Paige Joanna Woven Labels on the Suki Dress Pattern by Tilly And The Buttons from Mollie Makes [AD-Gifted]

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This post contains gifted items from Paige Joanna Design which have been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

Today, I have two posts in one! The first is to highlight my darling friend Paige Joanna’s Woven Labels and the second part is showing you how easy it is to make the Suki Dress Pattern by Tilly And The Buttons from Mollie Makes.

My darling Paige is one of the UK’s top craft bloggers and I’ve had the honour and excitement of watching her crafting ambitions fuse and soar together in seamless and magical ways.

As well as her blog and Youtube Paige Joanna has an Etsy shop of her bespoke designs that weave magic, colour, quirks, fun and the scrumptious whimsy you find throughout her crafts.

Paige has recently released 6 adorable woven labels for all your finest creations that truly honour her colourful style.

In this pack of 6, you will receive 3 ‘Happiness is handmade’ and 3 ‘Holy Stitch’.

Before I show these woven labels off to their fullest I, of course, needed to find a wonderful excuse to dig out a sewing pattern.

When I had Beauxoxo full time, I rarely had time to sew for myself unless it was for gifts and small projects. During this period of isolation, like so many, it’s been a time where I can truly pause in life and retreat back into my favourite hobbies.

I adore making my own clothes and accessories and without a doubt, Tilly and The Buttons have some of my favourite patterns around.

Making The Tilly and The Buttons Suki Dress from Mollie Makes

As I was digging through my patterns I noticed I had this Suki Dress Pattern that was free with Mollie Makes.

It’s so very simple and just so lovely if you’re getting starting. I also thought it was incredibly good value to have it for free in a magazine. And if you’ve read my favourite magazines post, you’ll know that Mollie Makes is my everything!

Tilly and The Buttons describe the Suki dress as the fuss-free dress that you can throw on with a statement necklace and be out the door. Or in my case at the moment, throw on and just be comfortable and at ease around the house!

The Suki Dress is a project from Tilly’s new book Make It Simple. And indeed it is so simple. If you’re new to sewing I could quite confidently say this would be a wonderful dress to start with.

The Suki dress has a very simple shape with minimal seams, a modern loose fit with cocoon silhouette and drop-shoulder narrow bracelet length sleeves. And it gets better for newbies: no zips, and no buttonholes!

My only very silly mistake was not making it from a looser material like viscose as the cotton makes it a little more constricted. But as crafters might know right now, it’s crazy busy right now in the online sewing world for supplies! I’m also going to add a belt detail but I also love wearing it with the pink belt to cinch in at the waist.

Paige Joanna Woven Labels

When you have completed your chosen sewing creation it’s time for an adorable woven label inside to proudly show off your handiwork!

Paige Joanna’s new woven labels are the very best thing for all sewing lovers and made with all the zest Paige brings to life and her crafts.

In each pack, you get 6 woven clothing labels, with 3 of each design. Both ‘Happiness is handmade’ and ‘Holy Stitch’ are such kitsch gorgeous statements for any ‘me-made’ make.

The designs also truly reflect Paige’s vibrant, playful personality, with rainbows and her retro-modern fonts.

With two adorable fun designs, they can easily be sewn in using a sewing machine or sewn by hand. On the Suki dress, I wanted to show the whole tag off by sewing it in to even show off the ‘Paige Joanna’ logo. Just want the front side detail? It’s easy to fold in half and just stitch along the top to secure in place.

No matter what placement you decide, these woven-labels add such a thoroughly adorable, professional and fun look to all your makes.

And just like the Paige Joanna labels are in 2 designs, and the Suki dress is a 2-1 pattern, I hope you’ve enjoyed this 2-1 blog post too!

How many of you love sewing and dressmaking as much as me? What patterns and resources do you love? Again, I truly recommend Tilly and her incredible resources.

I’d love to know if any of you pick up Paige’s darling labels, and if so, you share your final makes with both me and Paige! To discover more of Paige’s crafting inspiration head on over here to read my interview with Paige here.

Click here to purchase the Paige Joanna Woven Label Designs

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