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Water governs our emotional wellbeing and intuitive side, enhancing our physic abilities and attuning us to the ebb and flow of life.

It’s no wonder then, that through this life-giving element, women and water in Western tradition have always been inextricably linked.

And now the watery wisdom of the mermaids is available to us all in Karen Kay‘s new oracle card deck, Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards.

I was so deeply honoured to connect with Karen Kay after my review of her Karen Kay’s ‘Oracle of the Fairies’ card deck with art by Ginger Kelly. This deck is equally magical and this stunning card deck is so symbolic for these times.

Let’s dive into the elemental world of the mermaids together! This post also contains a truly potent reading at the end so don’t skip down too far as you’ll really want to tune into your intuition to pick a card that resonates for you.

History of Mermaids

Mermaids are the magical and mysterious elemental guardians of the sea, who exude timeless wisdom, gentle solutions and encouraging messages to all who seek their guidance.

As enchanted beings, they are deeply aligned with emotions, and so it’s particularly useful to connect with their energy when it comes to matters of the heart, where emotions are likely to have a strong influence over your thoughts and actions.

In their characteristic essence, Mermaids (sometimes known as sirens) are enigmatic sea creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of an animal.

In European folklore, mermaids and mermen were natural beings who, like fairies, had magical and prophetic powers. They loved music and often sang.

One of my favourite depictions of a mermaid is in John William Waterhouse’s painting ‘A Mermaid’ from 1900.

At this time, Waterhouse was exhibiting many images with a link to Greek Mythology but it is possible that Waterhouse’s painting was inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘The Mermaid’ (1830).

This painting is deeply alluring and drenched in intrigue and mystery. It truly evokes the essence of mermaids to me.

Around the time of this painting and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, one of the biggest driving force of mermaid popularity came from “The Little Mermaid” the fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1836.

This work of fiction by Hans Christian Andersen describes the quest of a mermaid princess to come to the land. It became incredibly popular, and we, of course, know just how much this story swept into popular culture with the Disney story that was released much later. In this adaptation, Ariel was chosen to be the symbolic vision of mermaids.

If you adore history as much as I do, this beautiful post was pivotal for me in the research for this post and I implore you to dive deeper into this fascinating history about mermaids so that you are able to have an even deeper connection to these cards.

‘A Mermaid’ (1900) by John William Waterhouse

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are an ancient and reliable way to receive spiritual guidance and detailed insight, with the number of cards in a deck related to numerology.

The selection process is based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ that ensures that you’ll always choose the correct cards whose answer matches the vibration of the question.

Oracle cards vary immensely in theme within the spiritual realm. In my collection, I own angel cards, fairies, unicorns and also affirmation cards.

For me, these Mermaids cards are a beautiful addition to my collection that are an easy-to-use deck of oracle cards that are appropriate for beginners as well as those experienced with divination cards.

The guidebook for Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards will illuminate so much wisdom for you as you are guided by the mermaids to release what no longer serves you, and ignite your transformation going forward.

There are also some beautiful grounding techniques provided by Karen to connect deeply to your cards at the beginning of the guidebook. I have found that these work so beautifully as well as having taken them to a beach to connect with them even more intimately.

Linda Olsen Illustration

The Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards features a breathtaking design with mesmerising artwork by Linda Olsen.

Linda Olsen is a professional photographer and painter who became inspired by the natural magic of the sea and mermaid lore and these themes are heavily present in her work.

By looking at Linda Olsen’s artwork here, you can see just how inspired Linda is by the ocean and by the richness of life by the sea.

Every single image is something you would want to own as a print and I and looks like it is dripping with the harmony and magic of the ocean from the colours to the motion through the texture.

It’s also wonderful to see how inclusive the imagery is with images of mermaids that represent all the beautiful femmes in the human world as well as the spiritual world of the oceans.

To complement the beautiful imagery, the reverse of the cards includes the Seashell Spiral and Starfish that is the perfect finishing touch to an oracle card as a beautiful and powerful divination tool.

Mermaid Oracle Reading

I’m so excited to give you all this beautiful reading from Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards down by the beach at Sandbanks, Dorset where I am currently based during this lockdown.

I’ve done a few personal readings for friends with these mermaid cards and the results have always been so potent and powerful.

I really hope this reading can provide some medicine for you in these times. I love all the different cards and their readings so much. If you’re also a follower of my Instagram, this will go live as a video on the day this post is live.

In order to provide a reading for others, I regularly cleanse the energy of my cards and this location was the perfect place to do so.

There are different ways people like to work with oracle cards but a three-card spread is one of the most popular. When I do this for myself I would use the first as the past, the second as the present and the third as the future.

For our reading today, I invite you to pick one card from the photo below. Don’t scroll down below that until you have picked your card. They will be identified from left to right as: Card A, Card B and Card C.

To reveal your card from A, B or C, then simply scroll down to reveal the reading.

Card A: Healing

“Set aside the time for self-healing. Welcome and allow healing energy to flow into your life or share your healing energy with others”

This reading from the mermaids brings you powerful healing energy. This can be for your body, mind or spirit, or for all three.

Karen tells us in the guidebook that we must know that we deserve to be healed and receptive on a subconscious level to healing energy.

This card can also speak to someone you love deeply who is in need of healing, or simply the recipient you are reading for. Karen asks, are you being called to heal another?

Karen then leads a poignant discussion of how just listening can be deeply transformative. Maybe it’s also a sign for you to take your healing abilities into the world.

There is, of course, a deep connection between healing and being by the sea. Through the description for this card, Karen also suggests many ideas for self-care and healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There is also something here that calls to collective healing that the world desperately needs right now. In these times, we must all learn to move together to heal and support each other.

Card B: Dreaming

“Pay attention to your dreams. Keep a notepad and pen by your bed so you can write down your dreams when you wake up”

This card speaks to our subconscious and all its undiluted brilliance.

There’s a reason being near the sea is just so therapeutic and ideal for dreaming. Watching the waves crash into the shore by the sea allows us to change our awareness and melt into our deepest, dreamiest thoughts.

Karen discusses dreaming and daydreaming as escapism. Maybe you are experiencing something in life you wish to avoid or events that are currently too painful that you want to escape from. In these circumstances, releasing your fears through dreaming can be a way we can protect ourselves.

However, sometimes we need to take our internal world into the external world and this card truly speaks to this.

This card also has some lovely suggestions by Karen on how to dive deeper into our subconscious and ways we can combine and manifest our dreams and daydreams into our reality.

Card C: Feelings

“Express your feelings as honestly as you can. E-motion means ‘energy in motion’. Emotions can come in powerful waves of intense feelings”

In her guidebook, Karen tells those who find this card swimming to them that it is okay to feel your feelings.

You don’t have to pretend everything is okay when it’s not. And equally, if you’re feeling joy, you can spread that to those around you too.

Karen guides us to accepting and working through our feelings in healthy ways. There’s also a beautiful comparison to the Siren of the sea who are known for their singing, that acts as a magnet to all those around us.

Karen also suggests that this card could be guiding you to share your feelings with someone who may have upset you, no matter how hard this is. Conversely, it could be that someone you love is in need of expressing their feelings to you.

In essence, this card is about accepting and allowing our deep emotional feelings to flow through us. When we allow our feelings to be our companions we can interact and swim through them with so much love and compassion.

The Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards is a stunning deck of oracle cards if you’re either beginning to resonate with mermaid energy or you’re ready to explore the world of divination cards but don’t know where to start.

Water as an element, and its importance for spirituality and purification, has always fascinated me. For nothing can live without water. It is vital for life.

Mermaids are an elemental being that are present in every drop of this symbolic water.

In these uncertain times, the Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards allows you the opportunity to dive into the emotion and the unconscious depths of this element through mermaids.

I’m beyond thankful for meeting and connecting with Karen and the pearls of wisdom she gifts to the world. I can wholeheartedly recommend these cards to everyone.

How many of you use oracle cards? Do you love mermaids as much as me? Please leave me a comment so we can chat all things mermaids and spirituality in the comments below.

Before I go, I have one more special gift for you all. I will be offering another exclusive mermaid reading from this deck in my Whimsy Wednesday Newsletter that is released 5th August. Click here to get it delivered to your inbox. It will be a mermaid special edition!

Click here to purchase Messages from the Mermaids by Karen & Art by Linda Olsen

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