How Living a life of Meaning, Magic and Mischief blends into a wondrous enchanted life with Bella Luna Mystic

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Can living a life of meaning, magic and mischief blend into the wondrous enchanted life I always seek? Well, to me, they are the most harmonious combination. To explain more, I’m so delighted and honoured to welcome Bella Luna to my blog today to discuss her spiritual path that also includes a Scientific background.

Bella Luna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, and Multi-Passionate Mystic who I met through Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s ‘Self Love Success Club’. I was instantly drawn to her soul-deep magical essence and was so delighted to see that our spiritual interests exist in a similar portal.

Bella’s ultimate dharma is to support cosmically inclined women, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. As stated above, Bella’s mission is to bring meaning, mischief, and magic into our lives through tangible tools and intuitive insight.

Bella is a lover of all things magical and mystical. In addition, as well as a mystic, Bella also considers herself a scientist, and strongly disagrees with the notion that magic and science are mutually exclusive.

The message Bella wishes to illuminate the world with is, “make the journey as magical as the destination.” Through this, Bella believes in making the most of every single step of the adventure, instead of waiting for one day. Because one day is NOW!

This is such a juicy interview with stories of mystery and mischief, and magic that fuses so powerfully with a shared view from Bella’s scientific background about how being spiritual doesn’t mean rejecting modern science and medicine and that believing in modern scientific medicine doesn’t mean rejecting spirituality. As you’ll discover in Bella’s story, together they can be seen as most successful when viewed as harmonious.

Hi Bella! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

I’m Bella Luna, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Mystic and transformational facilitator. I support female spiritual seekers, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. Together, I will guide them to find more meaning, clarity and purpose, by awakening their inner magick and helping them claim their full power.

I have five core values that create the foundation of my business – Spirituality, Humour, Authenticity, Depth and Exploration. I am a bit of a nomad and love to fly wherever the wind takes me. I am currently based in London, UK, but I can always be found in my Facebook Community

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Curious, playful and deep.

You aim to bring ‘meaning, mischief and magic’ into the world. What do these qualities mean to you? And how can it help heal the world?

Meaning, magic and mischief are the three key ingredients in my spell for a life worth living.

When we find meaning in ourselves, our lives and the world around us, it can deepen our passion for life and fuel us to create a better world for ourselves and the whole. The magic brings everything to life and is what turns the world into a mystical playground with wonders around every corner.

Learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary allows us to view life through a brighter and more wondrous lens. When we embrace a sense of mischief and play, we embody our inner child, keeping things light and joyful. These characteristics inevitably help to raise our vibration and that of the planet around us. 

As well as a mystic, you also consider yourself a scientist. This is so potent in these times where it often feels like the spiritual and scientific world should be seen as separate things. Can you talk more about this magical connection you see between science and spirituality?

For me, science and magic are two areas with a HUGE overlap. Within this overlap lies all the magic we have an explanation for, i.e. as soon as something becomes explainable, it typically goes from being magical to scientific.

But for me, the explanation has always made it far more magical. I am an intensely curious person, and when the inner workings of something are explained to me, it comes alive.

Again, it’s about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. At school, we are taught how rainbows are formed, and fortunately, this has not made them any less magical to us. No matter how many rainbows there are, people will always get excited, point them out, and stop what they’re doing.

While at University, I studied a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation. This was a wildly magical degree to pursue as it gave me some of the most incredible experiences of my entire life – pioneering a study of bats in the Amazon, shadowing gamekeepers in Africa and trekking through rainforests on the heels of jaguars. I challenge anyone to say these experiences were anything less than pure magic.

Studies such as quantum physics and metaphysics are further areas that combine elements of magic and science, both of which absolutely fascinate me and I hope to dive deeper into going forward.

What offerings or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and embody the magic within and outside of themselves?

From Spiritual Life Coaching and Soul Plans, to Chakra Dancing and journeying with the Moon cycles, my transformational offerings are designed to support the journey from RADICAL Self-Love to Dharma Discovery, and all the magic in between.

For me, all the magic in my world stemmed from my journey of self-love, as without a deep sense of self-worth, nothing in my life meant anything.

Learning to love myself was what gave me the gift of confidence, drive and permission to follow my joy, discover who I was and create an aligned life, outside of societal constraints and mainstream ideology.

Every single offering I deliver, is infused with the practices, and lessons I learned through my personal struggles.

My current course curriculum offers the following:

«  RADICAL Self-Love: to deepen the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself.

«  Awaken your Inner Mystic: to reconnect with your Higher Self, awaken your inner magick, and unlock your full potential.

«  Moon-Mentum: to harness the power of the Moon, attune with the rhythms of nature and boost you into a state of flow.

«  Chakra Bootcamp: to embody the qualities of the Chakras and re-align your body’s energy centres.

«  Ready, Release, RISE!: to let go of who you are, reclaim your full power and become who you were always destined to be.

«  Dharma Discovery: to align with destiny, embrace your most meaningful life possible, and be fulfilled in all aspects of your world.


What’s been the key for you in building community?

For me, the key to building community is complete and utter unapologetic authenticity and vulnerability.

When I started University, I learned there were some 40,000 students in the town I was moving to. I suddenly had this thought that if I was actually myself, fully and completely, there must be at least one person that would like me for me. And this one person ended up being a sacred mentor and best friend of mine. A woman who brought me home to myself and helped me remember the power I already held within.

Since then, the closest relationships I have built have all stemmed from being unapologetically 100% true to myself and being willing to be vulnerable. Authenticity and vulnerability are the birthplaces of soul connections and wild rides. 

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life the most?

In my early twenties, I survived an abusive relationship and this experience was what set me on the path I am currently on. When I finally left this abusive relationship, I had extremely low self-worth, was deeply lost and didn’t know who I was. It was through deep exploration of my internal and external worlds that took me down the path of self-love and discovering how to live a life aligned to my unique nature.

After leaving this relationship, it was how I imagine it to feel when being released from prison. I had no sense of personal identity and didn’t know how to make decisions for myself, because I hadn’t been allowed to for so long. Instead of allowing this to consume and overwhelm me, it made me go completely wild.

I tried EVERYTHING. I tried on different behaviours, different clothes, different music, foods, friends, hobbies, places, books, movies, personality characteristics, vices. I tried ALL the things. It was through this extreme journey of exploration that I discovered exactly who I was on every layer possible.

Before my abusive relationship I don’t think I ever even considered who I was, or what I was doing with my life. It sounds cliché, but I really had to lose myself completely to fully find myself. 

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that help you feel connected to both yourself and the magical world around you? 

Solo yoga is my most solid practice that I return to daily no matter how I am feeling.

I practice meditation regularly, but if I am struggling with racing thoughts, it’s always yoga that centres me and calms my mind the most.

I keep a gratitude journal, which I write in first thing every morning and last thing every night. Gratitude is one of the most effective practices for increasing your vibrational frequencies and I cannot express how much of an impact it has had on my overall level of happiness and contentment.

Silence is another practice I seek often, as this helps to provide space for Divine connection and to allow inspiration, insight and wisdom to find me.

I love to follow the Moon cycles and I gain much from aligning with the natural rhythms of our Mother Earth.

Movement is another thing I practice on a daily basis, but I struggle with traditional exercise so this often comes in the form of dance and hula-hooping. I LOVE to dance, even if it’s just 15 minutes as I get dressed and start my day, other times it’s a 30-minute Chakra Dancing session.

Additionally, I find tapping and shaking to be very useful practices when I am up-leveling my energy, or have been sitting at my desk for extended periods of time. 

Describe your perfect day: 

I would have to say my perfect day would involve waking up in some sort of natural, temporary dwelling at some kind of hippy festival and being woken by a dog licking my face.

Starting my day with yoga and meditation in nature, and with a glorious view.

Being in community with like-hearted beings, outside in the fresh air and surrounded by trees.

Delivering workshops on self-love and Chakra Dancing, followed by ceremony and drum circles.

Frolicking through wildflower meadows, climbing trees, and swimming in natural water. Dancing under the stars, to high vibe music, with my tribe. Then snuggling into a cosy nest with my loved one by my side.

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, enchantment and wonder? How do these things show up for you? 

I feel these words are very congruent with my 3 key words – meaning, magic and mischief. I see myself as an incredibly whimsical person (and I think a great deal of my close friends would agree with me!). I am forever dressing to please my inner 5-year-old – flowing skirts, fairy wings, tiaras and the like. Every day is dress-up day in my world! The words ‘enchantment’ and ‘wonder’ resonate deeply for me, and remind me of my previously used phrase ‘seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary’. I pride myself in being constantly enamoured with the world, the day I don’t stop for a rainbow or a butterfly is a sad day indeed!

Finally, Bella, what is your one wish for the world?

My one wish for the world is for everyone to realise that they are enough. They have always been enough and they will always BE enough. If I could bottle self-love and sprinkle it around the world, well that would be a truly magnificent super power. 


Thank you so much to Bella for this illuminating, raw, and nourishing conversation. I hope you all enjoyed devouring these topics as much as I did! What was most striking for you?

For me, it was so beautiful to reflect on how similar Bella and I see the world through our chosen words of ‘meaning, magic and mischief’ and my ‘whimsy, wonder and enchantment’. Together, they weave like a Symphony and only seek to demonstrate that life has intrinsic value and that every moment of this free wandering life is an enchantment in itself when it is fused with love, playfulness, curiosity, and cherishing each and every moment.

I also truly passionately believe that society can benefit from the integration of many of the topics discussed in this interview. In particular, a balance and a reverence for both spirituality and science weaving their magic together so magnificently.

I absolutely loved to hear about Bella’s background with both spirituality and science and how she chooses to embrace the brilliance and harmonious coexistence of both spirituality and science that, when in a dance with one another, only seek to reaffirm faith in human ingenuity, faith, and the sublime.

What did this conversation and wisdom spark within you? How will you infuse meaning, magic, and mischief into your day? How can you fuse this into your day or week ahead? And what are your views on the relationship between science and spirituality? I’d love to meet you in the comments for all your thoughts!






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