Christmas Showcase at LUSH, Bournemouth

Christmas Showcase at LUSH, Bournemouth

Christmas arrived in October for me this year thanks to the wonderful Christmas Showcase event hosted by LUSH in Bournemouth. I have such fond memories of this particular LUSH as it was one of my first jobs when I was still studying for my A Levels, and in fact, I was there right from the very beginning when it first opened! And despite leaving the company many years ago, I continue to feel the sense of the season being upon us when the LUSH Christmas collection is released and this was a really special and intimate way to see it all together.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of LUSH so it’s a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you’ll for sure find someone who either works there or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and I loved that despite this event being for bloggers they opened their doors to allow others to join in.

Once inside, we were greeted with prosecco in LUSH iconic black pots that was such a quirky touch (although Miss Teetotal over here had to stick to a lil bit of h2o!) and then on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous LUSH handwriting. 

lush cosmetics massage bars

First up in this super lovely event was an ice-breaker group activity where we were split into pairs and given the opportunity to get to know our partner a bit better with an arm massage using the massage bars provided. This is something we regularly did whilst working at LUSH but it was so lovely to see how the massage bar range has expanded over the years. One of my favourites is the adorable Gingerbread Man sparkle jar that is part lotion part talc and a very creative solution by LUSH to avoid unnecessary packaging for two products in one! To use, warm the lil Gingerbread Man in your hand and apply to the skin for nourished skin, and then poke holes into this Gingerbread Man’s buttons and dust yourself all over to leave skin feeling silky and smooth. After the dusting powder is all used up, the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter pot can be massaged in, to moisturise and soften while clove bud and ginger oils keep you feeling warm, cosy and smelling of Christmas baking. A stand out product this year for sure!

Next up was trying our hand at making the iconic LUSH ballistic! So random fact: growing up I was obsessed with making bath bombs. I literally had a little factory going on in my house and my Mum at one stage thought I should study Chemistry to make it my profession, haha (hence why I wanted to work at LUSH so much!). And I still love making them now so it was really fun to see how LUSH make them as theirs, of course, are so well-known and adored. We were given the chance to make the super magical ‘Shoot For The Stars’, a ballistic with honey-scented stardust and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter stars that melt in the water, moisturising skin while uplifting bergamot oil send your mood soaring above the clouds for the ultimate starlight bathing experience. It was such a lovely touch for LUSH to show this interaction in making their products so you treasure the handmade element even more.

But the fun didn’t stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser is packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious. This cleanser really is a treat for dry winter skin that takes a bit of a hard time riding the storms that the season brings. 

And after all that inventory magic and the most indulgent of evenings the sweetest LUSH girls and guys gave us the opportunity to pick out a product to take home as well as everything we were so fortunate to make on the evening. I picked out the sweet Snowflake, a bubble bar spinner that so sweetly adds a decadent amount of almond silkyness to your bath tub. 

It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Bournemouth Bloggers and LUSH Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. The store at this branch are truly real life angels and couldn’t have made us feel more valued and welcomed. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you’re local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed! xoxo

Lush Bournemouth details:

 25 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 1DR.

Lush Bournemouth online

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Lush Bournemouth Re-Opening

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the long-awaited re-opening of the Lush in Bournemouth along with local press, Lush workers and my fellow local blogging ladies. The evening was such an amazing celebration of the new look Bournemouth Lush, of course, but it was also a truly wonderful trip down memory lane for me as Lush Bournemouth was my very first job after leaving school and to have been there for the opening of it back in 2006 to the grand re-opening 10 years later (oh. my. word time….let’s not even go there!) was so incredibly special to me.

Just a few apologies in advance for the ropey images as I forgot my main camera so my iPhone had to do!

It’s been a very long six months of hard work but eventually after a major refurbishment the Lush opened its doors to fill the town centre of Bournemouth once more with that heady scent we all know and love (well, for most of us I think I know for some it’s too much!).

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of Lush so it’s a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you’ll for sure find someone who either works there  or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and last week they introduced the new look concept Lush layout you are probably used to seeing on your own high-street.

The Lush Bournemouth refurbishment was particularly special because the aim was to restore the look of the shop to the original design of the building from the 19th century. In order to do this, the project involved local skilled craftsmen who referenced historic images and original architectural sketches throughout the construction. This is such a lovely thing for Lush to do because so much of Bournemouth’s history is evident in the beautiful buildings from the 19th century when the town started to become really popular as the ultimate British seaside destination.

Once we had admired the outside it was time to step inside to see what magic Lush had in store. Jess and I made our way through the hustle and bustle outside with the whole town immersed in the amazing sounds of a brass band and all the goings on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous Lush handwriting. We were then each given a basket with a lovely knot wrap scarf on. The lovely lady explained that at various product sections across the store we were able to pick something for free and then have it wrapped in our knot wrap at the end of our visit. This was such a lovely idea and such a generous gift from Lush!

Firstly, it was wonderful to see the shop crammed with the excitement for not only the grand unveiling of the new look, but also to see and smell all the new ranges that have been released since the closure at the start of the year. This includes the always fun and quirky Halloween range, to the ever hotly anticipated Christmas Collection. It was hard to get around to see every product from the Christmas range but we were very kindly gifted three products of our choice from various stations so I picked the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, a Never Mind Ballistics bath bomb full of fruity cheer and finally a Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. To be honest, they had me at the name alone!

I was really captivated by the makeup stand and the lovely Megan from the Poole shop gave us an incredible demo of how it all worked and what was new. Whilst working at the Bournemouth shop in my teens I actually spent the other half of my weekend working for the Poole shop and the make up side B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful so for me this was bringing all the nostalgia and so many of the products there have been re-imagined from this sister business to Lush that sadly closed down quite a few years ago now. Lush have now taken all the best bits from ‘B’ into their Emotional Brilliance collection, and the Bournemouth store will be one of only a few chosen shops to include the whole range so I 100% recommend heading down and escaping into some makeup heaven.

Outside the shop were even more treats including Lush product inspired cocktails (vegan cocktails no less!), and live-demos of Lush Christmas products. First up was the Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar: one of my favourite Lush Christmas products of all time that’s now in a beautiful glittery slipper design Dorothy would be truly proud of. The heady scent of the rose in this product was even more intense making one fresh, and we were of course allowed to take our creations home with us.

But the fun didn’t stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious and the two Jess’s did such an incredible job at making one for us all to then take home at the end! So much respect for the addition of the gold leaf that we discovered costs a small fortune!!

The evening ended with us all getting our treats wrapped up in our knot wraps (I was pretty much the luckiest girl in the world to receive this Deer print!) and also picking up some vegan cookies which for me practically made my night alone as I never get to eat anything at events (the canapes were also vegan so bravo indeed Lush, bravo!).

Overall Lush truly pulled out all the stops for this event and made it one to remember (they even had their own Snapchat filter!). It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Lush PR and Lush Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you’re local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed ;).

Lush Bournemouth details: 

25 Old Christchurch Rd, 
BH1 1DR.


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LUSH Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection 2016

Love it or loathe it: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner now, so I thought I’d share some photos from the LUSH Poole shop, because whether you like Valentine’s season or not, there’s no denying LUSH will make you fall head over heels for their 2016 collection of bath-time luxury.

This is one of the strongest Valentine’s collections I have seen at LUSH for a while now. There’s a brilliant mix of bath time treats, pretty gifts suitable for friends and lovers, and decadent shower gel and massage bars. I headed down to LUSH Poole to see what they had and here’s a selection of my favourites to share with you all:

♥ ♥ * Bath Ballistics ♥ ♥ * 

This is one of my favourite products from the collection this year. Made with Brazilian orange oil and Fair Trade vanilla, it’s also packed full of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, meaning it coats your skin in heavenly moisture while its sweet citrusy fragrance lifts your mood. The scent is so gorgeous and it’s a bath bomb I’d love to use beyond the Valentine season. 

 This is such a classic LUSH product that is so timeless. The heady, gorgeous woody orris root powder and restorative rose absolute is based on a medieval love potion, with seven rosebuds that burst from the spellbinding pink heart as you breath in Sicilian lemon oil, geranium and sensual jasmine. If you’ve never tried this beautiful LUSH product; make a date with this immediately! 

                                                            * ♥ ♥ * Bubble Bars ♥ ♥ * 
If there’s a photo of LUSH going round on Instagram chances are it’s this at the moment! Unicorn Horn is just so adorable and why LUSH don’t make this a regular I don’t know because it’s such a popular product. Beside the magical rainbow unicorn design, it has an enchanting scent filled with beautiful neroli and lavender essential oils complete with sparkling lustre and colourful candy stars that envelope into beautiful pink bubbles. 

                                                             * ♥ ♥ * Shower Gels ♥ ♥ * 

 This has become a cult Valentine’s LUSH product now and it will most definitely sweep you off your feet with the fresh pomegranate juice and uplifting grapefruit oil scent. Soothing marshmallow root and Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion offset the zest with sweetness and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter so that it softens the skin beautifully. 

                                                           * ♥ ♥ * Lip Scrub ♥ ♥ * 

Another cult range of LUSH are their scrumptious lip scrubs and for a delectable pout this Valentine’s Day this deliciously sweet and perfectly pink scrub will be loved by many. Made with caster sugar, sea salt, edible red hearts and hundreds and thousands, it will polish and keep your lips super kissable all season.

♥ ♥ * ♥ ♥ * ♥ ♥ * 

To finish the collection there’s a range of gorgeous gift sets that, as I mentioned above, would be perfect for both a loved one or a dear friend. One of my favourite gift items is the re-usable ‘Kiss a few frogs’ knot wrap scarf. The neon frog prince print design was created with ARTHOUSE Meath, a social enterprise showcasing the talents of those living with severe epilepsy, learning difficulties and physical difficulties and ‘Re-wrap’, a women’s co-operative from Mysore, India then provided the fabric. To me that’s such a loving gift anyone would treasure.

Of the gift boxes themselves, ‘Lots of Love’  (£27.95) has the best packaging, in that it is a huge heart box that would be perfect for storing your favourite LUSH treats afterwards. My favourite gift for a very dear friend would be ‘In Your Dreams’ (£9.95) with incredibly cute packaging that includes my favourites Tisty Tosty and Unicorn Horn.

What do you all think of the LUSH Valentine’s collection this year? Has anything stolen your heart? Shop the entire range here. And a thank you to the lovely team at LUSH in Poole for letting me snap away in their gorgeous shop. 


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LUSH Spa Poole Relaunch Event

A few weeks ago myself and some other local blogging girls were invited to the relaunch of the LUSH Spa in Poole. As many of you know, I worked in this very shop throughout my studies and so in a funny sort of way it became my second home! It was really lovely to back for this event to not only take a trip down memory lane, but also to see how much the LUSH Spa has transformed since I worked there. Coupled with the fact it’s so near to Christmas it was a doubly lovely to see the gorgeous LUSH 2015 collection as well. Here’s how the evening unfolded….

To start our evening we were greeted with a lovely handmade mug of mulled wine (alcoholic free, woop, woop!) and could take a moment to look at the wonderful Christmas collection LUSH have released this year.

We were then invited to make our own ‘Butterbear Bath Ballistics’ (huge thanks to lovely Jessica for the photo above). Growing up (okay and still to this day!) I loved to make my own bath bombs so this was a brilliant activity for LUSH to do and I can imagine if you ever wanted to host a children’s party in store it would be hugely popular (with kids and adults alike!). Making this sweet LUSH classic (adapted from the ‘Butterball’) reminded me just how few ingredients go into this natural, pampering little bear of cocoa butter and vanilla goodness.

After oohing and ahhing over our little Butterbear creation it was time to explore the new rooms of the Spa. Just nestled a door away from the LUSH Poole shop, the spa is the perfect oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of 2015’s draining physical ailments.

Whilst you breathe in the heady, beautiful aromas of the treatments your senses are also treated to a beautiful soundscape from two musicians who are apart of the LUSH treatments. Not merely just your typical relaxing spa melodies, LUSH have created bespoke soundtracks that truly embody the treatment experience you could have. As a musician, I absolutely adore the passion for creating a true multi-sensory memory.

We were then guided into each room where you could sample the treatments. In a deep pink room with purple hues and starry green speckles the Comforter was my favourite treatment. In this room we were allowed to indulge in a truly lovely arm and hand massage with rose serum and chocolate scrub from the treatment. My skin was left feel so nourished and smelt heavenly!

One of my favourite rooms was for ‘The Planets’ treatment. This magical room, with intense shades of pink, purple and blue reflects the planet details onto a ceiling to make you feel transformed into a completely other world. Divided into 3 sections, present, past and future, this treatments last a remarkable 3 hours. The celestial spa experience comprises a full-body massage, palm reading and a facial. It overall encourages you to engage with physical and mental tensions and find release before gently coming back to earth, and back to reality.

Amongst the treatment demonstrations there was a room filled with tea and the sweetest scents of the most divine vegan cake. I could have cried with joy they were vegan and that I could join in and indulge with everyone else! One cake was a yummy victoria sponge treat inspired by ‘Snow Fairy’ and the other was a fruit cake inspired by ‘The Magic of Christmas’. The biggest shout out to New Orchard Cafe in Poole for these amazing bakes.


The Lush Christmas 2015 Collection

After viewing the treatments and eating copious amounts of vegan cake it was back to the LUSH Poole shop floor to swoon over the wonderful Christmas collection. A few of my favourites have been included above and this year in particular I think the gifts are amazing. There is truly something for everyone. To have a look at the range for yourself head here.

A huge, gigantic thank you to everyone at LUSH and the LUSH Spa Poole for making myself, Amy and Jessica feel so welcome and for putting on such a very lovely event indeed. I left LUSH just when the spa was really starting and to be honest, we weren’t sure at the time how everything was going to work. Seeing everything that evening made me truly appreciate what LUSH are doing with their spa concept. You simply cannot equate it to anything else. They have ripped up the spa rulebook, and imaginatively discovered a completely new way of tending body and soul in an incredibly creative, wonderful way.

And above all the evening made me realise that truly once you are a Lushie, you are always a Lushie ;).

To visit the LUSH Spa in Poole, (the original and best in my non biased opinion  but they are dotted throughout the country;) ) here’s the details you will need:

 29 High St, 
Dorset, BH15 1AB.

Tel: +441202 672217

For more information about the LUSH Spa please head here.


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LUSH Oxford Street, London Haul

As many of you know when I left school I worked at LUSH for many, many years all throughout my further education and because I worked in the very first shop, in Poole, Dorset, it’s a company I am still very nostalgic about!

From LUSH’s very humble beginnings where the founder, Mark Constantine, started mixing potions and lotions together in his kitchen, it now has developed into a worldwide a business with some 800 shops in about 50 countries. The original shop has always been in Poole, and in fact, everything is still based here which is lovely because you really feel apart of something truly massive.

Until now there has never been a ‘flagship’ shop other than of course the lovely shop in Poole, but if any of you have been lucky enough to visit, you will know how teeny tiny it is! It truly is very typical of the old buildings in Poole town that lead down to the Quay and thus you cannot really expand on this (it actually has a pretty interesting history, if those walls could talk…but that’s another post!!). When I heard the rumour mills go that LUSH wanted to build a huge concept store I honestly thought about time! And so enter: LUSH Oxford Street.

London’s Oxford Street is the most perfect location for a LUSH concept shop. It is Europe’s busiest shopping road with around 300 shops so it’s not shy of company. And trust me when I say that LUSH Oxford Street is the ultimate LUSH experience. The mega-store is spread over three floors, and it is home to more than 200 exclusive products, a Gorilla Perfume gallery, regular events and classes, and the LUSH Spa.

If you end up visiting you will really want to set aside a morning or afternoon as there are three levels of LUSH to explore. As you enter on the ground floor you will see the huge array of shampoos, styling creams, face masks, showders (that’s a shower powder to me and you), make up, gourmet soaps, shower gels, scrubs and tooth powders. There’s also the on-site Hair Lab, and the make up counter element made me reminisce so much on my time as a B Girl.

Bathing beauties will fall head-over-heels in love with the second floor which is an explosion of bath bombs, bubble bars, oils and Fun (as in the super colourful bubble bath putty!). After all that excitement head to the ground floor (I highly recommend getting the lift to further this experience because it has bird song playing- but of course!) invites you into a peaceful bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city with the Spa, perfume and massage section.

And well, I couldn’t leave empty handed could I? Because most of this is new and exclusive I haven’t had a chance to try it so I’m just going to leave in brackets the scents and hopefully you will all get to check them out yourself!


Bath Oils: Floating Island (I’m obsessed with this already! Vanilla goodness), I Am a Radiant Being (sweet little star shape) and Razzle Dazzle (fruity explosion-almost raspberry ripple esque!)

Bubble Bars and Bath Ballistics: Cyanide Pill bath ballistic (creamy, almond notes), The Experimenter (this is meant to symbolise the LUSH scent. I smell tonka, vanilla with a hint of smokiness), Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon (literally the same as Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar that already exists but re-modelled to resemble a fluorescent yellow whoopie pie!), Cherry Blossom (one of the re-useable designs. The same scent as LUSH’s Happy Blooming), Pink Flamingo (again re-useable. Breaks easily as you can see from my photo! In a nutshell: sweet, adorable and VERY PINK!)

Shower Gels: Comforter Shower Cream (the same fruity delectable scent of The Comforter bubble bar) and Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (the same warming cocoa and orange scent of the Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar).

Others: Buttered Brazils lip balm (unsurprisingly packed with Brazil Nuts!), Salted Coconut Hand Scrub (smells utterly delicious. Akin to dunking your hands in a fresh coconut with the same scent as Furze!), Tooth Fairy Powder (this was absolutely a ‘what on earth were you thinking’ moment! But anyway, a strawberry tooth powder- I will report!), Rub Rub Rub Solid Scrub (stunning design that will make you think of Japan with the same scent as Sakura bath ballistic) and Tangled Hot Oil Treatment (a solid hair treatment looks really interesting).

Have any of you visited the LUSH Oxford Street shop yet? If you’re a true LUSH-ie I highly recommend this blog post with a whole list of the exclusive products.

Find the 200+ exclusive LUSH products here:
LUSH Oxford Street,
175-179 Oxford Street,
W1D 2JS.


LUSH Spa Poole,
29 High Street,
BH15 1AB.


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