Jeffree Star Calabasas Lipstick Review

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Who remembers the MySpace and Livejournal beauty days? Well, one name you’d certainly know if you did is Jeffree Star. The charismatic singer turned cosmetic industry legend has been one of the most influential figures in the beauty community.

However, despite knowing about Jeffree since forever, I had yet to try his iconic makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Never to shy away from controversy, it wasn’t until I saw the raw, vulnerable side of Jeffree on Shane Dawson’s incredible documentary that I felt so drawn to enter into his world and check out the products that he has worked with such passion for.

In my mini Jeffree Star haul, (that I picked up at Beauty Bay, by the way, my UK readers!), I got the lipstick in Lip Ammunition in Calabasas and the Magic Star Setting Powder in ‘Rose’. First off, let’s see how Calabasas performs!

Jeffree Star Calabasas Lipstick Review Swatch

Named after the sundrenched city of Calabasas that some of Hollywood’s most famous names reside, this lipstick is one Jeffree states work for every skin tone.

This pinky-brown berry shade is completely matte, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The sister product is Jeffree’s iconic Velour Liquid Lipstick that were one of his first releases. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had picked this variety…..

……because whilst I absolutely love this shade I assumed the lipstick would have a more glossy appearance to it. In fact, it’s actually a similar matte look that is so highly pigmented! 

I do absolutely love this lipstick despite my wishes it would be sheerer on the lips as the shade is so stunning and a perfectly complex nude with a truly multi-flattering appearance.

The quality and pigment of this lipstick is unlike anything I have seen and I can imagine how incredible this would be in the theatre world or for the arts. It’s a product of extreme quality and longevity. The packaging is also otherworldly, captivating and highly collectable. 

My only criticism is that sometimes I like to just throw on some mascara and lipstick on minimal days and this is so highly pigmented it feels a little too much to do that. So I’ll just be sure to save this for occasions when I want my lips to do all the talking!

How many of you are fans of Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Do any of you have Calabasas? For all my UK readers, I love to purchase indie brands from the wonderful Beauty Bay. They have a fantastic range of Jeffree Star products. And if you enjoyed this review, I’ll be back with the Magic Star Setting Powder review soon!

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