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This review of The Lush Spa is courtesy of Lush Spa Poole

This past Sunday I started my morning in pure and utter luxury alongside some of the other lovely Bournemouth Bloggers where we were invited to an open day sampling some of the treatments at the Lush Spa in Poole.

Lush is a company that not only had its roots in my hometown of Poole in Dorset, but I also worked for Lush from the ages of 16 to 21 so it’s a place that holds so many cherished memories for me. It truly became my second home!

As a result, it was really so special to be back for this event to not only take a trip down memory lane, but also to see how much the Lush Spa has transformed since I worked there, and to witness how the spa magic organically unfolds.

The Lush Spa is a blend of homely cottage, brewing with ancient homegrown remedies that fuse with cosmopolitan techniques, ideas and treatments that will completely sink your senses into utter tranquillity, wonder and enchantment.

As you enter from the charming old historic streets of Poole, you step inside a rustic, cottage interior with a quaint, classic country cottage decor that conveys a homely feel that encapsulates cosiness, style and rustic comfort.

This has been designed as so, because the owners of Lush felt the most intimate, most important gatherings and conversations happen in the kitchen, and that with this design as you enter, it invited the warmth and intimacy they were seeking for a spa environment.

In keeping with the cottage feel, the next room to this is a suitably cosy living room inspired space with cosy seating, rugs, a coffee table and a couch. It’s designed to be the room for intimate consultations and a place to further unwind after your treatment before you set off into the real world again. Beyond this is an enchanting courtyard that truly adds a distinctive amount of light and magic to this already prettiest spot, and is one of very few Lush Spas to have this space.

After our tour of these truly cosy surroundings, we were all given a pair of snug-as-a-bug pyjamas to put on with equally snuggly slippers to begin our spa morning.

Synaesthesia Spa Treatment

What truly sets the Lush Spa apart from other spas is that they are renowned for their truly innovative treatments and unique experiences. This all began with their signature Spa Treatment, Synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia is a truly fascinating condition. In its simplest form, it is best described as a ‘union of the senses’ whereby two or more of the five senses that are normally experienced separately are involuntarily and automatically joined together. For example, some synaesthetes experience colour when they hear sounds or read words. For others, it could involve tastes, smells, shapes or touches in almost any combination. These sensations are automatic and cannot be turned on or off. Synaesthesia isn’t a disease or illness and is not at all harmful. In fact, the vast majority of synaesthetes couldn’t imagine life without it.

When I was at Lush I watched with interest the beginning research for this treatment and I had a double interest in this topic as I studied it as part of my dissertation based on Kandinsky and Music (we’ll learn more about this on Painting Music, if you’re joining me!)

This treatment is described by Lush as being, ‘a metamorphic, multi-sensory experience that’s so much more than just a massage.’

In the Lush Spa Kitchen, to start our sampling of the treatment, we were given a list of words. Whichever word jumped stood out to us, in particular, we were asked to pick. Our first word was ‘perspective’. This would inform the Spa Treatment. We went forward with this, and another word I was asked to choose later on which was ‘Focus’.

With these words, our therapist used these combinations of oils and with some abracadabra magic, this manifested with the dry ice into a site of enchantment for all, with the heady aromas of the oils now filling the room. Alongside this, we sipped our unique tea that also contained these magical oils.

Each word also has its own massage bar that is used in the Synaesthesia Spa Treatment, which you get to take home with you. Every massage bar has its own qualities and scent, depending on the word you chose at the beginning.

It was so magical to behold a demonstration of this unique treatment. Every aspect of this treatment from beginning to end, including a sublime soundtrack, and lighting effects that are tailored to you to create the ultimate immersion of the senses that will be unlike anything your senses have ever experienced before.

Click here to find out more about the Synaesthesia Spa Treatment

The Comforter Spa Treatment

We were then guided into our next treatment: The Comforter Spa Treatment.

In a deep pink room with purple hues and starry green shimmery speckles, the Comforter is the ultimate treatment for pure and utter decadence.

In this room we were allowed to indulge in a truly lovely arm and hand massage with rose serum and a chocolate scrub that is used in the treatment. There’s a lot to love about a heavenly combination of chocolate and rose. Firstly because for anyone with a sweet tooth, the idea of luxuriating in a chocolate and sweet rose cocoon is the stuff dreams are made of. But secondly, because it is surprisingly healthy too. Chocolate is deeply moisturising, firming for the skin, detoxing, can aid in circulation and the divine smell will make you feel all kinds of happy.

As for rose, it can add with a variety of skin ailments, relaxes your nervous system, balances Ph level of the skin and has antiseptic properties.

After our hand and arm massages, we all agreed how soft and heavenly our skin felt! Coupled with the enchanting fairytale soundtrack, and the illuminating pink surroundings, this is a safe, hug of a treatment for the mind and soul.

Click here to read more about the Comforter Treatment

Tales Of Bath Spa Treatment

The last treatment we sampled was the Tales Of Bath Spa Treatment. This is truly an otherworldly experience 75 minute treatment, and I have never experienced anything like this.

This unique treatment nurtures the mind, the body, and your imagination as you take refuge from the world and journey into a realm of folklore and free-flowing massage.

The whole treatment is based on the tale of Prince Bladud, who founded the city of Bath after he was healed from disease by the Celtic goddess Sulis, and is narrated using spoken word, poetry and musical cues through the soundtrack of a bedtime story to gently distract you from the outside world.

As you enter the room, it truly feels like a vision of the past, with softly lit candlelight, with the warm rippling blue waters mirrored in the lighting, and soothing water-like sound effects playing in the background.

To start, there is a truly divine gentle, seated shoulder massage to leave you feeling grounded and relaxed. As the gentle music is playing in the background, the poem was read out, and the therapist started the shoulder, neck, head and arm massage, moving and manipulating the body to the rhythm in the music and poetry.

The poem was called ‘Surrender’ which is about water washing away, along with our worries and stresses. The metaphor of these words was so thoughtfully painted in the movements and ambience of the surroundings that truly took my mind and soul elsewhere.

After the poem is over, an Orange Tea is served in a bronze goblet, along with a sweet treat, which represented Queen Sulis’ eye. You then get set to enter into the second part of the treatment where you take the specially made bath bomb into the warm bath in the treatment room whilst you listen to the story. This story is the truly inspirational tale about King Bladud and about becoming a humble and better king, which related back to the treatment. After experiencing this treatment it’s intended that we come back to a better reality and become more humble as a result.

The final part of the experience is to the bed for the final massage. This final part has the accompaniment of Celtic music that matches a massage of pure hot essential oils that swirls to the rhythm of the music that induces the final state of deep relaxation.

Click here to find out more about Tales Of Bath Spa Treatment


Our beautiful day at the Lush Spa in Poole ended with a goody bag that included our pyjamas, slippers, two temple balms, the exclusive bath bomb used in Tale Of Bath Spa Treatment, and a copy of the Lush Times and it was time to try to adjust to the reality of the real world!

A visit to a Lush Spa is a time of indulgement that is unlike anything you will have ever experienced. From truly innovative healing massages to treatments that move and stir every part of your being, to a feeling of joy, inspiration and feeling of absolute bliss. Every single element to the Lush Spa has been crafted to pamper your skin, soothe your mind and rejuvenate your entire body. Moreover, the serenity and calmness palpable in the spa and sensory experiences you discover will make you sink into the state of tranquillity.

Thank you so much and beyond to the Lush Spa Poole for making myself, and all the other Bournemouth Blogger ladies in attendance feel so welcome. I left Lush just when the spa was truly being developed. Seeing everything unfold that morning made me truly appreciate what Lush are doing with their spa concept. You simply cannot equate it to anything else. They have ripped up the spa rulebook, and imaginatively discovered a completely new way of tending mind, body and soul.

And above all the evening made me realise that truly once you are a Lushie, you are always a Lushie!

How many of you have experienced the magic of the Lush Spa in Poole, or elsewhere? There are a variety of locations across the world now however if you can make it to the Poole one, I feel nowhere is more special then the very place that is the inspiration for all the magic that unfolds.

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