

Not only that, but you can get your sweet fix alongside fresh coffees and chai lattes for an ideal drink-on-the-go-spot too. Polaberry also stocks some adorable branded accessories as a keepsake of your visit.

chocolate covered strawberries
unicorn lollies

The only teeny non-magical side to Polaberry is the lack of dairy-free or vegan options however I was happy enough visiting this enchanting world from the oh-so-Instagram floral wall and chair snap to falling in love with the delicate Unicorn lollies covered in everything from dark to white chocolate to traditional Dutch delicacies like mini stroopwaffles. I picked up some gorgeous gifts for friends, and seeing their delighted faces as they open their gifts is beautiful enough for me!

So although there’s not as much selection here for me I so highly recommend a visit here and the shop location is in a stunning spot in Amsterdam, nestled in the famous Nine Streets, and the whimsy environment will be such a memorable part of your visit.

How many of you have fallen in love with Polaberry and made a visit to their store in Amsterdam? This is very much a local shop and service however you can stop by their Instagram to see if there’s a location near you.


Address: Polaberry, Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours: 11am- 6pm

Polaberry Online

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