I Heart Revolution Make Up Haul

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My darling friend Paige Joanna does a lot of creative content for I Heart Revolution and yet even though their dreamy, magical world of make up is literally right up my street I have yet to try anything myself, until now that is!

I’m actually for the main part being very conscious with my make up purchases these days and I much prefer having a smaller collection than anything like I may have had in the past! So in this sweet little haul are 3 things I’ve used non-stop since I got them and I can’t wait to show you the cuteness. 

I Heart Revolution Make Up Haul

I Heart Revolution One True Love Glitter Palette

I Heart Revolution One True Love Glitter Palette
I Heart Revolution One True Love Glitter Palette

Okay let’s just get straight to the point: I just HAD to have this sparkling packaging in my make up collection! Isn’t it just the prettiest?! I just adore the new glitter palettes from I Heart Revolution where you can literally shake and sparkle in one go.

In each palette are 9 complimentary eyeshadows featured inside a mesmerising glitter case that you can shake gently or tip upside down to watch the glitter cascade down the palette. 

This palette has already become the one true love in my make up collection, with 3 gorgeous matte shades and 6 striking shimmers. This particular dazzling mix of golds, rose golds, deep burgundies and popping pinks in also perfect to brighten up a winter’s day and for Valentine’s Day. 

I Heart Revolution One True Love Glitter Palette swatches

One of my ‘make up resolutions’ for the new year was to go back to wearing more colourful make up. I used to adore rocking pastels and brights but over the last few years I’ve stayed very loyal to just neutrals.

This palette is perfect to go back to my experimental days with some gorgeous golds mixed with bolder rosy shades. The pigmentation is also highly impressive despite the shimmery shades having slightly more fall out than I had imagined but still this is a beautiful palette from top-to-toe and one that will bring me joy each time I use it. And for £10 it’s such wonderful value. 

Available in three sparkling colourways from this pretty pink called ‘One True Love’, to a dreamy purple called ‘Fortune Seeker’ and finally a magical green called ‘Starry Eyed’

I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray Vanilla Bean & Coconut

I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray Vanilla Bean & Coconut

In terms of makeup setting sprays, I must admit my default is Urban Decay’s ‘All Nighter’ but I saw these sprays in Superdrug when I was in urgent need of a setting spray at the last minute and I just fell in love! Especially when I spied the ‘Vanilla Bean & Coconut’ scent because that’s literally my signature scent!

In terms of quality, it promises to set, hydrate and refresh make up with a delightful scent and I cannot disagree with that. However, for me, I find this more glowy than Urban Decay’s ‘All Nighter’ the latter in my opinion, more effective for an oiler t-zone. But the smell of this is such a plus and a true joy to use each day when getting ready.

For £6 it’s also excellent value. I was concerned for that price it would smell quite synthetic but actually, it’s not too bad. And that’s from a bit of a vanilla snob, I must admit! 

As well as this luscious Vanilla & Coconut scent, this is also available in: 
Refreshing Cucumber, Flowery Guava & Rose and Energising Green Tea.

I Heart Revolution Unique Unicorns Lipstick – Fantasy Realm

I Heart Revolution Unique Unicorns Lipstick - Fantasy Realm
I Heart Revolution Unique Unicorns Lipstick - Fantasy Realm

My final purchase was a lipstick from their Unicorn collection called ‘Fantasy Realm’. Now lipstick isn’t something I really needed but I simply couldn’t resist this little fantasy piece in my collection.

With one swipe, you can easily achieve an iridescent twinkle lip look from using it alone or layer over the top of any lip colour for a glimmering finish.

I think I’m going to prefer wearing it the second way as I’ve become so used to wearing lip velours over the years I’ve forgotten what a metallic, sparkly lipstick looks like! 

But the colour really is so pretty and fun. To top it off to magical perfection, I love that it is wrapped in pastel galaxy packaging with stars imprinted on the bullet of the lipstick.

So if you’re a Unicorn lover you are going to just order everything I Heart Revolution make! Shop right here. For just £4 each they are an incredible value.


It feels so strange to be doing another makeup haul online after the longest time but I’m so made up with these items from I Heart Revolution. Their creations are just so much fun, super affordable and I love most of all that they are all vegan and cruelty-free. Do any of you adore I Heart Revolution as much as me? Please share your favourites with me below! You can also find the collection on Superdrug both in-store and online.


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    • Georgie xoxo

      So glad you love it too Lauren! It really is so pretty! I’d highly recommend for a palette that can be both neutral and colourful 🙂 xoxo


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