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If you’re looking for a spot in Paris where you can literally stop and smell the flowers, then be sure to make a stop at Peonies, a blooming beautiful coffee and flower shop that perfectly suits the most romantic city in the world. 

Opened in 2016, Peonies launched as a coffee, brunch and flower shop all in one, situated in the trendy 10th arrondissement of Paris. Inside, the interior of moss green and pretty pink is then surrounded with a corner of pretty seasonal blooms and a counter full of fragrant sweet treats from pistachio and rose cakes no matter the season or weather outside.

And the floral theme, of course, extends beyond the vases into the glorious dishes and Peonies are in fact known, loved and respected beyond their beautiful bouquets as they are their coffee, patisseries and brunch choices. 

On this occasion, I opted for the oh-so-pretty and much loved Instagram classic of Avocado on toast that was, of course, bejeweled with pretty floral elements. This was just under €10 making it a mid-priced brunch piece. I paired this with a warming matcha latte. Both the latte and brunch was so tasty as well as beautifully presented.

If you’re into something sweet, as stated above, behind the counter, you’ll find an array of pretty patisseries infused with fresh, exotic ingredients from orange and pandan to lemon cake and gluten-free soufflé cookies made with matcha.

Of course, the most unique aspect are the seasonal blooms crafted by Clémentine Lévy, a former model and DJ. And not only are the flowers here for the endless loyal fans who flock to the cafe, but Peonies also have an impressive list of suppliers that include Comptoir des Cotonniers, Estée Lauder and Hermés Paris who all rely on Peonies for their blooming bouquets.

All of their bouquets are made fresh daily by French producers without additives and pesticides. To make the bouquets, flowers are picked from the garden flowers to the open fields, to imperfect types that Peonies still find the beauty in. You can also be inspired by classes the offer at the Peonies Studio that opened in 2018. The Instagram for the latter is particularly beautiful!

A visit to Peonies with my beautiful Parisian friends was truly the most dreamy way to spend a weekend day. If you enjoyed this post, then I think you’ll enjoy my Eateries series with many more Instagrammable cafés around across Europe and beyond. From Unicorn Acai Bowls from Pluk in Amsterdam, to Marie Antoinette lattes at Saint Aymes in London.

Interestingly to note, there are no reservations at Peonies, and laptops are not permitted on the weekends. It’s very small inside and I had a group of 8 so be warned you’ll be either super lucky to gather a big group inside, or want to keep it small and intimate.

Have any of you been to Peonies? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also please do share any of your favourite cafes in Paris if you’re a local of lover of this city as much as me- it’s always lovely to try new spots! Also, I’m intrigued, do I have any readers from Paris and France? If so, that would be so special to me! Let me know below and let’s share our favourite places together. 


Address: 81 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris

Opening hours: (closed Monday), Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 7.30pm, Saturday to Sunday 10.30am to 4.30pm  

Instagram: Peonies Paris

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