New Series: Exploring Dorset

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I’m always up for little features for my blog and in fact the more the merrier as I find it helps me stay on a daily blogging path and in general update more frequently. Lately I have been planning posts like there’s no tomorrow but they are mostly in the beauty, fashion and of course crafting genre but this feature striked me as something a little different. 

I’m not sure if any of you UK readers have seen but on ITV 1 recently Ben Fogle has been exploring Dorset in a show called ‘Harbour Lives’ which is on at 8pm every Friday. The show seeks to introduce viewers to those living in and around Poole area of Dorset and the world famous harbour as well as the stunning coastline that dominates the beauty of Dorset. As a Dorset girl myself this show is just so, so exciting and I’m seeing so many local people I know personally and thinking how fabulous it is they are getting such wonderful attention. In particular Storm, the best fish restaurant in Dorset, in my opinion and also the gorgeous cupcake shop Lulubelles Cakes which as you know was the backdrop for a recent Beauxoxo photo shoot. 

As I said, I love this show however I would have loved for it to have been on the whole of Dorset as it is a county so extremely varied and I feel that quite a bit has been left out. So, here I was thinking, what if I were to start a little feature where I show you all around? Every post of my Dorset series will explore said town in detail with my ‘to go to places’. When I was little my Nana and Grandpa took my brother and I on little trips across the whole county so I know it all proudly like the back of my hand and back! So many flock to the Dorset coast each summer and with weather as glorious as it is now (over 30C today!) it makes me realise how happy and blessed I am to live here. 

So, thoughts, yes or no? I am myself a southern/east Dorset girl so that’s where I’ll concentrate my posts on as sadly I very rarely have the time to go to far west or north of the county but eventually I will feature everything! If you want a little sneaky peek, take a look at the above video to give you a flavour :).

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  2. Anonymous

    I live in Dorset too! Spent today being nice & cool in my room while listening to the crazy noise & screaming from people going mad on the beach haha!

  3. Megan x

    I love Dorset, its my favourite UK holiday destination! xx


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