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That period of coming into spring is my absolute favourite time of year. I adore bunnies and pastels and the scents and associations of blossoming into beautiful Spring. So it was an absolute joy to celebrate and herald the start of my favourite season with an evening at LUSH Bournemouth thanks to Bournemouth Bloggers showcasing both Mother’s Day and Easter collections.

lush bournemouth
lush goddess bath ballistic

As I’ve discussed before whenever I have the pleasure of attending events with not just LUSH Bournemouth, but any LUSH store, this is always such a special trip down memory lane for me because LUSH was my very first job after leaving school in 2006, and I enjoyed working there all throughout my studies right up until University so it’s a spot that really feels like home to me.

lush perfume

LUSH events, and in fact a LUSH environment is always my favourite place to be. You can guarantee that being surrounded in this atmosphere is full of so much joy, creativity and openness. Much like my beloved Spring season. I’m truly overwhelmed with how many incredible things are coming into stores for the new season and how much the naked collection is blossoming.

Luxury Hand & Arm Massage

Lush massage bars
Lush cosmetics hand and arm massage lush bournemouth

I started my evening with a much needed hand and arm massage with LUSH’s glorious range of massage bars. This is something we regularly did whilst working at LUSH but it was so lovely to see how the massage bar range has expanded over the years. I picked the absolutely DIVINE lastest release called ‘Hunny Bear’ and if I could melt this into a solid perfume I would as the scent is heavenly! Not to mention visually adorable as well.

But despite the name, there is no honey in this massage bar, and instead, it’s a vegan massage bar featuring agave syrup and vegan dark chocolate. This is then nestled in with almond and Fair Trade cocoa butter for a richly hydrating hug, while the sweet embrace of tonka absolute and vanilla comfort lingers on. To finish it to cuddly perfection, lashings of Fair Trade shea butter provides a light layer of moisture as a warming cuddle of spicy clove leaf oil surrounds the senses. A sprinkling of ‘Silky Underwear’ dusting powder is the ultimate finishing touch to this glorious treatment that contains cocoa butter and cornstarch to soften the skin and leaves the skin with sophisticated and sexy yet delicate scent of jasmine and vetivert fragrance.

Making Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic

sex bomb bath ballistic lush cosmetics how to make
how to make a lush bath ballistic

Next up was trying our hand at making the iconic ‘Sex Bomb’ bath ballistic! Growing up I was actually obsessed with making bath bombs, and I still love making them now, so it was really fun to see how LUSH make them as theirs, of course, are so well-known and adored all over the world! One of the most well-loved and well-known of them all is ‘Sex Bomb’ with a heady scent of Jasmine mixed with ylang-ylang and clary sage that will soon have you relaxed and feeling romantic. The extra special touch is a girly pink rose in the centre for ultimate self-love and decadence. I think adding these sorts of activities into LUSH events is so special because you can really treasure the handmade element even more.

How To Make Angels on Bare Skin

angels on bare skin lush cosmetics

To finish the fun for a showcase of how to make the products, there was a demo of the truly iconic facial cleanser Angels On Bare Skin. To me, this cleanser is one of the most wonderful things LUSH make. Based on a Medieval recipe, this truly would have been a skincare item used by the angels, of that I’m sure! The famous recipe is made from a heavenly balance of lavender that entwines with restorative blue chamomile and rich kaolin. To use, you add a pea-sized amount to your hand, mix with a little water to make a milky paste, and then massage that into the skin. The finely ground almonds exfoliate while lavender and rose will make the skin feel enchantingly tranquil.

LUSH Mother’s Day Collection

lush cosmetics mother's day range
lush iris flower bath ballistic

Mum’s deserve pampering more than anyone, and I know mine certainly does! I was so happy she could be by my side at this event and that I could show her all the gorgeous new things. There are truly some gorgeous new products that form the Mother’s Day collection.

I’m so in love with the trio of new flower inspired bath bombs with touching notes inside. LUSH used to do this a lot in the days I worked there and I’m so happy it’s coming back into their new ranges. You have Marigold Flower, Chamomile Flower, and finally Floating Flower to pick from that every mum or mother figure in your life would just adore. I plan on stocking up myself this season for some most needed flower power indulgence! My heart is also in a flutter for the gorgeous Rose Butterfly bath bomb. Such prettiness!

The Goddess Bath range has also been vastly expanded to co-incide with Mother’s Day. This stunning Jasmine infused bath bomb with beauty also merges with Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and shea butter that melt into creamy waters for the most decadent bath your mum or you deserve so very, very much!

LUSH Easter Collection

Lush lamb bomb bomb
Lush free ranger bath bomb

From Mother’s Day to hopping into Easter, the LUSH Easter collection never ever fails to put a spring in my step. As some of you may or may not know, bunnies are my whole entire life (and yes, that’s why I have the Miffy obsession haha) so a season dedicated to seeing the bunny everywhere is like Christmas for me! 

There’s a lot of super-sized bath bombs this season! Firstly the Bunny Bomb Bomb infused with exotic Brazilian orange and then some popping candy that adds an extra layer of sensory sweetness and indulgence. There’s then the Free Ranger with bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute so you can ensure you or someone else are in for some fruity fun! And finally, the lil, or actually not so little Lamb Bomb Bomb with the ever so sweet scent of cocoa absolute and peppermint oil to match the undeniably adorable apperance.

Lush easter collection 2019
Lush cocoa body scrub
lush cocoa bunny body scrub

Something that totally stole my heart was the two darling little bunny body scrubs! There’s a Bunny Cocoa Sugar Scrub, with a heavenly chocolate scent, or a little vanilla coco sister called Bunny Coco Sugar Scrub. I’m just head over heels in love with them both! They are just the sweetest additions! Other things that caught my eye were the Carrot Cake Lip Scrub, the Cream Egg with a fresh scrumptious scent of cocoa and peppermint. This really is such a gorgeous Easter Collection and LUSH as always have totally surpassed themselves on this one!

From all that excitement and a lovely look as to what the new season will bring the night ended. So as always a huge thank you to LUSH Bournemouth for having me! I hope that my Dorset friends can be delighted by the gorgeous new collection from the beautiful Bournemouth sales assistants, or seek comfort and open arms in your nearby LUSH shop.

For more information about the lovely stars at LUSH Bournemouth you can find right here:

25 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1DR

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