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You know there’s some people who just seemingly have everything? Someone who is so completely model esque gorgeous and also amazingly talented, but also, really damn nice? Enter Florrie Arnold, or just Florrie as she is commonly known. Florrie is this perfect girl who will be the focus of my Music Monday post today. I really have no idea why I haven’t featured her until now as for a few years now she has been one of the artists I love and admire the most.

Chances are you will have heard of Florrie in some way without knowing exactly who she is. Any Made in Chelsea fans out there? The first video ‘Begging Me’ plus many other Florrie songs are a regular feature. If you’re still unsure then watch the second video of the Nina Ricci ‘Nina L’Exilir’ perfume advert and now you will most definitely who she is because come on, that advert is on constantly! In that video Florrie covers Blondie’s infamous track ‘Sunday Girl’ and even though I am a massive Blondie fan, I adore this little rendition and the magical Alice in Wonderland esque video suits the song perfectly.

But going back in time a bit I’ll paint the brief Florrie story! Florrie Arnold is an English (from Bristol) singer, songwriter, drummer and model. She is most commonly associated with the Xenomania production house, since joining as their in-house drummer in 2008. Through this she has played live and on record for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys, which is quite the CV! In 2010, Florrie began a solo career and quickly gained a positive reaction from the online music community where she started to release music free for download. Later that year Florrie released a four-track EP titled ‘Introduction’, which was followed by the six-track EP ‘Experiments’ in 2011 and later this the EP ‘Late’. From start to finish with every single Florrie track you are treated to a set of fantastic, fun and fabulous disco-pop anthems filled ro the brim with infectious pounding bass lines, addictive melodic hooks that come together with magical effects through an electrifying production.

What’s so amazing about Florrie is that despite all of the above she has turned down major labels to work independently, funding her music by setting up sync deals with advertisers such as Nina Ricci and Dolce & Gabbana. In fact, Florrie discusses her stance on this in a honest blog post here stating that she wants to concentrate on touring, releasing music in the way she wants and building a fan base that will be with her for the long haul. Well this she has certainly done because whilst some may gasp at the amount of wonderful perfect material you’ll hear Florrie’s catchy hooks from an array of Youtube videos and cool slick TV shows. It’s such a refreshing stance Florrie’s the modern day epitome of how the internet and social media can make you a star, and I love how she shows it is possible to fund a music career through syncs and performances in order to remain independent and build your own career. Now this, my friends, is music girl power 21st century style!

I hope you love Florrie as much as I do! You’ll notice that I kind of go on about her, a lot! Click here to visit Florrie’s website and pick some amazingly good free music whilst you’re there!


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