Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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I’ve always wanted a deck of oracle cards, and when I was with my good friend Janina in Glastonbury (you’ll be hearing all about the wisdom this goddess has very soon in my next interview series!) I loved having her divine wisdom and loving guidance in picking my first deck. We decided on the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue, mainly of course, because the Unicorn box grabbed my intention instantaneously!

Truly, Unicorns have attracted me ever since I was a little girl and I have always been fascinated with their enchanting, and mystical history. They are believed to be the first animals named by Adam and are associated with mystery, magic, and purity. Impossible to tame, there are many more legends associated with Unicorns, with even their horns believed to protect from evil and used to cure various ailments. 

Unlike Tarot decks, which follow a particular structure, Oracle card decks have no rules, and each one is filled with surprises like the Magical Unicorn Cards. Some of the most popular decks are made up of angel cards, while others incorporate other divine and supernatural elements such as these mythical unicorns and Pegasus legends and are perfect for divination, inner exploration, and personal amusement for all ages. 

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards doreen virtue
Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards doreen virtue

The Magical Unicorns Cards is a set of 44 magical cards where you can receive messages and guidance related to your present life, your future, and your spiritual path. It is a deck suitable for both adults and children of all ages, making it the perfect beginners deck, and each card features a beautiful unicorn painting and a life-affirming message. This card can then be further read upon in the enclosed easy to follow guidebook that allows you to instantly give accurate readings to yourself and others. 

So let’s do a reading together. Firstly, isn’t the gold rim to the cards just that extra bit mystical and magical? I’m just so in love. In regards to how to do a reading, I’m going to direct a link to the wonderful The Light Of Happiness because I wouldn’t feel knowledgable enough to do this here. However, I must say that since I’ve had my cards I’ve been cautious to do the wrong thing with them, but in the past two days I have had a combination of post-holiday blues and some general blues and I felt drawn to them and every single day now I have felt otherworldy comforted from the wisdom. So let’s see what we get today….

Unicorns Oracle Cards
unicorn oracle card spread
happy thoughts oracle card
oracle card reading
unicorn oracle card reading

And my card of today is ‘Happy Thoughts’ and this, and the message in the guidebook just seemed to instantly dispel the negativity that surrounded me that it made me well up a little bit. Every time I use them they truly do illuminate my mood, heart, and soul. I also love how this is echoed in the guidebook with Doreen’s loving dedication: “To the beauty, purity, strength, and magic that is within every unicorn, every child, and those who believe…” and I just think that these messages provide that strength and magic I needed. 

Overall I think the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards deck is the perfect introduction to using Oracle cards, with the most stunning illustrations, and I’m so incredibly happy to use them in my daily life because they never fail to inspire or lift my spirits. Both charming and beautiful, it’s such a joy to spend a bit of time when needed to enter into the magical, enchanting and pure world of unicorns.

As I said above, I purchased my set from Glastonbury however you can find this set for just £11.24 with free delivery on Wordery

How many of you love and use Oracle card decks? Do you have any favourite decks in particular? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. Meanwhile sending you much magic and blessings to you all. 


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