Oracle Of The Fairies by Karen Kay & Art by Ginger Kelly Review

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Oracle Of The Fairies is an Oracle Card deck dedicated to the enchanted world of fairies with illustrations by Ginger Kelly.

The creator of this ethereal oracle card deck is Karen Kay, known as ‘The Fairy Lady’ for her powerful connection to these magical beings.

Karen’s friendship with the fairies began as a young child in her grandmother’s garden where she used to collect rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies.

Outside of her work as an author, Karen is also a singer and musician and creates fairy music with her partner, Michael Tingle, in Cornwall. Fascinatingly, Karen is also related to renowned fairy poet and author Walter De La Mare.

From all the above alone, Karen truly is the perfect communicator for the fairy realm.

And through this breathtakingly enchanted card deck, Karen will guide you to seek out fairy wisdom that will bring inspiration and solutions to everyday questions.

History of Fairies

In folklore, a faerie is one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a tiny human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.

There are over a thousand variety of faeries throughout legend and lore around the world. Almost every culture has some form of faerie being who interacts with humans. Some cause havoc and others are here to protect or help!

The spiritualists of the west tend to focus on faeries of Europe, but they do exist all over the world and can even be found in Japan, China, India and in many shamanistic cultures of Native American Indians, African tribes and Australian Aborigines! 

Faeries are highly connected to nature and take care of the natural world or what some might call the ‘elemental world’. They bring the spring and help the nature kingdom wake up from its long winter slumber.

There is just so much history about faeries that is fascinating, and if you want to read more into this, I highly recommend you do! Fairy lore is particularly prevalent in Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland and through Scandinavia. All making up a huge part of my identity.

I also love to read about fairies in literature from the Middle Ages and in art. They appear in the writings of the Italians Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto. Also the English poet Edmund Spenser, the Frenchman Charles Perrault, and the Dane Hans Christian Andersen, among others. 

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are an ancient and reliable way to receive spiritual guidance and detailed insights into your life. The number of cards in a deck is related to numerology.

The selection process is based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ that ensures that you’ll always choose the correct cards whose answer matches the vibration of the question.

From there, the process is very individual for your own reading. For me, I either use oracle cards to start or end my day.

At this current moment, and especially with this deck, I enjoy using Oracle Cards as a form of meditation to start my day. I find fairy wisdom particularly enlightening as I begin the day as I carry the lessons and wisdom into my day.

Before meditating with my Oracle Cards, I make myself as grounded as possible by sitting somewhere peaceful and comfortable. I then ask my guardian angels to draw close and pray for protection (Archangel Michael is the perfect angel when it comes to protection and I also love working with Archangel Chamuel).

I then like to deeply imagine a vision in my mind of a dreamy garden full of folklore and faeries. Things like this really speak to my imagination, and I adore meditating with my mind and soul like this to start my day.

For this deck, I then imagine, as Karen Kay suggests in her guidebook, that I am applying a gold cloak for protection. From there, I imagine my fairy garden and meditate on a question or something burdening my mind.

As I do the above grounding techniques, I take the deck of cards and draw them close to my heart. I then shuffle them and pick cards with my eyes closed, or sometimes from a full spread in front of me with my eyes open.

Oracle cards vary immensely in theme within the spiritual realm and thus vary in their results for me. For me, a card with love and light from faeries like this set by Karen Kay is an easy-to-use deck that is appropriate for beginners as well as those experienced with divination cards.

Ginger Kelly Illustration

The Oracle of the Fairies Oracle Cards are taken to another enchanted dimension with illustrations by the very talented Lauren, whose brand name is Ginger Kelly.

Ginger Kelly is an Australian based artist who creates stunning artwork through her Etsy Shop brimming with folklore and mysticism.

Lauren’s artworks for the Oracles of The Fairies oracle cards are mixed media photo collages that lead to a stunning effect.

For this, Lauren uses a mixture of her own photography, painting and royalty-free stock images. 

Lauren’s style and working are so unique. It is her fusion of a variety of mixed media creative elements that makes her work so special. It also deeply lifts the mysticism and magical qualities of the fairy illustrations that truly come to life.

If you’d like to purchase a print from the Oracle of Fairies Oracle Card set you can purchase postcards and exclusive prints of Lauren’s work below. I’m off to create my wishlist right now!

I also adore the bright, sparkling detail of the back of the cards. The added ‘key’ feature to me is a symbol to open your heart up to your own imagination as you journey with these cards.

Click here to purchase Ginger Kelly’s artwork

Fairy Oracle Card Reading

To see how these fairies Oracle Cards look and perform I thought I would do a reading for you all.

There are many ways to do readings for yourself and for others. However whatever the aim, you can be sure that each reading will share positive and practical fairy insight, directly related to the individual/recipient’s unique energy and personal circumstances.

Using my preferable way of using oracle cards above, I picked the card ‘Solitude’.

In light of the global pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) life is uncertain for many of us throughout the world. I have been carefully considering how, what and when is the best time to discuss my thoughts about this and what I can do to help.

Until then, I feel that this card reading is something many of you will resonate with today. With this card, Karen Kay calls us to think of ‘solitude’ and ‘being alone’ as meaning we are ‘all one’ and in total harmony with everything.

The resonates even more deeply as I had just read this breathtaking take on human collectiveness and what we can learn from this period of solitude on Will Wright’s Instagram (one of my favourite accounts of all time).

There is also another meaning in this card as it can also speak to my highly sensitive friends. During this period of time, there is a bombardment of our senses by the noise and intensity of current events. As a result, sometimes honouring our need for self-care and pulling back from time to time can help us grow emotionally stronger, and thus give us an ability to help the world and others even more intimately.

For each card, and to understand a deeper meaning behind the messages, there is an accompanying guidebook by Karen Kay that is 119 pages long.

This guidebook contains details about how best to work with your cards, as well as a detailed talk about the spreads you can perform. In addition to this, the guidebook has 2 pages dedicated to the deeper meaning of each card.

In a loving conclusion, these fairy cards by Karen Kay are full of love and light from fairies who gently share their ancient wisdom and knowledge. Coupled with the stunning illustrations by Ginger Kelly, they are a must-have for fairy fans.

How many of you use and love oracle cards? What deck is your favourite? Also, if you adore fairies as much as me I’d love to know.

If you enjoyed this review of Karen Kay’s Oracle of the Fairies Cards I think you’ll love my review of Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. I also have a review of the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards right here.

Finally, for all my fae friends, there is my enchanting post all about The New Forest Fairy Festival. A must-read and experience for fairy fans!

Click here to purchase Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay

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  1. Sandy seaver

    I just received my cards from Amazon, but they came without the book?

    • Georgie xoxo

      Oh no! Yes it should definitely come with a book. Reach out to Amazon and I hope you can get it! Enjoy this beautiful deck xoxo


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