Making Life Colourful Through Crafting: An Interview with Paige Joanna

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We could all do with making life more colourful right now, and the beautiful Paige Joanna brings that zest for life through her gifts more than anyone I know.

I met my darling friend Paige many years ago when I organised a blogger’s photoshoot for Beauxoxo with the wonderful Kitty Gallannaugh.

Since then, Paige and I have been incredibly close and I’ve had the honour and excitement of watching her crafting ambitions fuse and soar together in seamless and magical ways.

When Paige launched her freelance business in the spring of 2017, I jumped at the chance to work with her for Beauxoxo where she became my content creator.

Whether it’s for her own brand Paige Joanna or for her clients, Paige has the ability to create brilliant visual ideas that weave magic, colourful, fun and scrumptious whimsy, of course!

Today I’m honoured to chat with one of my favourite humans all about her love of crafting and sewing.

It’s just wonderful to witness how Paige is bringing her gifts and talents to the world in a myriad of colourful ways, and I know you’ll think so too!

Hi Paige! Firstly, can you please tell my readers all about the beautiful creative projects you bring to the world?

Paige Joanna is my blog and online community that I started because of my love for crafting, fashion and sewing.

I’m passionate about spreading joy through online tutorials, creative projects, and colourful fashion inspiration.

My community is a positive place and I hope to inspire others who want to make their everyday life a little more magical.

As well as my online content I am a Freelance Social Media manager mainly focusing on content creation and branding, as well as campaign work. Recently I got back on my sewing machine to make my own clothes, so that has been a big focus for me currently.

Overall my online content and my everyday life are very creative and I just adore being able to share that with others.

Describe Paige Joanna design in 3 words:

Paige Joanna is creative, colourful and fun

Can you please tell us the story behind your gorgeous new fabric collection?

My new fabric collection is inspired by my love of childhood nostalgia and foods that provoke that. I especially love summer food in my childhood like ice lollies (hello ice cream van), fruits and party ring biscuits! It’s a collection that is fun and retro-inspired. 

What was on your mood board while putting it all together?

I am always inspired by retro trends, with fabrics and illustrations from the 1940s and 50s magazines. I tend to look up this kind of inspiration on Pinterest. As well as vintage inspiration, I have ideas from my own love of the items I illustrate, as well as watercolour drawings and bright colours. 

Were you listening to/ reading / or watching anything in particular that inspired the designs?

At the time of illustrating the ice lolly print, I was having a mindfulness moment just taking my hands back to my paints and paper in the hope to feel inspired. I was most likely listening to Katy Perry which always gives me a sense of sunshine in my soul. Most of my visual inspiration comes from looking at Pinterest.

What was one thing you learned about yourself in the process of designing this collection and growing your business to support it?

During this process, I truly learned to just let go of fear during the creative process. When I thought of the idea to turn my illustrations into prints I felt like everything I was working towards just clicked and ever since I have had further ideas come from this. 

What kind of person are you designing for?

My designs are perfect for fellow retro style queens and those not shy from colour. The designs are great for quirky people or even just to brighten some homewares! 

What will you be making with your fabrics?

I have already made a couple of things from my fabrics including a Tilly and the Buttons Stevie dress in the ice lolly print and a Dominique skirt in the pink party ring print

What are your top priorities when designing a new collection?

One of my top priorities is asking myself would I be proud to wear an item of clothing in this print and would I personally see this and want to purchase it. I think it’s important to feel passionate about your own creations when hoping others will too. 

Which celebrity/ fictional character past or present can you imagine wearing your fabric designs?

I could imagine Katy Perry wearing my prints in big and awesome dresses! Paloma Faith would look amazing in a retro fruit print dress. 

When do you feel at your most creative?

I feel most creative when I am on a journey to finding myself in some way. When I strip things back and don’t overthink things I tend to let go of fear and am able to get more creative. 

So many find crafting to be a hugely healing activity to alleviate the stresses of daily life. Do you find it equally cathartic for your own mental health to delve into craft projects and sewing?

I hugely recommend sewing and crafts as a form of escapism and recently wrote a blog post about this. I feel like since I have started sewing again it’s my time to practice mindfulness and just be present at that moment with my sewing. Because it’s such a labour-intensive task, you can’t really go on your phone and be multi-tasking – so it’s the perfect opportunity to switch off, have some quiet time and do something nice for yourself and your mind. 

Describe your perfect day:

My perfect day would start early, with a cup of tea sat in the garden. I would spend an hour or two sewings a new make or preparing one.

In the afternoon I would drive to the beach and spend a few hours soaking in the sunshine, eating ice cream and paddling in the water.

I’d come home and have a lovely home-cooked meal with my husband and then cosy up on the sofa with some knitting or needle punch embroidery with my favourite shows on TV. 

Describe yourself in 3 words:

I would say I am an empath, I am quirky and creative.

Where can we see more of Paige Joanna? (social media, website etc) 

You can see more of me on Instagram, YouTube and my blog.

Finally, Paige, what is your one wish for the world?

I wish for the world to become more mindful of others because mindfulness is such a powerful thing to practice in everyday life. It not only helps your own mental health but it allows you to open up to other’s thoughts, feelings and be more aware of your surroundings. Practising this allows me to get better with my brand, my creativity and just overall as a person. I can only hope and wish that others in the world discover this practice as well so that it makes life a more peaceful thing to live.


I can’t thank my darling Paige enough for taking the time to tell us all about the beautiful avenues for crafting fun, colour and mindfulness into the world.

I feel so blessed to know Paige so well personally but I know her love of crafting will illuminate to each and every one of you as well. Oh how this is needed more than ever.

Moreover, as we all find ourselves spending more time in our homes, it’s healing for some of us to have ideas to keep us busy and our minds active.

Learning a new crafting hobby isn’t just fun at the best of times, it can also be the solace we need in these uncertain times as a deep practice of mindfulness.

To get started on your own crafting adventures, head to Paige’s blog right here.

Finally, once you have discovered your projects, you can purchase the new Paige Joanna fabrics with Spoonflower here. Finally, add Paige’s gorgeous new woven labels to all these new creations.

Click here to visit Paige Joanna’s Blog

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