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So far my favourite Eateries series has taken us all over Europe but today I’m finally featuring one of my favourite cafes in the world: Pluk in Amsterdam.

Nestled in the heart of the charming Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes) it really is one of the most dreamy cafes in Amsterdam, in my opinion.

With a plethora of magical treats from rainbow cakes to their famous Unicorn bowls, you can also enjoy many savoury dishes as well as enjoying a shopping experience at their in cafe boutique. Not forgetting that PLUK is an Instagram dream.

Pluk Amsterdam
unicorn cupcakes pluk amsterdam

As soon as you enter it’s a light, bright girly paradise with fresh fruit for juices or smoothies spilling out of baskets by the window. This is fused with the smell of hot coffee and cakes and sweet treats stacked high on the counter that is nestled amongst enchanting trinkets and jewellery that make up the PLUK boutique range.

From colourful showstopping rainbow cake and Unicorn cupcakes to raw vegan chocolate cakes and pumpkin slices it truly is a sensory overload as soon as you step through the door!

The Pluk Unicorn Bowl

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen many photos of magical Unicorn bowls appear quite regularly on my feed! In fact, you might be fooled in thinking my Amsterdam diet consists of these alone haha.

Well here is the mystical and enchanted unicorn bowl once more in both a strawberry and passionfruit variety. They really are visually and in taste, a slice of a truly mystical, beautiful world and I’m so obsessed with them!

But as well as Unicorn bowls, you can also find sandwiches, poke bowls and avocado on toast for a true crowd-pleasing menu that you can bring both your Unicorn and non-Unicorn friends to!

Pink Unicorn Acai Bowl Pluk Amsterdam
Unicorn Food
pluk acai bowl

The Pluk Boutique

According to PLUK, their name stands for happy people who want to treat themselves!

Well, after you’ve had your Unicorn Bowl (I promise I’m not getting a commission on this….I WISH haha) you will find shelves along the side and the back of the cafe with a variety of treasures.

It’s here that you’ll find everything from cute little notebooks with pink flamingos and pineapples, to coffee body scrubs, phone cases and slick mugs and cups. This makes PLUK the ideal spot for refreshments, nourishment and also some well deserved retail therapy!

You can also shop the PLUK boutique range online right here.

Pluk is such a fun spot that is right in the centre of the dreamiest part of the city.

This is a place you could take your favourite book to, catch up on work or gather your friends together for the most gezellig (Dutch for cosy) of meetings escaping into an enchanting world all of its own.

Have you been to Pluk? Let me know if you’re also a fan!

Also please do share any of your favourite cafes in The Netherlands- it’s always lovely to try new spots!

Finally, I’m intrigued, do I have any readers from The Netherlands? If so, that would be so special to me! 


Pluk Amsterdam

Address: Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam & Pluk Berenstraat 19 1016 GG Amsterdam

Opening Hours: 9am- 6pm daily

Pluk Online

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