Introducing The Art Of Blogging E-Course

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My dearest Georgie xoxo community I’m beyond delighted to introduce to you: The Art Of Blogging E-Course!

This E-Course was born from the seed of an idea that I truly and passionately believe that each and everyone one of us carries an abundance of treasured ideas that we wish to impact the world with in some way.

And once that dream has been conceived in your imagination, I wanted to create an offering that could nurture and grow these creative seeds. 

Through this E-Course, I take you on a journey back to Ancient Greece to meet your Blogging Muse, and together you will go on a journey of being immersed by your creativity so that you can bring your cherished gifts to the world through the work you’re here to do.

And as you travel on this creative path, you will be held with a proven system of creating content that nourishes all that you are whilst giving you the potency to change the world with your blog. 

I’ve poured every inch of my 12 years of blogging wisdom, and 10 years of creating my Beauxoxo legacy so that you too can now create a virtual home for you to leave your footprints on the Earth for all the magic that runs through your veins.


Why do I believe blogging to be SO powerful?

So why I do believe blogging to be SO poweful in these digital times?

Because I am the focus of my blog. Just like you are the focus of YOUR blog. 

We are not competing with anyone in our virtual homes. 

When someone clicks through to one of our blog posts, they won’t see any postings from others. 

Yes, that means there are no reels that are suddenly going to pop up to take someone away from your cherished words and imagery. 

Once again: your blog is your home. Your sacred home. It’s your digital spotlight, you don’t need to hide behind other people.

Why Blogging Has Never Been More Needed In The Digital Age

And you may be thinking: so why has blogging never been more needed in these times? Well if the recent Facebook and Instagram malfunctions in 2021 were anything to go by it’s that we must diversify where we share our gifts online.

Because I want YOU, yes you, to light up the world with the richness of YOUR unique treasures and gifts that ONLY you hold. 

Secondly, I want more for you than a thumb-sized image and a quick few lines of a caption to truly showcase your magnificence. 

Truth be told, I want to immerse myself in your exquisitely captured stories. 

Because here’s what I truly believe: your magic, your heart, your gifts, your talents, the impact you’re here to make….it deserves a platform that holds it all with far more reverence than a social media platform. And this is exactly what blogs do. 

You own your blog. It’s yours. It doesn’t try to get you to pay ads for your gifts to be seen. It doesn’t make you create endless hashtags. It doesn’t make you edit it over and again to get the write caption length. It’s your virtual home that’s just like a warm hug. 

Here’s the thing: I just need you to know that your time on this Earth is deeply special and deeply sacred. And I just want you to be super, super careful where you spend your energy.

So bring on the blogs. YOUR blog! And to your wondrous posts that are drenched with your sacred callings.

Because with ALL my heart, it’s my great longing that we learn to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of us. 

So, as you might be able to tell, I’m very passionate about blogging and the jewels and gifts it brings. For without my blog there would have been no Beauxoxo. There would have been no Painting Music and Art. Truth be told, every single one of my blessings and any success I have known in my life comes back to this blog. To you all here.

And so now, in this stage of my life I want to give back. Through this, I’m passionate about helping YOU to craft a blog that can help to change the world. And today I’m beyond delighted to announce that my Art Of Blogging E-Course is here!

Who Is The Art Of Blogging E-Course For?

The Art Of Blogging E-Course has been especially designed and lovingly curated for the Soulpreneur, Priestess and Creatrix.

To the magical souls who know they have a rich tapestry of stories, unique wisdom within them, but need a roadmap that can bring forth their radiant gifts so that they can create ripple effects of change and impact across the world with clients who fall madly in love with them.

And so, I created The Art Of Blogging E-Course for these souls in mind because I know these type of archetypes intimately.

Because I myself am a visionary dreamer and a creatrix who too longed to be changing people’s lives, creating content that sparked a light so bright that it translates to speaking on stages like you’ve always dreamed of, that magazine feature you always longed for I KNOW this is possible for you once you master the art of blogging.

If you feel this is you I want to invite you to exerience the treasures and blessings of blogging.

So, let me take you on an experience back to Ancient Greece in this truly transformative creative experience. I cannot wait to see what gifts you bless the world with.

Thank you to each and every single of you for you making this possible.

With love and infinite blessings,
Georgie xoxo

Are you ready to unlock The Art Of Blogging today?

Introducing my easy-to-implement template system in a step-by-step blogging E-Course with lovingly made-for-you templates that I use for my own enchanted blog and that I used for my 6-figure handmade hair accessory business that’s been curated for all soulfulpreneurs and the Creatrix who longs to bring their cherished gifts to a blog.

Your result?

You get to be immersed by your creativity, bring your cherished gifts to the world through the work you do and held with a proven system of creating content that nourishes all that you are whilst giving you the potency to change the world with your blog.

One blog post at a time!


“Your blog is a blank canvas and a virtual home for you to leave your footprints on the Earth for all the magic that runs through your veins.” 

Georgie xoxo

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