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My magical time in the Isle Of Wight is thanks to transport courtesy of Wightlink however all of the activities mentioned in this series are not sponsored

Have you ever wanted to visit a fairytale teahouse? A world where all your wishes can come true and everything you have ever dreamed of is a reality? Well, if so, I think you will adore the enchanting Old Thatch Teashop in Shanklin, the Isle Of Wight.

I recently had the absolute joy of discovering this multi-award-winning teahouse on a recent visit to the Isle Of Wight with tickets so kindly given to me from Wightlink. I have so many adventures yet to share from my trip, but I’m so excited to start with this truly enchanting spot. And if you enjoyed my post from the Fairy Festival I went to in the New Forest, you will truly want to visit here!

Staying in Shanklin on my trip to the Isle Of Wight, I had no idea about the deeply ethereal, mystical world unfolding before my eyes. In the old village, crystals are in abundance, doves can be found perched on buildings, and fairytales are all too real.

And the Old Thatch Teashop is so much of the enchanting history in this part of the island. The magical Teashop was initially built in 1690 as two or three fisherman’s cottages and the teashop is now believed to be the oldest building in Shanklin.

By 1940, after being used by various other businesses, the Old Thatch Teashop was finally transformed into the beautiful pink, whimsical fairy teahouse we see today.

But beyond fairies and fairytales, fascinatingly, underneath the Old Thatch is an original tunnel which takes you about 500 meters further on towards Ventnor to the Mead. The tunnel was used by the Fishermen and Pirates to hide their contraband and as a get-a-way when custom and excise came along, as in these far-gone times tourism was not revealed as it is today.

And like so many destinations like this on the island from this period, as well as fairies, there have been many sightings from both staff and customers of a beautiful lady who wonders through the teashop rooms checking everything is up to standard. This sounds so similar to a retail job I had growing up, where a beautiful lady would come and check on the make up, so I truly have no doubt this could be true indeed!

As you would imagine from a fairy teahouse you are able to enjoy the scrumptious treats from Homemade Clotted Cream Teas to Victorian teas, Tasty lite bites, sandwiches, homemade traditional fare and mouthwatering homemade cakes and desserts all served in the most whimsical way imaginable.

The Old Thatch Teashop is also renowned for their large range of Gluten-Free dishes covering every aspect of the menu. Sadly, there isn’t too much choice for those with a dairy-allergy like me, or who are vegan, however, the range of hot drinks and teas is just wonderful!

The whole fairytale decor is an absolute dream, and stepping into this mystical world of old-English meets German fairytale is beyond memorable.

The teahouse itself is blooming with elegant and enchanting touches. From a wall of butterflies that float magically on the wall to a plethora of sweet, magical delights everywhere you turn. Including teapots hanging from lights, pretty porcelain bears and the oh-so-modern touch of floral walls for a kitsch, enchanting take on the feel of an Instagram cafe in the city.

Beyond the teashop even more magical, is the sprinkling of enchantment and fairy dust that can be found in the fairytale garden. Here you find a truly mystical, stunning and beautiful fairyland oasis with every inch of the garden covered in the magic of fairyland. What could be better than tea, cake, and the company of fairies?!

Is this, or is this not, one of the most enchanting teashops you have ever seen? I really wish I could visit all the time and live in this fairyland oasis. Have any of you been to The Old Thatch Teashop in Shanklin on the Isle Of Wight? If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend visiting!

This is the first post in my Isle Of Wight series thanks so much to Wightlink for the transport to this idyllic spot in the UK. Be sure to click here to follow all my adventures!


Address: Old Thatch Teashop, 4 Church Road, Shanklin, PO37 6NU, Isle of Wight

Old Thatch Teashop Online

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