Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Setting Powder in ‘Rose’ Review

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If you’ve seen my recent blog post about my mini Jeffree Star Cosmetics haul, (that I picked up at Beauty Bay, by the way, my UK readers!), you’ll see I recently picked up the Lip Ammunition in Calabasas and the Magic Star Setting Powder in ‘Rose’.

First off, let’s just see how magical this setting powder is!

The Magic Star Setting Powder from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an ultra-fine, soft, super finely milled and luxurious formula. It’s also infused with Vitamin C and E with a special blend of silica that controls oil and keeps your skin looking flawless all day.

This Jeffree Star approved formula gives your skin an Instagram-esque blurring effect filter that minimises the effect of pores and creasing and is currently available in 8 stunning shades.

Firstly, the packaging is so incredibly cute! It truly has that ‘star’ quality with a truly unique reddy-pink neon shade that runs through the lid and top of the container. The embossed logo star gives it that extra glow of magic and makes it look so high-quality. The swizzle top to allow/stop powder coming through is ideal for travel.

But does it give your skin that same sort of magic as the packaging does? Well firstly, it really does smell like Candy Floss. Reading about this prior to purchasing, I was kind of enchanted but now I feel slightly disconcerted.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Setting Powder in 'Rose' Review

I’m so used to the scent of my Too Faced eyeshadow palettes that it’s only just come across my mind that this trend for scented make up in products such as face powders should be discouraged. To inhale potentially harmful ingredients such as talc, in my opinion, shouldn’t be encouraged but I’m sure this absolutely fine if you just admire the sweet aroma misted slightly around you. Does anyone else have a similar opinion on this?

In terms of the performance of the powder I truly cannot fault it. The finely milled formulation blends so effortlessly into the skin. The rose shade on my pale complexion with pink undertones is also a colour match made in heaven. For reference, I used to use MAC foundation shade NW15. It doesn’t oxidise in the slightest and just looks so natural.

Once applied, the finish to your skin is a satin matte appearance, which is perfect for my oily t-zone whilst also not looking 1 dimensional! For the day I first tested it, I can also conclude that it doesn’t crease and helps to lock my makeup all day. On this first try, I didn’t use a setting spray but my preference would be to lock everything else down for longer.

Overall I am so in love with the Magic Star setting powder. Although expensive for how much product you get, every time I use it, my skin appears much more airbrushed than it does with any other setting powder I have used in the past. What more could you want from a setting powder? This is truly locked in my makeup routine now.

How many of you are fans of Jeffree Star Cosmetics? How many of you have tried the Magic Star Setting Powders? For all my UK readers, I love to purchase indie brands from the wonderful Beauty Bay. They have a fantastic range of Jeffree Star products.

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